"You don't have to be polite, just just passing through"

In the heart, I don't have to politely wave, I don't have to be polite, some know what I asked, "Today, there is so much invading to the empty space, I didn't appear?"

"I guards him to cultivate it from Mr. Pudao."

I heard the problem of the Pasta, I didn't want to shake all the situation.

Immediately, I suddenly recorded anything. The whole person of the weaving Ji suddenly screamed. "Ah, you don't say that I almost forgotten"

"Today, today and the tea family is about to go to the night.

"I didn't expect to meet so many bad things on the road."

Thinking of the purpose of going out today, a pair of woolen Hungarian Hungar kept shaking, the whole person suddenly started anxious.

"This is a girl who is absent

I heard that the weaving of the weaving of myself took all the tricks, and the Longgui helpless handped his cheeks. "Other people asked if you asked what you said."

But this is also the most simple and cute natural place where the girl on the well.

"What is the monster just?"

Longgui has a pair of dark eyes, some hesitate to look at the weaving of himself, "Is there a whispered boss in the strange store?"

At the moment, she really wants to strive to integrate into their circles, but I am sighing my own weakness.

"Good Dragon"

"You will naturally know after these things"

I saw that I suddenly broke the doubts of Longgui. In the two surprised eyes, the moment was gently reached with two.

"I also said that I didn't see the night a lady for some time."

On the shoulders of the two girls and Dragon, the two girls, in the eyes of the two doubts, the blind eye of the left eye penetrated the entire empty space, searching for the falling of the four maple garden .

"Since I've been going to go to the night, I will take you, and I will take you with a AEAJ together."

Rogue eye ·

The sound of the moment is left in place.

Instantly launch the weaving of the weaving and Dragon Gui, disappeared in the original place.

Emotici-cho, a hidden home.

"There are so many virtual or even Kiilean, just now."

Feel the speed of the empty seat of the empty seat of the air, the Safety of the Major Safety Department disappeared, and the four maple garden muttered, "I have disappeared all in a moment. It seems that we don't have to deliberately "

"But who has this power?"

Recovered his golden scorpion, and the four maple garden quickly flashed a moving figure, "Is it a guy?"

"There is still no time to come over,"

At this time, it is a tall skin, which is a tall skin, a tall and very strong tea, and silent, his eyes are concerned about the direction of the distance in the distance.

"I don't know if I will do something."

"Tea Classmates"

"Mr. Night"

Just at this time.

Suddenly, the sound of the Wiwi Ji, let the Night and Tea Series Tai Tiger can't help but hold.

"Good magical ability"

"Actually, I am here."

It was brought here after being used in the moment to use the shuttle space.

The naturally stayed in the well, the first reaction, is not the magic of the moment, but first he says hello to the four maple categories in front of him.

"How is it on the well?"

When the four maple garden, I saw that there was so abrupt appearance, and my heart was somewhat surprised.

But suddenly I saw the Zeonggui, who was standing around the Zhiji, and after the familiarity of the familiarity, I suddenly stunned.

"Is it you?"

The four maple nights in the instant reaction came to the night, and the golden cats were suddenly turned.

"I haven't seen it for a long time, a young lady"

It seems that I have not seen the vigilance and complexity in the front night, and the mouth is slightly lifted.

However, after the night is on the night, it suddenly faces a piece, "Do you still stay this dress?"

I saw the night in front of the night, in addition to wearing a touch of sexy short skirt, I also put a black suit jacket that was left to her obscured ketone body in the body.

Chapter 116 (seeking rewards and automatic)

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I quot;

When I saw the moment in front of my eyes, I was on my black suit jacket, and the four maple gnowa didn't ban the consciousness and reached out. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

However, immediately after I was completely killed before I was completely killed, I suddenly took a jacket on my body when I was a sudden, and I used it to my eyes.

"Because I specifically left to you today, I will return it to you" After changing the coat to the moment, the night is full of wild |


After reaching a hand, I caught the jacket that was lost in front of my eyes, and I felt the warm body temperature above _ moment smiled.

"Mr. Mr.

Looking at the moment of the moment and the strange interaction of the night, the well next to the side is curious, "I have two people who know it."

"Who knows him"

Looking at the curious expression of Zhi Ji, the night is straight, but the golden scorpion has some slings about her and moment, "Why do you have this dangerous guy?"

"I have encountered a lot of virtual appearance on the road that I just came." I heard that I thought it was true: "Mr. I will save me and Longgui"