Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 534 of Hueding Crack System

What to be executed?

Deadly hidden the sadmother of his heart, Azhi's love firmly cleared his fists in his hand, and the nails deeply sneak into his palm.

no matter what

Even if it is the capital of the Central Investment

I have to save her.

"This should be my last time I talk to you, Lucia."

The dead wood is not turned back, before leaving, I looked at my own head, I looked at the dead wood lauquia in the dunks. "The next meeting is in the prisoner."

After watching the big gates of the dead wood, Azhi's love is a little bit of reluctant smile and comforting the Qingmei bamboo horses in the supervision. "You don't be too depressed."

"I don't have a depression"

Looking at the partner of this, the partner of this, the dead wood Lucia is strong, "This is the central 46th room decision noble" "

"But with it is worried about this"

Said that Lucia's face suddenly revealed a smile, laughing with the Azole in front of him, "You are not as good as your own eyebrows, you have a ridiculous hiking guy on this eyebrow."


"Who will worry about you?"

After being laughed by Lucia, the most mindful eyebrows, Azhi Delivery suddenly jumped.


Just in Lucia and Azhi, two people laughed and worried when they were hurt.

Suddenly, the entire Tongling Tong seems to be shocked. A speech cannot be described, the sharp pound is full of people's hearts.

It seems that there is a huge spiritual ocean on the head of everyone, and the dead gods below all the team leaders in the entire Tieling Tin are almost lifted by their head.

"That is?"

The two people in the Azapi and Demoniya in the real prisons are stupid, and they are looking at the huge spiritual column that is directly rushing into the Yunxiao in the sky.

"This Lingqi"

"How can it be"

Not only two of them, even the dead woods in the door of the real prison are also shocked.

Handsome faces can no longer maintain the cold color, and the dead stare at the great spirit of Changhong Tiantianship.

"This feeling"

Looking at the vastness of the heavens and the earth, feeling the faintly faintly familiarity, Azhiri's love and the dead wood Lucia two times, at the same time, and the same voice: "It is a big ghost Taoist

I can guarantee you with you.

Finally, you will never have something.

It seems to recall the moment in the moment in the world, and the deadmine of the dead wood Lucia is filled with a dead look, and suddenly it is full of strange brilliance.

If it is what he said

It should be implemented.

Existing, empty seat.

There is a multi-ghost junction in Zhaoya.

"The blore is successful?"

"Or failure?"

Until the body of the body around the body, the Tongtian Pushing light column was finally gradually dissipated.

Blow all the dust and ashes in front of you, the whole of the full franchils, the dead staring at the foggy of the mist.

All members of the Founding Legion, all of them consciously and died, and there is a hidden knife in his hand.

Everyone has done the worst plan, if the blast is a failure, it is unfortunately that there is no reason to kill the kill, they will kill.


When everyone is unborn, when they are unbeatable, suddenly, a wind blows through the empty space in front of them.

After the wind blows away all the dust and fog in front of you, everyone finally saw the outline of the body in front of her eyes, and suddenly shocked.

Unlike all of them, all of them have different forms and levels, and only see the shape of the original Yunjun Xiu.

The white osteogenic mask has grown up two sharp and elongated horns, just like a disturbed fear and shocking ancient beast is generally suffocating.

The whole body is covered by the blurred material of the white bone black texture. The moon, the moon is a circular virtual hole, and the whole person's body is thin and straight.


After the dust settled, suddenly I saw the form of such impact eyes in front of my eyes, and all everyone in the field couldn't help but pour a cold.

"Is this completely blush?"

Feel the moment in front of you, don't, I feel that this horrible magic thing in front of it seems to be a fatal breath that the ancient waves is generally rushing.

When the pigeons of the slat, the pupils of the slat were shrinking into a pinhole. He did not doubt that the horrible magic of this horrible magic can tear all of them into a fragment.

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Is it completely blush?

It is clear that the form after the moment is completely blocked. ( ( ( (book (

Feeling the kind of flying from him, I totally not in a second time, and all the people of all the furnished arms in the scene cunded the shadow of death.


Today we all have to be buried here?

Just when all of the federms were all wrapped in the shadow of death.

The killing of the killing magic formed in the moment, but suddenly made an unexpected move.