Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 532 of Hueding Crack System

Recovered his gaze, and the long Nan and Qi Fei next to the world looked at his leader.


Ping Zi Zhenzi spit out a word, by the way, looked up at the sky, which has gradually dawn, and the sky is gradually dawn.

"We can only wait for him to successfully understand the blur or"

"Falling into virtue ..."

The world of souls.


I saw the moment of opening the six models of God, the whole body black hook the jade printing white cactus rushing to dance.

Suddenly suspend the twelve lacquered tweets surrounded by themselves, suddenly gathered into a huge original black ball.

"what is this?"

Looking up at the top of the sky, the uncomfortable figure in the top of the sky, and the huge black anniotrans released in the hands of the moment, and the face of the sea is full of shocks.

"This is your strength you can't have."

"This is also the biggest difference between me and you"

Open the six models of God and the expansion of the heavens and the earth to be ignorant, all things, rejuvenating, and the moment of inexplicably refused all the attacks in front of the blanket.

"The same as I guess"

Behind the lacquer blackened spheres behind, it is the perfect face of the blindly beef.

The moment after opening the six-way model of God, as if throwing all the emotions of human beings, the blue blood red gods have no vitality, and there is a promise of their feet.

"Although you have the same spirit and physical strength, you are only a replica"

"God's reincarnation, God's round, the flow blade is fire, the force of the six way, even the frozen fruit does not exist in my soul, you have no way to get" "

As you are in the foot of the dark, you can gradually expand everything, and the moment is like a number of people who are generally uniform, and the eyes are even mercy looking at their own feet.

"So you will only be so fear, because in fact, you will understand" "

"You are destined from the beginning, it is impossible to be my opponent."

As if the final judgment from the highest height.

The moment of ,,

"Do not"

Listening to the heavy pronunciation of the moment, the blanket could not be confidently shaking his head, he seems to have a reality at all.

"I will never accept such things."

"Why do you always have everything in the world? I have to be held here to bear the eternal lonely?"

Looking up at the top of the sky, the same moment is the same as yourself. If the sky is in general, it seems to take away the best of this world.

But left sin, fallen, and the worst, all of them are eternal, and the grievances and hatred in the eyes of the blurred moment, and it is difficult to have to wash the world.

"I curse you, I will curse you" "

Listening to your feet using the top level to see the talents, the most vicious curse in the world passed into your heart, and the moment was shook his head.

This kind of blunting in front of you is like a mirror.

It seems that the worst the most false self shows it, and it is deeply surprising to repent.


"Forever Night Bible, I also have the power of the Night Bible Nightmare"

As if he suddenly came to find the last life of the straw, he grabbed his surrounding never nightmares, and the original Jun Xiu's face was embarrassed. It was a smile.

"You have the power, I can also have" "

Reaching out of the book page of the Bible of the Eternal Night, the eyes of the blanket fell to one of the mysterious ghosts recorded above, the full body of the whole body seems to be crazy.

"One hundred and three three trials of the trial"

With the blurring moment, the ghosts described above were launched in the Bible.

I saw the top of the sky, the top of the sky, suddenly appeared in the world, as if it was like the night's day, as if it seems to be a trial of the gods in the sky.

"It's too late to"

I didn't look back in the moment, just shook my head sigh, "Everything is over"

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"Although this is indeed unfair"

Some mercy looked at the promise of their feet, and the perfect face of the ice was cold and closed, "But from the beginning, the rules of this game are not equal"

"You should know my God of God"

"Everything you know, I can foresee it in advance and you"

The left-eyed God's reincarnation, the floating light flip generally has passed the infinite mysterious picture, and the flash is open to the blur of your own feet, and the world of the soul, which released the final trial. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

"But only can be buried here forever"


The sound of the moment is dropped.

At the beginning, the trial of the trial of the sky behind the sky is to form a drop, but the time is like it seems to be free.

The huge original black ball created in front of the moment suddenly enlarges, and the spheres of the dark swallowing annihilated all the ethonies are enlarged to the extent to which the whole world is enlarged.

The five elements of yin and yang have been swallowed, the expansion of the bloating in the moment, this infinite chaotic block has the power of the whole world returns to no.

I saw this soul space, all of all spaces, light, substances, all of them were suddenly swallowed, and constantly reborn.

This is a trick used to destroy one world and re-create a world.

"Do not"

Looking at the entire world space surrounded by the world, the expansion of the expansion of the moment is constantly being swallowed.