Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 521 of Hueding Cracks

"The current gods of the corpse is so old,"

I heard that my identity was said that everyone's people were suddenly, only the big uncle's uncle's uncle was flashing in Xijian mysterious eyes.

"It turned out to be a big ghost in the soul of the world."

I was trapped by the corpse, and the rebellion is hidden in the world. I have a certain grievance to the corpse and the dead.

I saw that the leader of the flyer legion smiled and stared at the moment in front of him. The arc of the mouth was some contempt and ridicule. "But did you not see that there are eight people here?"

Chapter 97 Friction (ask for reward and automatic)

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"Everything is the level of the captain of the thirteenth team of Jinding Ting Ting, how can you catch us back?"

As the captain of the original five parsing of the Yutong Ting Ting Tong Tong, the corpse of the soul, completely proficiently mastered the flatness of the flatness of the blur of the thrilling force after a hundred years of cultivation, and the strength and even the level of ordinary death captains. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

Always hang a strange smile, he mocked at the moment before the eyes came, and his mouth was gently, "Mr. Duan Director?"


"It seems that it has become a bloody test product, which makes you all the best."

Seeing the squats in front of the eyes, there was no one in the eyes, and there was some regret to shake the head, and the blue "seven-eight zero"

"But some power gap is really not the number of people can decide"

Blue dyeing right?

This name spoiled from the mouth of the moment, suddenly let the false arms in front of the mutual earthquake, even the spiritual pressure on one by one, can't help but go out.

"Blue dyeing right? What is your relationship with that guy?"

The leader of the fifty leader, the squat suddenly stared at the moment in front of the eyes, and the original smile on his face had disappeared.

As the captain of the Wufun team of the original corpse, he perceived that the blue dye is a dangerous existence.

In order to facilitate monitoring, the blue dye is left in his side as the deputy captain, and keeps the darkness from him, and the results are finally threatened and framed.

So every one offered by the legion, there is a deep hatred between the guy with the blue dye.

Suddenly I saw this mysterious youth's mouth, I have said about what they have been killed by blue and dye, and all people are enemy and vigilant.

"It's really boring"

"Why do everyone hear that I am talking about the blue dye?" I will doubt that I have the relationship with him. "

Staring at the eyes of the arms, everyone who got a suspicion of the enemy's eyes,

"Don't talk nonsense with him"

"First offend him"

I didn't pay attention to the moment of vomiting, the original nine team leader, the first one of the six cars, the first one, unplugged the knife in his hand.

"Gray flying to the ground is broken", "I saw the Sixth Car Boxing, the sinks were exploded, and the cutting knife in the hand did a dramatic change.


In the face of the current ghost road from the signs of the corpse, there is no great idea in the heart of the six cars, and the whole body is full of full-scale eruption, and enters the form of the understanding.

I saw that the six-car boxing of the six-car boxing after entering the form, the arm was wrapped around, the arm was wrapped around, and the two arms were connected behind, and the back is also armor.

The dissolution of the six-caucasian Xixi can fill the felt power into the fist, and the frying force will infinitely in the opponent during the fist. The power is huge, and the land is used, and the hurricane forms a storm to destroy all buildings around.

"Hey Hey hey"

"Let's use it, use this guy,"

I saw the six-caucasian Xiqi directly broke out my own understanding, and the Pingzi Zhenzi and the kids next to them were teased. "I will be completely destroyed by the empty seat." what"


"I have added it to the five ghost circles that will not affect the outer empty seat.

At this time, the gentle uncle of the silence of the silence is a flash in Xuanzhao's mystery.

Without the ghosts, the strength of the ghosts, the strength of the ghosts, the strength of the ghosts, has been quietly researched.


Seeing that there is a five-nunteen of Xuan, Xuan Xuan, which has been added. The battle here will not affect the outer empty space, the whole body, the full body, the six-car boxing face, showed a smile. ... ....

"Gray flying to the smoke"

With the sound of the six-cars, the sound of the six cars fell, I saw that the whole person instantly applied the moment to move into the moment.

The chopped sharpness in his hand broke a punch that a violent shock wave, with a fan-free ride, all gave up to the young handsome cheeks.

"It's a pity that it is a pity that it is unfortunately."

It seems that I have foreseen the shackles of the scene, the cute girl in the furnish army, a long time, there is some unbearable, "the guy of the boxing, the big battle of the knife is just that they have a distance Kars of the fight against the dead

There is no sound of the object of the object that is expected.

Instead, it seems that the two regiments have collided with a dull impact sound.

"Is your ?"

"Why don't you show it?"

The sound of the disappointment of the disappointment sounds through this dull and quiet space, not only six cars, and all the federal legion all shocked the eyes.

"what is this?"

The iron boxing of iron fists is completely difficult to enter, watching the thriller in front of him, the pupils of the six cars, the pupils, can't help but shrink.

In the face of the full hits of the six-caucasian in front of the six-car boxing, only the moment is in the same place, but the body suddenly burned quietly behind the body.

It has grown a huge incompetence, it looks like a untruthful black devil arm, which firmly grasped the chop of the six-caucasian impact wave.

I saw that the moment of calm, and there was no change in the face. The round of the gods in the right eye came into the eyes, but it was a part of the rich.

Chapter 98 Fenghua (ask for reward and automatic)

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"What is this ghost?"

"Newly developed ghosts? Is it the ability of him?"

Seeing such a untruthful fantasy scene in front of you, I saw the fullness of the six-caucasian Xi Xi. It was so easy to stop it. Everyone in the scene was changing. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?