Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 543 of Hueding Crack System


I suddenly whatever I heard the sound of the Wiwi Ji, this has come back to see her. "You have not matured enough to follow them in the corpse activities."

"You still follow me to enter the Lingling Tint, there will be one after the three days after three days, I will take you together"

"Amount?" The Wiwi Ji is heard, and it is advisable to answer the moment after a consideration.


At this time, the bombarding loud sound.

Among the sky, suddenly lowered countless tall gates, and the dead blocked all the people in front of the Lingling Tin.

"I don't want to go through the spirit of the spirit through here."

With the fall of countless tall gates, a tall and incomparable giant appeared in front of everyone, holding a huge hand ax in his hand, "I am the Shoumen of the Xigumen, Baidao Gate. Danfang "

"The big ghost is the big man?"

At this time, when I was shaking the wind, I suddenly saw the moment I stood in front of everyone, and I stupid my eyes said.

"It's aunt, Danfang."

At the moment, I looked at him, indicating that he can continue his guarding mission. "It doesn't matter if I don't have to do your mission."

After the finish.

In Takasaki, the eyes of the gobi, I pulled the delicate little hand on the well, and I walked around the Dan Square of the Dan Square.

"It's a big ghost long."

I heard the flash of my mouth, I saw that the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, I saw the chicken blood. "Do you want to enter the Lingling Tint? I will help you open the door."

I saw him moved his huge body, and he ran to the moment to help him and weaving the talled Yulin door.

"Thank you."

Seeing the Tang Danfang helped himself opened a tall Queen door, and the ceremony of the ceremony.

Just at this time.

The bright blue blood of the flash suddenly suddenly condensed, and the ability of God's blood-eye predominantly made him aware of the future unpredictable changes.

"Shooting him, the fire"

As a light drinking.

I saw a sharp shot of the smudged ray.

With a speech that cannot be described, it seems to be like a nostalvous snake.

The goal is the peeled Danfang around the moment.

Crispy metal cyunge

In the eyes of everyone widened, I saw a white palm of a white hand evenly understood that this kind of slap in which this is like the gun to assassinate.


"It turned out that the big ghost is back."

Some oil and slippery cavity, I saw a young man wearing a white captain, light purple short hair, smile like a sinister fox and a neutral young man appeared in the other end of the Lingmen.

"Yes you, cityballs"

The handwritten hand is pinched with the squadron of the city, and the moment is suddenly opened.

"The private place is allowed to enter the Wuming Ting, then this watch is not necessarily alive."

On the other end of the Yuli Gate, the folk laughter is still in the face of the city, but in the heart of the shakes, it is so much in the heart, and the strength of the smell of the knife is pinned.

"And privately entered the spirit of the Tong Tin privately"

"Even if you have a big ghost, you are afraid that this does not meet the rules of the corpse."

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The body of the corpse, the giant gate. ( (meaning (thinking (book )

"Privately entered the spiritual Tong in the private accident"

Seeing that it is easy to knead your own church knife, the city's silver heart is dark, but the face is still a hypocritical hob.

Immediately, the other end of Yuli Gate, the city pills gradually recovered the unlimited elongated chops in their hands, and the narrow eyes glanced over the wells around the flash, and the corner of his mouth has been a root.

"Even if you have a big ghost, you are afraid that this is also the rule of the evil spirits."

An exit of the city of silver.

Suddenly the whole site is quiet _ down.

At a time, everyone seems to feel that the air around him is quiet. Everyone is sneaking, it seems like it is an ancient volcano that is likely to break out at any time.

"is it?"

Seeing the atmosphere of the scene is like generous glue, and the mind at this moment is not placed here.

"I will take the corpse circle in front of all the death of the Spirit Tote level."

I saw that I was in the Wi Wi Ji, as if I didn't go into the Lingmen, I went deeply glanced at him when I was passing by the city's silver, "You are bile. Can you try to stop me? "

The calm voice falls.

I saw the city's pills tightly held the sword handle of his sickle, but suddenly released, the whole person seems to be in general.

"Give up the market, silver"

"You have lurked in the blue stained, but I have already been found by him."

"Just, he is very interested, I want to know that you have lurked the purpose of his side, so I didn't have expanded."

The content of these sentences.

It is the way to use the top-level agency domineering spirit to pass into the hearts of the city.

Therefore, the scene present is at all, I can't know what I have heard in the city, and I will feel so shocking.