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Rigang Capqi Yushu Chapter 537

It seems to be a fragile glass that is generally broken.

I saw a few lower-level big virtual base, and they quickly surpassed the upper limit of the three-day knots on the well.

With the rumor behind him, the two girls were suddenly flying out by the great force of Dawuki Li'an.

How to do

Too much quantity

Two girls, after all, only just awakening skills, one is just a common man with no spirit.

Looking at hundreds of ordinary students around them in the madly slaughter, there are only huge big virtual base, desperate shadows, unable to curb the heart of weaving and longguise.

"Thirty-one · red fire guns ..."

Just at this time.

The two girls in the inho, and the two girls of Zeongui suddenly came back.


A group of neon colored huge flames stunning a whole piece of chaos.

When the two gods, the two girls in front of the Dragon and Longgui were bombarded, and the millennium was dissipated in the air.

"You two cars"

The calm sound sounds again.

It seems that the owner of this voice has a convincing force, and two girls and Dragon and Longgui two girls are reflected in general.

Verity four white thunder

Just in the two girls just crouched.

Suddenly a violent Tongtian Thunder launched the top of their two, suddenly sweeping.

As all the buildings around them have been cut into two halves, hundreds of ordinary emotions next to each other are thoroughly made flying ash, and the ministries dispersed into the air.

"It's so powerful"

Looking at the general virtual and eucalyptus from the blink of an eye in front of him.

A fart | Shares sitting on the ground in the well, the rustic trembled, the first pair of moon, the first pair of Yunnan, surprised to say.

"Every suddenly eliminates all."


"Who is it?"

On the well, weave the Ji and the Zeong Yusheng's consciousness look back.

I saw a slender figure and gradually came from the street ruins in front of them.

A brush black suit, the silver white gliped long hair entered the black gentleman's hood, the big hat is an impeccable face.

The special doubles of the blue sky, the blood, quietly look at them, and sharp eyes seem to penetrate.

This man

The first time I met, the well on the well, the two girls who had a Zeong, and the two girls had clearly felt that their heartbeat seems to miss a shot. The unstoppable appearance in the heart is shocked.

"Not a clothing of death"

Then, the eyes of Wei Ji fell on the clothes wearing in front of the moment, and some mistakenly opened their own pure eyes, "But the power just clearly"

"Is it a glossy, is it, is it Long expensive?"

I didn't pay attention to the wooked eyes of the two girls and the Dragon Gui, and the moment was slowly walked to the front of them, quietly looked at these two of these two students in front of themselves. Some special girls.

"I am a moment, I am a moment."

While introducing yourself, I will bent down my waist while I am gently, and I reach out to pull them two girls from the ground.


I heard the self-introduction of the Puba, I might silently in the mouth of the mouth.

Some are in a daze look at the perfect pleasant pleasant, looking at the palm of his hand, and the reaches of the reaches of Zi Ji suddenly white.

"You thank you for your life"

"But why do you know that we have two names?" Well, Ji and Zeong expensive two people pulled from the ground, and Zhao Weiji sideways looked at this strange Jun Xiu Youth. .

"What should I say?"

In the face of in front of the inkwitch, the moment is gently picking up his brow. I will find a speech. "I am a friend of the dead wood Lucia, so I have heard of your two names."

"It turned out to be a friend of Lucia."

On the well, the genius is suddenly realized, and the character naturally stays and gentle. She has never thought of others. I immediately pulled the Dragon Gui to the ceremony, "Thank you, I have saved me and Longgui"

It's a natural stuffy paper

Looking at this warm brown long hair in front of you, you will be pure and lovely, but also have a pair of amazing milk, and the mouth is gently rising.

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There is also Ze Longgui

The eyes are removed from the wells of the well, and the other refreshing girls in front of them. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

The dark blue fragments stayed with a braid, and the character just strong dragon expectations seem to have a thin girl. In fact, it is not only a Japanese empty hand fighting champion, but also a class of disciplines in the class.

She likes to take care of others, she is most annoying, she has always played the role of the big sister from school, protects the Ji you have a strong sense of justice.

Now, because you have no spiritual power, you can only hide to weave Ji, this is completely unacceptable.

Although it is also a spiritual force that has a spiritual force in Zeonggui, it can see ordinary ghosts and emotions.

But different from the two original ordinary humans of the Well, the two original ordinary human beings, in the well, the two people in the past two months, and the contact of the dead wood Lucia, gradually be gradually benected by Lucia The force of the in vivo is affected.

The ability of the collapse to give a strong desire for something that is strongly desired to make the well, so that the Wiwi Ji and the tea Tiger have been similar to the medical general capacity, and Dragon is not.

"Aunt, let go of the well, Shang Zhi, special ability, do not talk"

The deep mysterious double, seems to have the idea in Ze Longgui in front of him. If you think about it, "this is also a good seedlife. Since there is a chance to change her destiny. "