Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 527 of the Crash System

After returning to the ghost junction in front of the ghosts, the Ping Zizi was a bit glaved to shake his head, "I don't have meaningful now."

"We won't kill you but will seal you forever until we put the blue dye to the right of the guy."

The words of the flatness were not finished, and suddenly a kind of heart felt quickly passed his heart.

"Seal me?"

"what are you talking about?"

The familiar sound of the moment is not bright, so like the soul of the soul is generally in the hearts of all of them who have all the people of the Legion.


"how can that be?"

The people who met the Legion were stunned. Suddenly turned their body, they didn't come into the form of blur, and saw the figure of myself in the air after you.

"This is impossible"

"My ghost junction is clearly printed in all your body all the borders."

Especially the ghosts have Xuan Xuan Xi Xuan, I saw him honestly and gentle face the look, unbelved, widened his eyes and looked at the youth behind him.

"There is a hidden junction of Xuan Xi Xuan, you can seal all spirits and spiritual pressures."

I saw a flash of laughing with a loud one hand, and the fingers showed a zone of blue and deep eyes.

"But there is no use of my ghosts in your ghosts."

Chapter 104 suppression (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"this is"

"Space transfer?"

The two eyes were dead stared at the moment in front of our eyes. He went back to see the junction of the ghosts that were already empty, there was a thoughtful speculation of Xuan Xuan. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

"It turned out from the ghost junction of the mystery."

"What did he do?"

Ping Zi Zi and a member of the furnished arms member, an unbelievable look at the moment in front of him, looking at his young handsome face to laugh, and suddenly feel that you can set it with a ice.

"Very strong homemade

Among all the eyes of all the speeches of the people, the deep eyes of the unlicenably become the essence, falling on the sorrow of Xijian, "Then let you see my unique ghosts"


I heard the words spit in the mouth, suddenly shocked in all the people of all the furnish arms in the field, and they had a gesture of fighting alert.

"Which ghost is good?"

It seems that they did not pay attention to the eyes of their vigilance, and I saw the chapter of the Movement of the Eternal Night Bible Nightmare.

The meaning of the world is covered in the above, and the mysterious and strong corpse are all ghosts have not appeared, and the blue eyes suddenly lit, "I still continue to use this."

"Everyone is careful"

The heart seems to be faintly about a strong crisis, and the slap is loudly reminded the companion around himself.


"Because no one can escape the fate, even the same is the same"

I didn't pay attention to their vigilance and struggle, I saw the moment of the silver white long hair in front of him. The hand-held black and white Xiolao's book. The whole person, the whole person, the whole person, is like a Holy Spirit that is separated from the dust. It is like a sigh in the mouth.

"Destiny?" Pingzi's crowned, some unclear, and looked at the moment in front of him.

I didn't react at all, and some didn't solve the move.

Between all the fate of the furniture arms, it seems that suddenly heard the deep feeling of his soul as if there is a burst of gears rolling the average voice, and directly crushed the hearts of all their people.

With the sound of the gear rolling in the midst of the gears, everyone only saw a huge incapacity between the existence and the non-existence of a roulette.

The mysterious ripple is complicated, which seems to be printed with a fate of a shameless people, and a vast potential that is simply unable to describe in words.

"what is this?"

I suddenly saw that this is completely out of the realistic scene, all of the entire franchils, all of them, a deadly, generally, his mouth.

Under the fate, all of them are antic.

The wheel of fate is rolling, it seems that this world does not have anyone else to block the footsteps of this huge round.

In front of him, this is like a huge wheel that is unobstructed, and everyone who has fallen between the Foods Arms feels that he has completely turned into an ant arm.

A shocking tricks of their own soul, let people avoid unwanted to escape.

"One hundred and one hundred and one fate of the road"

The blue blood red double-pupil reflected all members of the furnishing arms, under the footsteps of the fate.

At the moment, there is no smooth wave, but there is no opening, but the way to spend the heart speech in all people's heart, the name of the mysterious ghosts.

Shocking everyone's soul

Finally, the fate giant round of the moment, crushed everything in front of the space, existed things that did not exist.

Directly, it is like a history, generally a very heavy vast potential, and squatted in the top of them.

"Ah, ah"

It seems that there is a weight of 10,000 tons, no one can use the unit to measure the weight of the fate.

I saw all all people of the Falun Legion, all of which were released by the mysterious ghosts, and the tremendous cracks were suppressed on the ground.

It seems like a bitter struggled antity, and there is a series of skemming that is unbearable in the mouth.

" what is this?"

"How can there be such a force in the world?"

The tall body is full of embarrassing on the ground, I saw the ghosts and the sorrows of the Zhaobian mystery. "Is this really a ghost?