"This is already the field that God can involve it."

But very soon, there is a Zhaobian mysterious to overthrow the chaos in his mind, and the eyes are somewhat scattered, and this seems to be able to suppress the majestic huge rounds of the sky.

"Even if Shen Ming can't control the power of this destiny, there will be 'Destiny'"

"Feel the life can't bear it."

I saw the chapter of the Eternal Night Bible Nightmare. The whole person is like a lightly fallen leaf. Generally coming to them.

Deep Xuan Qi Yao's double eyebish is highly seen in the face of the martial arts that struggles supported, and the moment is sighing, "In fact, this giant will have no weight if there is no shape at all."

"Crush your tangible substance but your own 'destiny'"

It seems that some mercy looks at the fate of the fonders in front of him. The eyes of the moment seem to have seen the fate of their body, as if they also saw the fate of their own.

"Everyone has their own destiny, even the god is not excellent."

There are still many kinds of mysterious ghosts recorded on the Eternal Night Bible, but there is no intention to kill them all, so choose the special ghost road that uses the fate. It is directly suppressed.

Chapter 105 begins (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"It is incredible to integrate the power of fate into the ghosts."

The same masters of the ghosts were hard to support the destiny of the destiny of their own heads, and looked at themselves in front of themselves. "Is this your own ghost?"

Homemade Ghost? "

Wen said that it was gently picked up his eyebrows, and I nodded. "It is also one of my ability to bring my own."

"Is the ability to bring your knife?"

Listening to the flash of the flash, the slap is muttered, looking at the chapters of the neopes of the Bible Nightmare in the hands of the eyes, suddenly can't help but slam, "Is this strange book"


I saw the expression of the squatter's surprised expression. The palm of the flash is gently, and the chapters of the Bible Nightmares suddenly have lives and learning. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

Suddenly flying on the transparent wings, and flying out, as if the fish returned to the sea, the flying flying around the sea is surrounded by the moment. "This book is my chopper neopes of the Bible."


As I said, I saw that I was smiling while smiling and shook his head. I just gave him the words I have said to myself. "Now say that these are meaningless"

"Now you have only two options"

It is said that the tone of the moment is gradually cooling, and the sharp eyes look like a sharp sword to sweep away from the face of everyone in front of them.

"First, help me cut off the chain of causality, help me successfully complete the falseization, I am now crushing all of you all of them into powder"

"There is only these two roads in front of you in front of you."

After the big furnish army in front of himself, after the final pass, the hands of the moment gradually held his own month, "My patience is limited as soon as possible."


As the sound of the moment is in the ear.

The fate of the fate of the eyes suddenly felt that the treasure of the destiny of their heads was suddenly aggravated, as if they were able to crush all their people in a powder, anytime, anywhere.

How to do?

Do you want to promise him?

On the side of the gigmatism, the mutual bullion of the destitutes, the people of the prosthetic legion, mutually exchanged each other, using silent ways to communicate ideas and messages.

I saw that the people in the moment were silent. After the excuses were exchanged, the Ping Zimiai saw a major determination, secretly nodded, and the eyes moved to the moment in front of it.

"We can promise you"

"Help you cut off the causal lock to bring your body"

I saw that the Ping Zifei was deeply staring at the moment in front of him, as if to show this mysterious guy, the tone is deep and complicated.

"But the terrible consequences like that may be made by yourself or if you are defeated in your own virtual hand to become a virtual hand, then don't blame us to shoot you together."

"If I fall into the virtual, do you start with me?"

I heard the words whisper in front of my eyes, I lost my mouth. "Hehe, you have to have that strength, but you can rest assured."

"If you cut off the lock, no matter how terrible virtuality in my body, it will never be my opponent" AECG "AECG

When I said this sentence, I saw that he had a shameless face seems to be filled with a mysterious and dazzling glory. He was confident that he was able to dominate the two secondary dollars.

"I will perfectly control this ability."

The sound of the moment, I saw him gently waving his arm. If you have a mysterious fate of the giant round, you will gradually return to the virtual, and disappeared in the air.

"Is it finally saved?"

The wheel of the fate of the fate is withdrawn.

All the members of the furnishing legion are all upset, directly on the ground, the sweat on the whole body is not stopped.

"Why is you like your degree guy?

I saw the breath of the big mouth in the world, and the eyes of the sweat were somewhat barely opened, looking at the moment in front of her eyes, "I came in the corpse of the corpse." Haven't you heard about your name? "

"Who knows?"

As if not paying attention to their doubts, the moment is not stunned, and some rude opens interrupted the words of the day, "I don't want to talk nonsense, I will help me break the causality."

"I can't wait to see yourself." The voice is falling, and the face of the perfect Junxiu is present.


When I heard the moment, the helpless slap slammed from the ground, reached out and took the dust on her body, "Let's start"


After the Pingzi Zhenzi stood up, he only saw him gradually extended his arm, and there were countless spirits in the air.


I saw a red huge flammation in front of the air, and the blindfounded slabs slammed a huge deep pit.

After seeing the actions of the flatness, the moment also gradually picked up the figures of the fierce chips in their hands, and there was no fire in the hidden swords of the sheath, and the use of spiritual power

I saw the soul of the moment suddenly left the her body, a gray mysterious chain tightly connected to the moment of soul and body.

Chapter 106 Erosion (ask for reward and automatic)

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