Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 529 of Hueding Crack System

"This is"

"Link of the cause of the soul and **?"

Stretching, grabbing the mysterious gray chain in the body behind himself, and the moment is low. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

This kind of soul is full

It's quite wonderful

Immediately, I suddenly looked at the ** behind him. I play my body with this unique perspective, and a different feeling is from the moment.

"You, you are you not dead?"

At the moment of the magical feelings of the taste of the soul, a member of the meeting next to him has long been scared.

I saw that Pingzi Zhenzi had a big eyes, and an incredible expression looks at the moment of the soul of the soul, and then look at the body of the body, and even talk,

"Why do you have any flesh?"

"I advise you still don't want to ask."

Seeing a horrified expression on the face of the furnish arms in front of him, the naughty heart is played, and the Junxiu is a gloomy expression who wants to kill people. "Some things know too much for you is not good. "


Seeing the gloomy expression on the face in front of the eyes, Ping Zi Zizi suddenly faced a stiffness, could not help but hit a tremble.


Immediately, the face of Zhenzi was in the face, raised his hand in his hand, revearing the moment in front of him, and he was solemnly looking horizon. "I want to start, are you ready?"

"I have already can't wait to come."

Wen said that the slabs of the squats hook their fingers in front of them, and the sharp eyes were slightly smashed, revealed a dangerous light, "But don't want to play the trick, then you can't afford it."

Feeling the warning of the flash of the moment, the heart of Pingzi Zhenzi, and then gently bite the chop in the hands of the hand, reverse it, sagging the knife

A crisp metal cries sound.

As the squid in the hands of the slabs, I saw that the crash and the causal lock of the soul and the body were broken.

"All right"

"Your causal lock I have helped you cut off in the next 72 hours"

After the chopped sword, the sword was broken, after the causal lock in the moment, the Pingzi Zhenzi stretched his finger refers to the bottomless deep pit that he just used the virtual flashes, "It is within three days, you will enter this cave. Effect of causal locks

"But if you don't resist the erosion of causal locks or become false by virtual defeat in your own body"

As I said, it seems that I have the worst result that may have, and the squat is very deeply staring at the moment. "There is no other way, we will kill you together."

"It seems that you really have to go." Listening to the eyes of the squats, the squats are extremely solemn, and the moment is disdainful.

First of all, you can't be defeated by the virtual virtual in your own body. Second, even if you are really completely fallen, you will be your own opponent's opponent.

"what are you doing?"

Seeing the move of the moment, all the members of the Pingzi Zizi and other several other federal legions were stunned.

I saw the moment after breaking the lock of the causality, but didn't enter the deep pit next to it, but turned straight toward the body on the ground.

In the eyes of the surrounding everyone, I saw the soul after the lock of the crash, and the soul of the causality was again gradually entered into her body, and slowly fused together.

"Although the state of the soul is very wonderful"

"But still have a feeling of your own flesh."

I saw the soul after cutting up the lock of the causality entered his body, and the moment gradually opened his eyes from the ground.

The moment of pushing his own fists, the force that controls all the power is returned, letting the moment I can't help but squat.

"I have experienced the ultimate flesh of several secondary priests."

After breaking the soul of the causal lock, after returning to the flesh, the mouth of the moment pulled a inexplicable smile. "How can I give up this?"


Wen Yan Zhenzi's brow, wrinkled, staring at the cracking of the hinge of the hinge in the moment, "I have already cut off your soul, how can you still come back?"

"You ask me, I ask who"


In the moment, it didn't matter, the eyebrows suddenly gang, sharp eyes fell on the causal lock of the break, "I have started from causality so soon."

Walking in the moment, I saw the causal lock of the break in the moment, and there was a countless odorant and mouthpiece, which seems to be in the silent .

"Good, your causal erosion is so fast"

Seeing the absence of the body in front of the moment, suddenly the people of the furnish army were shocked, I saw the Johor Bahru, Luisha, anxiously shouted: "You can't get it, you can't get it."

"Fast, I feel that it is not enough to erode enough"

Ignore everyone anxious look, I saw the universely standing in the same place, and the look was indifferent to the lock of the moon, the moon, Zhang Kaifeng, the lock.

The sound of the moment is falling, and the premises of the Fang Fang Legion will look at the causal lock in front of the eye, and the flesh of the flesh is swallowed again.

But the flesh of the moment is restored under their eyelids, and it is hard to catch up with a naked eye, and even the phagocytic speed of the causal lock will not keep the recovery speed of the moment.

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Because whether it is the power of Yang, it has made the flesh of the moment has reached a state of almost unsteady, such a phagocytosis, where to follow the rhythm of his restoration. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

"this is?"

"How is it? Is this a virtual speed and regeneration?"

Seeing the moment of the causal lock in front of the causality, unlimited speed and slow regeneration, all everyone in the franchils were stunned.

"too slow"

"This caused the erosion of the erosion of the erodedness is too slow."

I saw that there was still some dissatisfaction with the causal erosion of the causal lock in the moon, and wrinkled his brow.

It seems to hear the discourse of the moment. With the sound of the moment, I saw the cracking of the "eight three" in the moment, suddenly accelerated the speed of phagocytization erosion.