Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 542 of Hueding Crack System

Night and Pubao helped two people staring at this young Junxiu's corpse of this young junxiu, I found that the smile in his mouth was completely unfained in his eyes.

"All right"

"There is no time to explain the words of the corpse"

After using your own God, I opened a space channel to the corpse of the body, and I was laughed with the night and in the night, and they did a hand gesture.

"What are you waiting for?"

Although the passing of the Tongling Ting's pass can be free to enter the corpse soul, but the passing of the Lingling Tong can only allow the designated death of the people to enter the corpse.

Therefore, the moment is simply used directly, and once again opened the space channel from the invisible empire into the corpse soul, you can bring everyone into the corpse.


"Let's start, this can be a strong door of the guy in the Pusho."

Seeing that the big means of using such a shocking world is directly opened in front of the emotional space channel.

When Takasaki, the spirit of the spirit was, the spirit was rumored, and he didn't pay attention to the face next to Pudao to help the green face.

"That one"

"Longgui you stay here"

Looking at the night, I took them into the space passage of I opened myself, and I suddenly hurried.


There was Zeonggui to hear himself to call himself, first, then the look, how much she wants to be able to save the companion together with Zhiji

"Pudao helps anyway, you stay in the world."

At the time of Dragon Gui, the eyes of the moment, the eyes were falling on the bodies of Pudao.

With the first day of the corpse, the ability to help the little girl who has already had a good spirit of the little girl, "helping me have developed the spirit of the Dragon Gui's girl. Just like training Iakasaki

"Just when I owe you a person?"

Help this girl to cultivate the ability of the dead?

After listening to the request of the moment, Pudao helped him, and immediately responded to the point, "I can have the potential of this girl."

As a smart genius, how can he don't understand a human value, so I immediately agreed, anyway, he didn't have to go to the corpse.


Get the reply of Pudao His Association, I nodded in the moment, my eyes turned to myself to re-enhanced the hope of Zeong, "You also heard Longgui stayed in this, don't let me practice. Disappointed"

"Well, thank you for your mothers"

I heard the moment of this strange Pudao store agreed to help himself practice, thinking that she can fight with the well with the well, facing the monsters known as the virtual.

When Ze Yonggui suddenly excited, the dark eyes were stared at the moment, "I will never let you down."

"Hope so", but there is no light laugh, the head does not return to the space channel in front of you.

Looking at the space passage that is gradually closed in front of the eyes, the deep eyes of Pudao have flashed deeply.

With this guy join

This plan doesn't know what changes will happen.

Chapter 120 Training Invasion (seeking rewards and automatic)

The corpse world.

Dream Soul Street, Western District Runlin An.

It is still the coordinate of the first time I entered the corpse world.

The air in the empty street suddenly distorted, opened a dark mysterious space channel.


I saw that the shape of a variety of people came out from the dark mysterious space channel.

"Is it the body of the corpse?"

On the well, Ji and Kurosaki protect their curious four, weigh the streets of the depression, and found that the body of the corpse is not the side of the heavens I imagined.

"Is a soul street"

A sexy hot posture is on the ground of the soul street. At a glance, I recognize that I am in the four maple nights you are in place, and I don't help but feel the emotions.

"The corpse is a hundred years, I will come back again."

That is, but the night of the golden cats are dead, they are dedicated to the highest building group of the corpse.

Lingling, there is a real hometown and home in her heart.

"All right"

"Successfully puts you into the corpse of my mission,"

After the two boats on the land of the soul street, the clothes on the moment have long been unknown when they quietly changed their dark gorgeous gods, and the silver is noble.

"your clothes"

Seeing the clothes that suddenly changed in the moment, the elegant temperament of the style suddenly made everyone in the field.

The big ghost road is a little bit of a golden double eye, only she recognizes the clothes wearing it in this moment.

"I still have my own things"

However, after returning to the soul of the corpse, the moment of moment is not here, looking at the night in front of his eyes: "So, then he will first report the day after three days of execution"

Although I want to see the beautiful strongest Royal Sister Wave Exhaust crane with them.

It seems that I have next time.

At the heart of the moment, it is also a long time for the beauty of the five major nobles that the Zhimo Air Crane, he is always innocent.

"What? The first AEDD is not to be with us?"

Seeing an instant to leave alone, the in the heart is shocked.

Although there is a lot of junxun yours in front of you, she has made an inexplicable dependence in my heart.