Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 533

When you have a blindstock, you will have anger a roar of shaking throughout the world.

Not sweet, grievances, hate, embarrassing, despair, all negative emotions are condensed into black inks, integrating into his eyes.

However, the rules and reality of this soul world space will not be transferred in his will. I saw that under the moment of infinitely magnified expansion, the surrounding space was broken, and it took a slap of the array.

The body, soul and will of the blur of the flashlight, and the ultimate tricks created by this moment, completely swallowing AEAG to escape into virtual.


"It is not easy to deal with with almost the same power."

The blue-blue double-pointer reflected the soul world that constantly crushed the collapse of the collapse, and the moment did not feel the perfect face of the feelings.

"But this way"

"The power of the blur is my" "

Existing, empty seat.

There is a multi-ghost junction in Zhaoya.

"Good slow"

I don't know how long it takes.

Looking at the people in front of him, it seems that it seems to be asleep. Generally, the freckle little girl is finally can't help but make a complain. "He wouldn't be defeated by himself in his body?"

It seems to be awakened by the words of the world.

The air in front of the crowd suddenly concluded, and everyone suddenly turned his face.

It seems like a sound of the sky in the sky.

I saw the original silent and calm moment, and I suddenly broke out unprecedented superpolius.

The original black push-pressure mixed blurred white pond, directly crushed the entire land of the mutual arms.

It seems that it seems that there is a black and white light that does not end through the world, and it is shocked to die in everyone.

I saw the spirit of the body directly broke through the sky in the empty space, and I couldn't predict the mysterious space.

"Ah, ah"

All of the spending people around the moment were directly flying directly by this violent spirit.

"How can it be?"

"His spiritual pressure actually broke through the spatial barrier of the world?"

I was in a black and white, as if it seems to be like the impact wave.

Looking at the black and white spirits on the body, the black and white spiritual pressure directly gathered into a Tong Tianhe's horizon, the sky of the sky, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person.

The corpse world.

Not only in the world, the light column formed by the flexible body is directly penetrated into the corpse world.

The original positive terminal is sitting in the quiet room. Shan Billou, the sun, Liu Wei, who was in the distance, suddenly grinding the spirit of the spirit of the Ling Ting in the sky, the laminated light column was shocked directly, the tea cup in his hand.

"this is"

"Some people have directly penetrated from the world."

Rao is a heavy country with a mountain. The city of Liuqi, who has two thousand years of experience, looks at the spirit of the heavens and the earth, and can't believe that their eyes are muttered. "How can it happen so much?"

Ambiguous ring.

The original calm and ridiculous virtual ring in the white desert.

There is no signs of sudden swing through a tonghua huge spiritual column, and the common virtual virtuality is directly cultivated by the world between the heavens and the earth and flying ash, deeply shocking every tangible existence of a virtual ring.

Intangible Empire.

Even hidden in the mystery in the shadow of the Yulin Tin, the invisible empire, and it was also in this ancient times.

"What to open a joke"

"Who is this? Is it dead?"

"Does some people put into our invisible empire?"

All the Star Cross Knights of the entire Intangible Empire are all stupid, and they are looking at the vast push column that is straight through the sky.

"Whose spirit is in this"

"It actually runs through the three worlds"

In the midst, a deep and beautiful voice sounded, a pair seems to see the past and the future eyes suddenly opened.

Even in the invisible empire, the will of sleep is also awakened by the shock of the three worlds.

Even the son of the spirit, the king of the "all" all-around 'destroying the teacher, and never imagined this world still there in this unknown great force.

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The body of the corpse, the spirit of the spirit. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

The real prison.

A large cell that makes a black murderous stone, the dead wood Lucia wears a snow white prisoner standing.

"What? Dimming of the dead wood?"

In addition to the supervision, Azhiri is unable to accept his eyes, watching the man in front of this face, cold, no change, "Do you say Lucia? ~"

"As you have heard, I don't want to repeat the second time."

The dead wood is full, and there is no eye to see the dead wood Lucia in the prison.

As if it is just a unrelated stranger, the cold face is like a half-year change, just spitting a cold speech from the mouth, "the first-level weight of the dead wood Louqia will be in prisoner"

"After twenty days, I was sentenced to the final judgment of the corpse of the body."

The eyes of the trees of the dead wood are spit out, and the whole body is completely in the silence.

The dead wood Lucia is bleak, and Azhi's love seems to feel his breathing is stagnant. The eyes are incapacitated to look at the dead wood lauquia in front of the premium.

she was