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Rigang Crack System Chapter 540

In the face of a bad threat to the night, I can't help but smile.

If there is one of the night, you can pack your own words, why bother to talk nonsense with yourself?

"I know, I know"

Looking at the night of the eyes, if you think about it, I'm really proudly of the lady's cattle, the proud personality is estimated that ten ** is to learn from you. "


"Who is a proud wild cat"

I heard the slight mutter of the moment, I just wanted to open the mouth, but I felt that my wrist was tight, I have been caught by my wrist.

Rogue eye ·

I saw that I haven't waited for a back at night, I grabbed her slender wrist.

Follow the flash of the left eye, the blue eyes are flashing, and the next instant appeared in the night, there is a tea, there is a tea, there is a tea, the tea.

Zhi Ji and Dragon Gui them only felt a huge gravitationalism that could not be resistant, and three people suddenly turned into a piece, and the moment reached again, I grabbed them three people's clothes, and five people after launching The instant disappeared in the original place.

I have a few in the night and the Ji.

Uninterrupted continuous uses a few times, the shuttle between the shuttle is spanning in the blink of anxiety.

When they reacted them when they reacted them, they were all waiting for themselves.

There is no one person waste, and there is a closed shop that has been closed in front of you, can't see the value of whit continued to operate.

"When I came, I came to another place. This is the ability of his death." The tea is so powerful "The tea is deeply gazing in the moment, and I have a dark.

"here it is?"

Different from the weave Ji Long, the night after coming to this place is surprised to open your eyes, not more familiar with everything around here.

"Yes, we went to the Pubao Store"

It seems that a horror of the night, and the moment said: "Let's go in, I can prepare after the Kurosaki, we can be prepared."

"It took us so many people in an instant"

"From my secret residence, I came to the Pubao Shop."

After listening to the moment, the night gold cat was burst into a very complicated eye, and the heart has set off a stormy waves. "This is definitely not the moment of death is not a virtual role."

"This should be similar to spatial transfer and instant movement."


Just as the night's heart is shocked by the moment ...

The moment is a little surprised to raise your eyebrows, and the body of the hidden peeking in the street alley is certainly unable to escape his gaze.

"On the well, tea."

I haven't waited for it yet, I saw the figure of a white destruction, but I have been automatically conscious from the shadow of the small lane.

Black mid-range hair, beautiful face wears a pair of frameless glasses, and it is the stone rain dragon who has seen one side before.

I only saw ten days, but he did not only changed a striking pure white desirable dress. From his spiritual fluctuation, the strength was clearly growing.

"How will it be here?" Seeing Shi Tian Yulong's emergence, the well is happy with him.

"I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Reaching out gently pushing his eyes on his nose, Shi Tian rain dragon, deeply glanced at the unspeakable moment in front of everyone.

Obviously, the epidreaty of the overwhelming terrorist force and the mysterious means of returning to death have left the impression of an indelible impression.

"If you want to go to the corpse, rescue the words of the dead wood classmates"

I took back my own eyes, Shi Tian Yulong's line of sight turned to the inho, and there was a tea of ​​Ze Longgui and tea. "Of course, I have to count, she is also my classmate."

Chapter 118 Traverse Collection (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Nice young man

I have a little proud of this person in front of my eyes, but I actually in the heart of Ji Tian Yu Long, I have some admiring noddings in my heart. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

First, regardless of the strength.

In the original, the kids of Shi Tian Weilong can be to protect them in Kurosaki, and latency into the invisible empire secretly mounted many spirits blasting equipment, Habach and Rain Glance.

"Shi Tianjia's boy is good"

At the moment, the sharp eyes seems to be like the sword, it is rosked on the cheeks of Shi Tianwu Yulong Xiuqi, "the strength is a bit of the trend of the stone, the Dragon Strings, there is a lot of hard work"


Seeing that this terrible young condensation into a substantive eyes fell to his body, Shi Tian Rain Dragon is in the heart.

Family education and etiquette in accordance with the rules prompted him to go to the moment, deeply bent over, "Mr. I am, thank you for the last time for life"

"Small things that are not worth mentioning"

At the moment, the casually swayed, from him, with the night and Ziwi Ji they walked to the Pubao store in front of him. "Since you have to go to the corpse of the corpse to save the retraction, then let us go in. "

After the moment they enter the Pubao Store, it is slightly struggling in the stones of the stone rain dragon in the same place.

Although he is not too willing to contact the dead, it is hesitant to follow the goal of the words and the purpose of this trip, he is hesitant to hesitate.

Pubao store.

Basement ghost junction space.

" "

I saw that the Kurosaki hand holds a big knife style, the moon, the moon, the Yunnang continues to breathe in the mouth, and the eyes are dead at the Pooloni in front of you.

In these ten days of cultivation.

In addition to success, it is a dead god that is a moon that belongs to himself.

The remaining remaining remaining in Takasaki is in a practical combat with Pubao in front of you. Every minute, every minute, soared.


Before the forehead of Pu Zahai, a fine sweat is also blocked and gently collapsed his own church knife.