Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 541 of Hueding Cracks

"I have nothing to teach you now."

Under the large fisherman's hat, a pair of wisdom and deep eyes are somewhat complicated to look at the Kurosaki in front of you.

In these ten days of cultivation, he witnessed how to become a true death when this original seemingly ordinary human teenager is turned into a true death, until cultivating today's strength.

"Remember that you are an unsound, what you really need to master"

After each of the two people collapsed, Pudao said that the eyes of the eyes solemnly looked solemnly.

"Thank you for Mr. Pubao." Kurosaki is proud to thank.

"Don't thank me." Pu Zahai hopped casually.


We still need to rely on you?

Thinking of that Kurosaki is essential in the top of their plans, Pudao's deep eyes suddenly flashed a feng.

"I have made it well, I have already made it."

The thoughts returned to the reality in front of the eyes, the cane in the Pudao helped hand refers to the huge mysterious door next to it. "Next, I want to explain how to pass through the door and do not die

"Wearing the door ??" Heaki is a protective, obviously the root does not understand what is a thing.

"Slips between the world and the body of the corpse we call it" broken world ""

Looking at the things that I don't know about things and knowledge of the gods in front of the corpse, Pubao is a self-study, "In order to prevent email or other species from invading the corpse of the corpse It usually produces a kind of airflow called 'straight' "

"If you are entangled in the thing, you can't go out for a few days."

If you don't get the passage of the corpse, you must use a very conquery means to enter the corpse, it is a very complicated and difficult thing, so the face of Pudao Help is delicious.

"So this time you have to use the fastest speed and way to arrive in the corpse world"

Just halfway in Pudao Hi.


"That's too much trouble"

From a familiar and strange voice came from behind, Pudao helped his body, and the whole person was stunned.

" "

After seeing the figure in this vast ghost junction space, I didn't say that my mouth was surprised to say.

"There is also a mortuary"

After seeing that the familiar figure around the moment, the mouth of Kurosaki's mouth is even greater, "on the well, tea, Shi Tian, ​​have you been?"

"Don't see ten days"

After a secret base with the side of the Basement of the Basement, the people around the Basement of the Basement of the Basement of the Basement of the Basin. He wore the spiritual power of the Kurosaki in the heart of the heart, and it was completely judged by two more than ten days ago.

The deep inexplicable gaze looked at this protagonist in this death world, and the inexplicable play smile, "It is a bit long and hope that this time will not be the same as the last time. "


"You guys"

When I heard the moment, I mentioned the appearance of the defeat last time, and the Kurosaki smeared slightly.

But I remembered the young handsome young people who were young, the gods of the youth.

And the last time, his decaying is the kindness of the magical treatment ability, saving himself from the edge of death, and there is no temper when I have a grief.


After seeing the mysterious guys in the Night, the mysterious guy, the mysterious guy, Pudao helped, "How do you and him?

Chapter 119 Invading the Soul Soul (ask for reward and automatic)

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How can I appear with this guy?

Rao is the wisdom of the whole corpse of the whole corpse. It is also a little reaction at this moment. Why is the four maple garden? Why is the guy who kills the guys in the moment. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?


Who knows that in the eyes of Pudao, the night is swaying, "Now this guy is not the enemy he intends to help us enter the corpse"

"You know, don't know what you are saying?"

Hearing the explanation of the night, Pudao His help is even more unacceptable to accept this statement, "This guy is the current glitch of the corpse, how can it be"

However, the words of Pimura Help have not finished, his mouth is completely O-type.

Not only is him, all of the other people are shocked by their eyes.

Rogue eye ·

I saw the moment between everyone who standing in everyone, I suddenly opened my deep left eye.

Under the mobility of the vast times in the moment, the voids in front of the crowd suddenly have been forced to open a dark mystery.

"found it"

Since I just wore more than the world of death, I have been communicated in the invisible Empire, I have already communicated the space channel to the corpse world.

So almost just a blink of an eye. At the moment, I immediately stacked the countless space world of the countless space, and found the space world that belong to the soul of the corpse.

After locking the world of space in the void, I immediately launched the endless terrorism in the body, and the pupil of the left eye to the eyes of the left eye was to the extreme.

In the next second, the four maple categories in the Four Maple categories and Pudu were all all of them widened their eyes.

I saw that I was originally calm void, and I opened a space channel with my air.

At the other end of this space channel, it is a world that is located at the ancient streets of the pavilion house. It has formed a distinct contrast with the no-yellow mud land where they are now.

"That is……"

On the side of Pu Zaraho and the night's life, he widened his eyes.

Unbelievable eyes staring at the mysterious space channel opened in front of the moment, see the world that exists behind this space channel.

"That is the body of the corpse?"

From the neighborhood, the soul of the soul of the city, the people who came to the world and the night. Of course, I recognized that the world of this mysterious space channel is the corpse of their familiarity.

But what did he do?