I saw that under the head of Pingzi Zizi, all the furnished legions in front of the moment directly entered the form of blur.


The endless airflow in the air in front of the moment is reversed, and all the dust is blown away.

The spiritual pressure of the dead, the deficiency of the virtual, and the two stages of the two of the two are difficult to integrate with each other.

I saw that all the fakes in front of him entered the form of blurring. Everyone or her face all worn on a white bone mask, a crazy killing gas Chae resort and outside Eruption.

What is the concept of the state of the eight captains?

In the sight of the blind eye of the left eye, the air in front of the air seems to be pulled into a piece.

Everyone in front of the fake mask is covered with strong powerful spiritual pressures, and it seems to be faint and the horrible black pond echo, trying to compete.

"Good momentum"

Feel the violent enthusiasts in front of you, and the moment is gently reached with a black gentleman who wears his head and throws away.

The white long sprinkled with the silver, showing a flash of handsome, and the shackles of the red monsters have flashing, "This is almost"

Rogue eye ·

There is no sign.

The eight entered the blurred state, and the eyes did not blink at the scene of the fond of the eye. He only felt that his eyes were flowers, and finally lost the trail of the moment.

A dull impact behind him sounded.

When the mutant of the flyer army suddenly returned to the body, she found that the last Erychuan Luo Wu in their team had flew out of the whole person, and he gave a fierce arc. .

What is this speed? Everyone in the entire furniture army is stunned.


"What is this instant four maple home empty?"

At all the leaders in all the spending orders in the scene, the first Pingzi's first reaction came over, and the figure of the moment had already appeared in their people, replaced the position of the original Alichuan Luo Wu.


The react is Raisha.

I saw that she had entered the understanding of the hand, the knife iron pulley changed to a huge aroma, like a gun non-gun like a non-routine, bringing a powerful wind to the moment.

But the next second, the squat, the eyes of the pill, and lost the traces of the moment in the eyes of everyone.

When all people reacted all this, they found that there was a ghostily standing in front of them.

And the most fearful thing is that a person is also mentioned in one hand.

The body wearing the familiar clothes, pulling the head, the white bone mask film on the face, disintegrating, and it is just that I have been in an instant to fly out of the dozens of meters away. Luo Wu.

What happened just now?

The speed of Erychuan Luo was flying, and then the next instant is still reacted while we haven't responded to the AliColuo, who is bombarded, dozens of meters. ?

All the fakes in the scene had only feel that everything that has not happened before his mind.

The powerful visual impact of continuous use of the continuous use has made them feel unbelievable. This kind of style that you have not reacted has ended the battle. It is simply to make them feel horrible.

"Solve one"

Calm and indifferent sounds.


I saw it when I was hitting the mask of myself, I was fainted to fight the blurred mask, and the fainted Erychuan Luo was thrown on the ground. The relaxed expression was like him just a small thing.

" "

Looking at a blink of an eye, Luochuan Aiwu, which he fleszed, has been solved in an instant. It seems that garbage is generally lost, and the remaining furnish army in the scene can not help but surprise. .


Just one hit Luochuan Aiwu, the moment suddenly wrinkled his own brow, and there was an inexplicable mysterious fragrance between the air in front of the air.

"this is?"

Between, I suddenly found that my world suddenly turned over, and I was completely reversed up and down.

Chapter 101 reverse (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"this is?"

After the mysterious mystery, I found that my world's world was suddenly confusing. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

"Even the nerves of the body have been influenced"

The moment of the moment looked at his hands, and some mistaken raised the jealjemery of the horses. He tried to control his hand, but the result found his own hand backward.

In other words, now, not only the world in front of his eyes caught up and down, and even his body control is completely in the reverse state of the opposite.

"Pour it, fight against it."

I only saw the midfunction of the federal legion, and the flatness of the Zezi was a good white bone mask, and his hand was holding his own church knife reversed his eyes.

"Welcome to the reversed world."

"It's so"

Wen said that there is no panoramic look at any panic in the face, and the profound scorpion stares quietly with the flatness of his eyes.

"The kind of fragrance that exudes that it is completely confused to be completely confusing is your ability to be a knife?"

"The world that is upside down is my ability to get rid of the knife."

Seeing the moment in front of you has completely caught the ability of your blanks, the face of the squid of the Ping Zizi white osteoporrover appeared in the face of the landmark.

"You should now even control it all your body?"

After the reverse world of the world, the knife is reversed, the knife will emit a fragrance. After the enemy smells, the direction, around, before, and the direction of the sketch is reversed in its vision.

This is extremely horrible, and the practicality in the battle is extremely high. It is the opposite to the direction of receipts of the damage before and after the upper and lower, almost no one can remember these remembers and then convert them with the brain.

Once the tricks in the fierce battle will be in a complete disadvantage, this ability is somewhat similar to Dongxian's understanding, and there is no particular to strengthen its own power, but extremely inhibited the strength of the opponent.