Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 530 of Hueding Crack System

"It's speedyness that has accelerated."

I saw that the Hungar of the moment seems to be like a manicure of the causal causality, and all the people in the field have been secretly vigilant.

A crispy metal crushed sound rang.

In the eyes of all the prosthetic arms, everyone slammed the pupils, and only see the causal locks in front of the Hungar in the moment.

Closely connected in the moment of the chain of Huang, the moon, is also completely broken, followed by the moon of the moon, the center suddenly exposed a round hole, and the body directly saw behind the world.


"A few minutes in the virtual hole in him?"

Seeing the causal lock in the moment is completely eroded, revealing a round fallen hole in the central center of the Moon, and all everyone in the scene is vigilant.

"This is"

"Virtual hole"

At the moment, I also looked down at the round hole in the middle of the moon, and I didn't penetrate my body directly to see the world.


"This feeling?"

At the whole, I suddenly became a whole body, and I was surprised to wide my eyes.

Among the body from the depths of the soul and destroyed killing **, it seems like a crazy flood, and the constant impact is in the heart of the moment.

Then, a layer of material seems to come from the spirit of the soul. In the moment, the body flourifies, gradually covers the face of the moment, and all the spiritual pressures on the moment are almost uncontrolled.

"Be careful"

"The virtual in his body has already been produced"

I saw the white matter that was emerging in front of myself, and the horror black pondered in the moment, all the hearts of all the furnished arms were started tight.

Ghost, multiple comics

I saw that there was the first reaction of Xijian mystery, and the hands were in front of themselves, and they suddenly opened their ghosts around them, and they were shrouded in it.

"Ah, ah"

With the rapid increase in white substances that are thrown by the body's soul, almost the entire face is covered by this white material, and the mouth of the moment can't help but explore the shock.

The full body black spirit is like a hurricane from the Nether, and all the substances around them have formed a destroyed light column breaks through the multi-ghost junction of Zhaoyang's mysterious, straight through the nine days of the world.

Be in a hurry

Two drops of drops until it turned into a storm that was tilted from the sky.

In the moment, the chaotic crazy horror is straight through the horizon, and it has formed an endless black spiritual rain from the sky.

"Black spiritual rain"

"What is the degree of spiritual pressure?"

Strive to look forward to the black spiritual rain in the sky, all of all the spending people are all idiot, stupid.


Just when everyone is shocked in the spiritual pressure of the moment.

At this time, the flash has formed a pair of blurred masks on the face.

The white bone mask is outlined to the black monster road, and the whole person is constantly bursting up with a madness, chaotic, destroyed breath ...

In the mouth of the moment, there was a happiness like the wilderness of the wilderness, and the horrible gas field was like a dead clouds, generally shrouded to the top of everyone.

"here it is?"

At the moment, I opened my eyes and found that I came to a strange and familiar world.

There are high-rise buildings, and even the bustling streets still stays countless vehicles, and there is no one exist in addition to ourselves.

"You finally came"

"Another one"

At this time, a unfamiliar and familiar voice passed into the ears of the moment. If you carefully distinguish, you will find that this sound is simply the same.


I hope to go in the direction of the voice, and I have seen it after I have a post-face, I can't help but face it, "I am in my body's blunting."

I saw this youth after the moment, and I have almost the same appearance, and the perfect pleasant face, the impeccable body shape, and even the same long hair and a pair.

It's just that this 'moment' in front of you, all the hue up and down is completely opposite to the moment.

A black is like a general long hair, a white dress costume, a pair of white pupils and black eyes, and the whole person reveals a depressed to the extreme crazy destruction.

"Hahahaha, what is the blurred you"

Looking at the feeling of the face in front of my eyes, the blur of the blur suddenly broke out a crazy and sharp laughter, and the black and white reversed double-pupil, "I am wrong, I am you,"

"Everything in you will be mine"

The blurred moment is deadly locks the moment in front of him. The original handsome face revealed a smile that is universal.

Chapter 108 Silence (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"We have long been to call each other, I have been waiting here for so long."

The flash of the blur is like an evil spirit that is closed to suppress countless years. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

A pair of black and white reversed eyes stared tightly, the smile of the mouth raised, the smile, which was full of grievances, jealousy and hate, "will be taken by you in this boring world will belong to me"

"It's so"

"Here is the blinding soul space that is caused by the lock of the soul."

It seems that he didn't hear the roar of his own blasphemosis, and the moment they watched the soul space around himself, and nodded.


"Although there is only one person in our two people to go out"