Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 526


A six-way blank sound sounded, and only a green light in the air in which everyone was in.

East, west, south, north, day, and land, points to six or six green columnar nunches, in the air in front of everyone, the moment after them is dead, and it is in it.

"The body is sealed"

There is a self-created Six-party seal array in the moment of Xijian mission-in-law.

At the moment, I was a body that I was fully sealded, and the surrounding air was completely paused. The deep eyes were deeply penetrated into the green light, and the soul of Zhaoyang was.

"Is there a Zhaobian this is your homemade ghost?"

Ghost, four beast

However, this time there is a Zhaoya Mission has been innocent to answer the problem.

In front of this, this mysterious terrorist enemy from the corpse is just a few minutes, and the power of the show is like a rustled mountain, and it is in their heart.

Without see the folk mask, there is a heavy face of the Xuanyuan of Zhaota, and he knows that the self-created ghost six-party seal array is absolutely impossible to complete the horror of this horror. .

"The army is eight inches, the unreasonableness, the blue latch, the white latch, the black latch, the red latch ... There is no entering each other, the city gate of the dragon, the city gate of the tiger bite, turtle The city gate of the army, the city gate of Fengyi, four beasts "

I thought I was deeply awkward as if I was like a Van Yin, and I was like a water flow from the mouth of Xijian's mystery. It was spinned in the air around the disc.

Dragon Tailing City With the singing of the Xijian Any way to go in front of it.

The tiger biting the city gate, such as the wheel of the car wheel, suddenly appeared in the sky, the dead seal the left side of the moment, forming a white tiger's gate.

The magazine of the gates of the turtle, a large number of hexagonal crystals, from the Zhaosa's mysterious, forming a huge hexagonal gate, like the beast Xuanwu's turtle shell generally seals the right side of the moment.

Fengyi's city gate huge blade is connected to a large number of stringed brakes, like a huge biplastic sealed in the back, a beast, Zhu Shouhua into oil paper umbrella, from the sky, blocking the top of the moment.

"The spirit is sealed?"

After the Sagama mysterious sings, the ghosts were released, and there was a brunette quadrust to seal the junction of the wind.

At the moment, some of them rarely raised their own brows. He found that it was not only to be in the body, and even the spiritual pressure was also blocked. "Is this complete singing from 99th?"

It is a ghost Triaow, who kills the king of the virtual circle, and the ghosts of the king.

Although it is a way of use

It is gently sighs in the heart of the ghost junction in front of him.

If there is no such thing, there are two people in Xuan and Holding Tiezhai, Zhaoba, the only thing in the world, the only thing that can use the ghosts in the 99th.

Chapter 103 cuts off causal (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Dust settlement. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

Looking at the whole person in front of him, it was sealed to frozen in the moment of huge four-square ghost junction. The hands and death of the hands and death were finally relieved.

Seeing that the moment, I was finally sealed in the junction of Zhaobian, and all the people who were surrounded around the army were also long.

"This guy is terrible"

I saw that the Pingzi Zhenzi as if the whole person was degreasing, and the invisible one was sitting on the ground.

After exiting the form of the bluff, the whole body is like a general, full of sweat filled with dense sweat.

Although it is not a few minutes from the moment to fight against the moment, we all feel that all of their entire franchillers feel like a continuous battle for three days and three nights.

"You just said"

"Are you not a Huluming Ting and the Central Forty-six room to send to the world to hunt our?"

After seeing the situation in front of me, the little girl who was stunned by the character was dismantled in the world.

It gradually walked to the junction of the ghosts of the four squares in front of him, and the eyes were dead and stared at the center of the whole body, which was unable to shoot, and embellished with freckles on a mature tone.

"What did you come to the world and break into our false legion?"


Sedo, the whole person seems to be sealed in the ghost junction, and the junxi-flawless face is infected, it seems that there is no worries for their current situation.

I saw the deep and sharp eyes of the hook, and they fell on the dark ghosts. "I am very interested in the power of your furnish army."

"So I am going to see the boundaries who want you to help me break the cause of the causing fruit." There is no concealed, in the ghost junction, the moment is directly said to the purpose of this trip.

There are two things to understand, if you want to get and use the deflated condition: The first condition is to have a huge pixel, at least the second team length is above, otherwise it will be caused by the huge push of the bluff Swallow.

The second condition is that there must be virtual yourself in the body and defeat him. These two conditions are missing, otherwise it is unable to successfully enter the blurred state.

Until now, what is known to make your own own method, with a total of only three.

One is the use of collapse jade, just like a flyer legion and a virtual ring, it is subjected to the influence of subtle strength, successfully breaks the boundaries of death and virtuality.

One is the use of ban, making it a blurred self, after defeating him, can get the ability to control the virtualization.

The last method broke the lock of causality. In these three methods, this is the most dangerous approach.

Because if this is done, if you can't find the rejuvenation after you, you will be completely fallen. The original is not to re-return to the power of the God, and the Kurosaki will not do this.

But the bias, the choice of the moment is this most dangerous extreme method, I hope to generate a blurred self in yourself through the lock of the causality, then defeat him completely control the power of the blur.

"Docked the lock of the causal?"

I heard the moment I said my own goal, and all the people around the entire franchils were stunned.

"Are you crazy?"

I saw that the slat is as if it is looking at a complete madman, and some can't believe in the moment of the eyes of the ghosts.

"If the lock of the cut, if you can't defeat your own body, you can't control your ingredients when you blunt.

"You will turn completely into a virtual"

On the one side, while the squats were deeply stared at the moment in front of the eyes, the dark light is somewhat not in the face of the face, "and with your spiritual and power"

"Once you cut off the lock, you will be a monster that cannot be imagined."

Ping Zi Zizi has some heavy voice, and all the people surrounded by all the furniture arms are silent.

With the horrible strength and spiritual pressure of this guy in front of you, if you cut off the chain of causality, will there be more terrible? They are simply afraid of imagination