Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 522 of Hueding Crack System


"What's joking"

Unbelievable look at your own understanding of the hard work, it is so simple to write, the six cars, the six cars, the Six-Car, the Sixth Car, the Sixth Car, I can't believe such a thing.

But he found that he didn't help us, no matter how popular flexible, the squeak in the hand could not be able to deliver half points in front of the eyes.

"Six cars, is it?"

"You don't tell me this is the whole strength of the Jiu Dicard captain for a hundred years."

It seems that it is not enough to give the six-cars in front of him, and I only see the young handsome faces of the young handsome.

Even both hands have gradually hugged in the moon, a pair of deep and magnificent paradigue, the top of the top six cars, the top of the top six cars, "Then I am disappointed with the 'Seniors'"

"The death of the boy"

"You give me a big one,"

Six-caucasi-striking six-cars, where to accept this moment, the spiritual pressure of the whole body has created a change in earth.


In the field of view of the blind eye of the left eyelid of the God, the clearing to see the changes in the whole body of six cars in front of him.

I saw a sharp spiritual force in a single and dead god suddenly poured from the six-car boxing, and the two original born power was hard to bind together.

A pair of bone masks suddenly appeared on the top of the top six cars in the top of the moment. I saw the spiritual pressure on his body, whether it is quality or quantity, all over the earth-shaking change.

"This is the boundary between the death and the virtual"

"Death's bluff is"

The deep and beautiful double-eyed stares with the six-cars, the six-cars, which have huge changes in front of them, and feel the chaos that come from him, crazy, bloodthirsty, and the breath, the heart is suddenly moving.

In front of me, the power of the six-caucasi-fond of the six-car, letting the first time in the first time, the first Korite Starke ranked first in the crown of the original.

One is the blunt of death, one is the virtual death, fake and break, why is the power between the two?

The only difference is.

Everyone in the eyes of the fake legion and the future of the future of the blules are the effects of blue dyeing, thereby breaking the boundaries between death and virtuality, successfully entered the form of false and breaking. .

And your own offshore Wattkoo Oytai Stark is through its own strength, successfully breaking the unparalleled process of death, so this is also very optimistic about Kodai Stark very Important.

"Death of the Death"

"Interesting is a interesting force"

Feeling the strong power out of the six-cars in front of the six cars in front of the blurred form, I couldn't help but mutter in the moment, and the deep eyes were flashing in the eyes.

"There is no freight, I am free to come here."

"Give me death"

, a crazy sharp whisper is from the final outbreak of the white bone mask in front of the blink of the six-car boxing.

After entering the blurred state of the dead god, it seems that the original character and emotions of the six-cars in the following sects have also received the infection of the blur, and the whole person broke out of the crazy to the extreme killings **.


After the death of death and the deficiency of the two, after the completion of the strong power, the second pressure and power on the six-cars in front of the moment were doubled.

I saw the blade of the blurred six-cars in the hands of the squid, the sharp shock wave, and the part of the stretch behind the moment, the huge arm has collided between the huge arms. .

"It seems that after entering the state of blur"

"The strength and spiritual pressure of this guy have been upgraded to a new realm?"

Feeling the violent power of the six-cars in front of his eyes, the violent power to pass, there is no wave of hit.

Instead, the deep and beautiful eyes flashed a silk wise brunt. It is obviously analyzing the mysterious power of the six-cars in front of the six-car boxing.

"The risk and defects of the latest power are also obvious"

The blue-blue double pupil is like a starry sky, and the moment of flashing is a risk and defect in the state of death.

"The mask will become a more or less key to the fumet, the physical strength will exacerbate consumption. If there is no lack of spiritual pressure and physical strength like the protagonist Kazakhi, I can't maintain and support for a long time."

"Interesting, I don't know if I entered the status of the blur, what is the form of" "

At the moment, the face of young handsome, deep and sharp eyes gradually returned to reality, falling on the squid of the blur of the blur of the blood, "give me a little bit"

As the flash is sinking, I suddenly broke out a dull roaring in the air.

I saw a huge arm who had a mustache to die, and the chop of the knife in the hands of the six-car boxing. After the back, the back will extend another huge incomparable need for black magic god arm.

With the perspective of the enemy, you can't help the enemy, you bombard the six-cars, the six-cars of the blurred, like the hover hit the general roar, full of space, full of ghosts.

I saw a blush of the six-cars in the mouth of the six-cars in the mouth, the whole people shells were generally flying out.

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Seeing the six-caucasi of the entered the blur and a photo is blown out, and the seven spending members around me have exclaimed. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?


"This guy is not a simple death"

Seeing the six-caucasian team of the squad, a deceased team, even after entering the blur, it is still not the mysterious youth of the new ghosts in front of him.

At the scene of the entire franchils, they extended two huge mustvas to the arm, and the face finally exposed the look of the dignity.

In an instant, I saw that the members of the seven spending arms in front of the moment have taken out the chops in their hands.

"Although this is very unrestrained"

After taking out the chopped knife in his hand, the face was solemnly destroating, and the moment of the eyes, and the sound said: "But your guy is not a simple opponent, don't blame us."

"Is it going to be together?"

I looked at my eyes to smash my heart and stare at myself. I didn't think of my own back shoulder. The expression of calm and indifferent and flawless faces seems not to put anyone in the eyes. in.

"Just, I have already endured this damn break."