Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 535 of Hueding Crack System

I saw the blurred mask of a pair of sharp and slender horror horror horrified, and a pair of blue-red red bouncing flashed a inexplicable Guanghua.

Immediately, I immediately reached a trick, and I suddenly appeared a new mirror in my hands, I mentioned a blink of the mask.

"Is this completely blooming?"

Staring at the faces present in the new mirror in his hands, the full bloom of the people in front of the people actually didn't seem to be self-speaking, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""


"You didn't lose reason?"

However, the moment of this simple move, but it was almost not shocked by the slap in front of him. I saw him fingering his fingertips in front of him. "After completeness, it can still remain normal. What monster you are rational? "


"After you completely fade, I am so clear"

I crushed the mirror in my hands, and I looked at my pure white blurred bone hands.

Feeling that the strength of your own body is almost endless spray, the heart is faintly about about the final form of this is not the final form.

Follow the ideas in the inner heart, the moment began to take advantage of the power of the fond of yourself, as if the complete blore form of killing magic is gradually starting to have changed.

"Does he in the form of completely blurring?"

Seeing this moment, the subtle changes found, and a member of the furnished legion members suddenly stunned.

I saw the horned-angled mask from the head white osteoporitic black pattern started. At the moment, all the blurred states in the whole body gradually refused, showing his original Yun Xiu's face and a silver haunted long hair.

However, only a few seconds of Kung Fu, I saw that all white blurred substances on the moment were completely faded, and gradually agglomerated into a white blurred bone necklace, hung in the neck of the moment.

If it is not a moment in the middle of the Hungar in the moment, there is an emptive cavity in the center of the Hungar, which is simply exactly the same as the original appearance.

"Don't he do not lift the form of full

The eyes were deadly staring at the white blur bone necklace that was condensed in front of the neck, and the Ping Zifei finally understood what happened to the moment.

"He is evolution"

"Deceive people"

It seems that there is no way to accept the Ping Zi Zhenzi. This is the fact that in front of me, Fengqiao Building Shiro's eyes are staring at the moment, and some difficult swallowed her own saliva. "It is already completely blushing form, it is still able to evolve?"

"Finally finished"

After all the power in your body, all the blurred bone necklaces are blended into the neck, and the moment is muttered to see the changes in their body.

After returning to the realization of the kind of horror horror, it is clear that the spiritual pressure in the body is quietly pulled up again in the moment, completely separated from the times in front of you.

"Since it is a deeper deficiency of cattle and deficiency than the protagonist Takasaki

Gently picked up the white blurred bones hanging on his neck, and the moment was named a name to you today. "Then it is to know the form of the form."

"Is it extremely falundized?"

Because he found that he had completely felt that the spirit of the moment was not completely.

At the moment in front of him, he also felt that the opponent's spiritual pressure, what is a ridiculous thing?

"Running speed flash regeneration steel deficiency"

Just in front of the furnishing army members deeply shocked in front of them, they had completely exist of a second-time in the eyes, but the hearts of the moment were instantly brushing all new capabilities after they were extremely erotic.

"The strongest deficiency of Niu Headukaki after completeness is full of hell"

Thoughts I remembered the power of the protagonist of the protagonist Kurosaki after the protector, the powerful shape of the cattle, the moment, I couldn't help but expect it, "I don't know what I'm now the virtual flash or even the flash of Wang. Powerful "

Although I am looking forward to, I have not planned to test my own faint power at the moment, or it is almost unimaginable.

"No matter what

After mastering a deeper level, I have an eye on the face of the people in front of myself, and the mouth is inexplicably.

"This time, thank you for helping me break the causal lock successfully completed all the blurred fans."

"As a reward, I will help you with the blue dye to solve the right."

Blue dyeing right?

I heard the words of the moment, and everyone was suddenly a shock, and they didn't forget this disgusting name.

It seems that this guy is not all the way with blue, and the squat is slightly smashed, and a big stone in the heart will land.

If you have such an enemy, the day of blue dyeing the born, I will not have a good idea in the heart of the slap.

Chapter 113, Zhiji and Longgui (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"So next time you see again"

"We are on the battlefield"

After the voice falls. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

The surrounding ground is suddenly blown up.

Among the eyes of a full-furnished legion, I saw that the whole person is like a rocket.

Until gradually disappeared between the sky between the sky, disappearing among everyone's implementation.


Ten days have passed very quickly.

In the top floor of the highest-end hotels in the Higashi-cho.

"Still sleep"

"System this guy is still no news"

The moment is standing in front of the huge landing window overlooking the entire bustling empty emoticon-cho.

The glamorous glamorous glamorous glamorous glamorous glamorous glamorous, finely tasted bright red wine, but I don't know why at this moment is a madness full of resentment.

"I don't know when this is not reliable, when is it going to wake up?"

"I still owe me a lottery."

In these ten days.