"Sure enough, he" listened to the explanation of weaving Ji and nodded. "It is no wonder that there is so much false and Keyan's spiritual pressure | in a moment disappeared"

"Speaking this night, one of you, you and I have two people."

When I said that I'm thinking about it, I just made hundreds of virtual, and there was a picture of the Killy Safety department. I suddenly looked at the two people. "You must have two people. Is it right? "

"I will naturally know" I will naturally know ".

Night did not say his own identity, but reached out quickly, pulled the inhi to his side, the golden cat was vigilant to stare at the moment in front of him, "But this guy is the current ghost of the corpse Long should be your enemy

Mr. is the enemy?

Wendo Wen said that he was a little surprised to look at the moment in front of him.

How did her naturally stayed in response, why is this alert, and the Longgui Junxiu Youth will be their enemies.

"I don't need to be so enemy, I am, a lady,"

Looking at the eyes of the night, I'm smiling and touched myself and touched myself. "I will kill the tettie Tiezhai. I am purely from the self-insurance." "

"Moreover, from the beginning, do you take the initiative to attack me?"

"Amount" I heard a seemingly unconfimately reflableable saying that I was in the middle of the night.

Because it is indeed the previous battle, it is indeed that she and Pudu have three people who take the Ledies and take the initiative to attack the attack. I didn't expect the strength of the moment. I have expected their expectations. Download of Holding Tiezhai.

"And we are definitely not enemies"

At a glance, wear the struggle and vibration in front of the night in front of it, and the mouth of the mouth is slightly.

In the sight of the well, there is a sighted look of Zeonggui, and there is a smile of the evil charm. Some of the light stretching a finger gently picks up the night a sharp chin.

"Braneta, but always worry about your night," "


I have no time to stop this light movement, I heard the name of the whisper in my mouth, the night is a beautiful body, and I have a big glory.


After returning the god, I took the moment, I took the moment, the golden cat flashed and guess the relationship between the two and the broken bee, "you and her ??"

"I and the relationship of the bee"

I took my fingers in front of the night, and I was laughing.

So close to the night, the night, the night black cat is full of wild | sexual face.

I can't help but make up the picture of her and the broken bee two girls love each other, one sex | mad | wild, a delicate people, it is simp to stop.

"When we returned to the corpse, you will naturally know"

It is difficult to finally get rid of the blood-free picture in my mind, and I am smiling at the night of the night.

"Back to the body of the body?"

Looking at the mysterious smile on the face of it in front of it, I feel that all the plans have all the plans to be worn by him, "Are you?"


The moment is gently nodded, and I am sure the guess in the night, "I plan to accompany you to invade the spirit Tong"

......... ... .......

"Why do you know our plan?"

In the night shocked golden doubles, the image of the moment has become a mystery, "and you are the current ghost, you have to help us"

"Because boring"

It's nothing to shoot in an instant, "Since you leave, there is no such thing as a hundred years of calmly, there is no war, and the death of the spirit of the spirit begins burnout and lazy."

"I hope that these interesting little guys can add some different colors to the corpse soul."

On the other hand, when I said, I suddenly became condensed, as if I have seen the future, "" This time we went back to the corpse world, it was the blue dyeing right. "

It is flat that the four maple categories and Po Zhen will help their plans in the eyes of the moment is just a small child.

Even the blue dye is planned to plan for hundreds of years, and it is only a rich fruit that can be picked up in his eyes.

In this world, the only strength of the unknown, only the high spirits and Wang You, Wang You, Wang You, Wang You, King, who knows 'all the best'.

Chapter 117 is ready to depart (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Blue dye plan?

At the moment, the four maple garden night, the whole person shocked, unbelievable looked at the shackles of the show, "What do you know?"

"I know anything"

"But now I have no time to explain so much."

I didn't explain the plan to explain it in detail with her. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

He knows that the blue dye is in order to make people unable to make people the decimal dates of the dead wood Lucia, and control the Central Forty-six room constantly changed the date of execution of Lucia, so he seriously looked at the night in front of him. Lucia's execution date is changing every day, so we must start from the corpse in advance. "


Said so much, the night "eight zero" is always unable to believe in this young people in front of the mystery, the eyes are still vigilant, "What do I believe you are standing on this side?"

"I don't need to let you believe"

Seeing the night, I still refuse to believe in myself, I am not angry, because no matter who's eyes, my motivation is so suspicious, "You just need to know if I am standing on the blue dyeing"

"You and Pu Zahai have been dead for ten days ago."

A piece of silence.

After listening to the moment, I lowered the silence of the night, and the words he said made her unable to refute.

With the strength of the moment, if it is really standing on the blue dyeing, you can do it directly to kill her and the boot of Pudu, don't need to play with them.


After the silence is a long time, a struggle in the night is finally selected to temporarily believe in the moment.

It's like a lunch | Night Black Cats, the golden pupils are awkward, "You don't want to play, or I will never let you". "

Why is the second yuan?

I like this threat of this color.