I have always been treated in the empty seat, immersed in this modern city that is very similar in this world.

With the daily punishment of the mortal wood Lucia, the mastery of the power of ignitation is also mature. It can be opened at any time in the battle.

"Calculated time"

"It's also almost the days of arrogance to Lucia."

Looking up to drink the beautiful wine in his own cup, the mouth of the moment is lightly lifted, and the blood of the blue eyes will not be mysterious.

"It is estimated that the little girl is expected to be crazy in the real prison in the Lingling Tint."

Although it is a hundred years old, it has a hundred years old, and the dead wood Lucia has a big old age.

But for the unlimited cross-dominance of this infinite cross-the world, they are just some little girls who are less than something.


Just when the thought of the moment is caught in a contemplative.

Among the horizon in the distance, the sky is suddenly opened, and a huge monster with white mask quietly exposes his head.

"At this time, there is still a virtual to enter the world?"

Although ordinary humans can't see such terrorist situations, it will see the black cavity opened on the sky and exposed big hypotherapy.

The sword eyebrows in the moment were gently, and the heart suddenly thought of the second boundary of the three boundaries.

"Is it attracted by the spiritual pressure that I have previously bursted?"

"No matter what

"These little guys are going to see if I have been pulling."

It is gently muttered in your mouth, and after you have an idea in your heart, you will take back your eyes.

After reaching out from his clothes, I took my black suit jacket, and I mid it to the hotel's room.

Emoto-cho, West Street Area.

A ghostless urban neighborhood destroyed urban neighborhood was built in the moment before ten days ago.

But at this moment, hundreds of virtual and ten only a big virtual base is wandering in this street, crazy slaughtering ordinary human.

No one knows what happened, these unspeakable ordinary humans can't see the existence of virtual.

I only watched the people around him a one-down death, which invisible death fear caused an unprecedented turmoil.


"When this is the key, the shield six flowers actually do not come out."

I watched my eyes, I was constantly being saved by the empty sauce of the privilege, and the Wiwi Ji Xihizhong rose red his cute cheeks and did not show their ability to make the soul.

"Let's take a hurry to get ridiculous"

"What is your stupid standing?"

After standing on the well, there was a Ze Longgui, who was still alone, still alone, standing in front of the horrible monster, suddenly pulled her arm up before, and suddenly pulled her arm.


Just at this time.

It seems that I have a spiritual existence in the well, and a few ordinary fancy next to them rapidly.

"Three days of knife, I refuse"

It seems to be stimulated by the life and death crisis in front of him, a crisp and delicate sound, and the well on the well has finally successfully launched the ability of his own soul.

I saw the three-pool of the triangular junction of golden rays in front of the well, and the death of the death of a few ordinary imaginary attacks were blocked.

"Weaving Ji? Are you?"


This originally has been protected by her behind him, now actually brave and strong standing out to protect her, and it is to show this kind of power that transcends the realistic.

Although it is affected by the strong spiritual pressure of Shosaki, there is also the existence of Zeonggui, but since the arrival of the dead wood in the past two months.

Kurosaki-Tang and Well, a few people secretly facing the false and soul of the funeral, although they don't know what they are sneak, but this is unavoidable to make Longgui have a feeling of loss.

Because there is a feeling of faintness and their partners, there is still no longer needed her, which is still no longer needed to rely on her guideline.

"What is your stupid standing?"

The three-day knot bite the silver teeth deadly with the first few ordinary imaginary attacks, and looked at the long expensive, Zi Ji suddenly shouted.

"Here to give me, hurry, I will run, Longgui"

Chapter 114, first meeting (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Here to me

You run, hurry, Longgui

The words of the weaving are like a steel needle, which is generally taking into the heart of the dragon. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

In the past, the personality is simple and cute. It is easy to be bullied by people. Nowadays, they stand out alone in the face of so many monsters, calling her alone.

This is called in the past to protect them with a big sister, how can Dragonse, which is strong, can be accepted?


, the long-term hands and death, even the poor, and even the poor, I didn't know my palm.

At this moment, she suddenly hates her own weakness. I hate I can't have special, surpassing the power of humans like a special, surpassing human power.


Beyond the sound of the human eardrum hearing.

At this time, I saw the ordinary virtual human girl under my hand, and a few deep horror horrified big virtual fanticon was rushed over.


Seeing the huge big virtual base of the side body type also rushed over.

On the well, Zi Ji suddenly shocked, the sweet and cute face flapped the panic.