Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 523 of the Crash System

Said, the sharp eyes of the moment gradually fell on the defined printed printed printed on his arm, and broke out all the pixels on his body.

In the eyes of all the opinions of all francs, everyone is shocked.

They vaguely saw that the air around the moment suddenly fell away, and the endless black horror is so good to have a wave of ancient times.

The space surrounded by shocking. The powerful airflow is easy to blow off all the gravel on the ground, forming a circle of dust in the brakes, and seems to follow some kind of mystery.

I saw that the endless black horror in the instant was sprayed out, it seems like a wolf smoke, and the sky-mounted skyline.

There is a multi-ghost junction under the Xuan Xuan arrangement of Zhaoba, which is like a thin layer of gauze, and it is impossible to block all the true pixels that have all burst out of the brake.

"His spiritual pressure ..."

"How can such a spiritual pressure?"

When I saw the pounds of the pounds that broke out in my body, the Ping Zi Zi couldn't help but reach out to cover the violent dust in front of him.

"The black spirit is huge to this extent, this is impossible to hear."

In the ground.


A crisp sound sounded.

I saw that with the moment, I was exposed to my true full-pressure, and the definitely defined in his arm couldn't stay in this horror, and slammed directly.

Obviously, the true full-pressure pressure on the moment, has already been completely exceeded that the upper limit of the suppression of the printed print can be affected.

Just in the moment of explosing real push.

At the same time, all the entire open space, all the spiritual people were deeply shocked.

"Some people in the world have such a spiritual pressure"

"How can it be the guy?

The distance from the distant distance, looked up at the extremely far away from the black lactor column of the gobble smoke.

The four maple garden in the Pubao store, Pudao Help and Kurosaki, all three people shocked, and the golden eyes of the night flashed a dish.

Although this horror to almost uncompropsed the pond, it is so shocking, but the familiar atmosphere still guess the speed of this.

Shi Tianjia.

"what is that?"

"Is the spirit of death?"

Looking at the distance in the distance, the Tong Tian spiritual pressure is like the end of the day, a white middle-point hair, the face is cold and is teaching the stone dragon string of Shi Tian Rain Oil.

"The soul of the corpse actually appeared such a monster, but the teacher really had a future?"

I saw that the quarter-dragon string was only muttered with himself, and the eyes under the eyes were unable to speculate.

Blackkey home.

"This kind of spiritual pressure"

"The few guys who are old and the zero team can't do it."

It seems that some of the exaggerated spiritual pressure is scared, and the eyes of their own look, the uncle Blackazaki, the uncle, the uncle, the uncle, suddenly, is more difficult.


The mouth muttering the name of his died of his died, as if there is a faint approximately, Kenaki has seen the face of Shosaki, and smiles like flowers.

"When the guard is going to the corpse, I finally embarked on the road of death."

"If you are your words, how do you choose?"

Be desperate

I saw the violent little girl in the flyer legion, and I couldn't help but touched her own saliva. It appeared in this silent and quiet space.

"This guy"

Deadly biting his teeth, staring at the corpse of an explosive head, the original seven team captain of the 13th Qi Quan, the captain, Ericsson Luo Wei.

I stared at the figure in front of the horror black spiritual pressure, and I was full of bitterness in my eyes. "I am not a level at all levels."

"I can't think of"

Although there is no flowery, a good color Glasses, the erotic h magazine in the hands of the margins, I don't know if I don't know how to fall on the ground, and I will hold the iron pulley.

"Handsome slopings don't have the power of terrorism?"

Chapter 100 A VS Eight (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Finally get rid of that damn thing"

"This feeling is really comfortable."

The black spirit of the surrounding terror is finally gradually stabilized, and the atmosphere in the air is imitation like glue. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

At the moment, the sharp eyes glanced at the definition of the fragmentation of his feet, and felt that the whole body was released, the spiritual power in the body was like frenzy. It usually rushed to swim. When the mouth suddenly rushed, it's like a devil. smile.

"and so"

"All the troubles of the furnished legion put all your understanding and the ability to make all the abilities."

On the other hand, when the moment, he stretched his hand, and looked at his fingers, he raised his chin, "Otherwise, it will be too easy to put down all the opponents."

Be too arrogant

This guy

In the face of all the gestures in front of the moment, all the people in all the spending people in the scene are angry.

But I remembered the horrible spiritual pressure that I have just turned away, and everyone of the false legion is still hard to give their own anger.

"Everyone is shot together, this guy is not an ordinary opponent" Fengqiao Building Shirng Shen Sheng.

"If this guy is really a chasing troops sent by the corpse

Feeling the horror breath that came in front of the moment, the leader of the French Legion was unprecedented, and his hands were dead, and the hands and died were reversed.