Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 531

In the blink of an eye, I figured out all the things and the rules of the game and the rules of the game. The blue red scorpion looked at my eyes. "If I won me, I can control the power of the blur". "

"If you win so later, you will come to control the outside, I completely become a fallen bad thing."

"It is a very smart"

Seeing the moment, I have understood the rules of the game, and the blurred moment is dark, and the mouth is smiling, "" Yes the game rules is so simple "

"Forgot to tell you a thing"

Said that the blurred moment broke out of the mountains and hiking, as soon as the bonfire wolf smoke, the sky of the soul is in the world, and it is just a few pike.

"The power of our two is almost exactly entirely, if you are defeated by me"

The whole body is bathed in the horrible white spiritual pressure, the blur of the blur is like a black hole that chooses people, it is like a nervey, the fierce looks at the moment.

"So, I will replace you outside, you will replace me forever, I will stay here to endure the eternal lonely."

As the sound of the is falling.

I saw a sharp white sword in front of the flash of the moment, and it was the top-level big sword.

"It's so"

In front of the huge sword, the huge sword was smashed directly, and the whole building under the moment, and also set off the white long hair on both sides of the moment.

The profound gaze captures yourself in front of you. Holding in your hands and your neighborhood never night, the night is completely reversed, the eyes of the moment, the eyes flashes a deep eye.


Without any hesitation, I saw that the flashlight of the flashlight broke out of the fire.

One thousand million degrees of destruction of the flames and bursts, like a hydrogen bomb, it is generally blown to the moment. It seems that the eternal Rieyang on the universe is coming to this soul world, and instantly evaporates the two men at the foot of the two people in the moment.

"this is?"

After killing the huge swordsmanship using the neopes of the night in their hands.

Looking at my eyes suddenly launched the dragonfly, if the fire is a flash of eternal babies, the whole person is stunned, like the abyss average, the fear of being flashed.

This fear is not because it is afraid that the fire is too fire, but is fear that the moment in front of him has the power he can't have.

"No need to cover up"

The whole body destroyed the burstlessness, the whole person is like a god of all the flames in the world.

It seems that accurate capture of the fear in the heart of the heart of the blur, and the mouth of the mouth is soaring, and the perfect handsome face is full of confidence, "and I have almost the same power, you should be very clear"

"The idea of ​​our two hearts can not escape each other's eyes"

"If I don't guess the wrong words"

I haven't finished it yet.

In the eyes of the eyes, the appearance of the abyss, the deep enlarged fear, I saw that the whole body destroyed burst suddenly

Fire too knife · North · Tiandi ash

No one can describe the sharpness of this sword in the hands.

In a moment, the thinking of the blur of the eyes seems to be stagnant.

A scouring smart blade that is purely symbolizing, from the moment of the moment, as if Changhong is always showled.

It seems that it comes from the ruins of the wilderness to destroy the extreme light, and this seems to be a sword, and the knife is touched.

It seems that there is no second color between the world, and the whole of the soul of the soul is only a knife that doesn't have the end.

The sickness of Yamamoto Liusi is a heavy country, in the hands of the moment, there is a very different powerful power.


There is a multi-ghost junction of Zhaoya.

The whole nesting is generally silent, and the air is proudly as if it is a cement.

In addition to falling into Erychuan Luo, the seven members of the Federal Legion, the seven members of the Federation Legion seem to be in general.

I took out my hands in my hands and stared at the front of my face, and the white long hair didn't dance.

The chapter of the nightmare of the never night, surrounded by the emblem, the firing, with a white osteopolysis mask, which depicts the black monster of the silk.

Although the whole person seems to fall asleep, it is not moving, but the whole body is quiet and silently flowing out of the terrorist atmosphere of the abyss.

It is like a prehistoric volcano that is ready to explode, so that everyone around is like sitting like a pin felt.


"Let's kill him now?"

Looking at my eyes in front of you, immersed in the mad struggle of yourself in the body, the Fengqiao Building Shiro is flashing, and some are not sure to ask the surrounding companions.

"Or put him up?"

Chapter 109 Unable to have the power (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Do not"

"Please do not"

I heard the proposal of Fengqiao Building, Fengqiao Building, and the slabs of Zezi did not think that directly openly refused him. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

"Although this guy is now in the same way with the body"

Pingzi Zhenzi is extremely solemnly staring at the eyes. It seems that it seems that it is a general moment, but there is no relaxation, "But you observe that all the spiritual pressure on his body is close to the extreme"

"If you roping near or attacking him, I believe that his body will immediately react, you will tear you into pieces."


I heard the analysis of the flatness of the square, and other other federal legion members will look forward to his watch.

I saw a horrible blur matte mask on my face. The whole person seems to be asleep. Generally, it is stationed in the same place. The terrorism of the original straight-through horizon has disappeared.

As if his spiritual pressure is falling asleep, but when you look at them, I will find that there are countless fine dust around the moment, as if I follow a mysterious law.

Obviously, it has allocated all the spiritual and power, if someone tries to close or attack, just as the Ping Zhenzi said, the consequences will be unimaginable.

"What should we do now?"