Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 544, Chapter 544

The next consciousness thought that he was shocked by the power and momentum, and the whole person would be stiff in the same place, and he could not move.

Didn't look back to see the city's silver, some white faces, and after the meeting in the field, the moment took a naturally stayed with a naturally stayed in the wells and walked towards the inside.

On the strength, this city of pill is indeed a rare genius.

And in the city, he lurked for hundreds of years in the blue dyeing, it was indeed a notorified talent.

If there is a chance

I still want to take him under my hand.

"This guy"

The chop of the knife in the hands and died. The eyes of the city's silver never squinted at this moment because of the shock in the heart, staring at the back of the Wiki.

I have just left the number before leaving, it is undoubtedly like a shocking deep-water bomb, and she hits his heart, and the huge waves have been thrown in his heart.

"What did you know?"

In the three words of the moment, the pilot of the pills of the psychological defense has no more unnecessary thoughts to see the protagonist of Kurosaki.

"The original blue dyed this guy did not know that I was close to him."

I saw that the city's silver has gradually recovered their own sickle. If you mutter your own words, "the guy this guy actually provides me with such useful information."

"The plan of the blue dyed guy has begun" "

I think that the blue dyeing is the plan, and some people who have a heavy weight, the city, silver, has not noticed that the black cat is quietly turned into a black cat's four maple garden.

After watching the grandmaster, the moon, the city, the city, silver, gradually disappeared in front of everyone, "I hope you should not be too surprised after you see it."

"what the hell"

Seeing inexplicably appearing, there is a pool of silver, and there is a pole in the soul of the soul of the soul of the soul of the soul of the soul, and they have been complaining. "I just laughed like a fox. The guy is also one of the captains of the Lingling Tint. "

"I don't look very much, I am scared by the guy in the moment."

"Do not"

I saw that the blacks around him saw the three words of the three words, scared away the captain of the 13th team of Zhang Yutong, and the heart began to have the strength of the captain, the incarnation of the black cat shook his head.

"The strength of the mid-leaders in the 13th captain of Yuling Ting has always been unable to see"


Night gold cat quietly looked at the direction of the city's silver, for this hidden in the shadow, like a poisonous snake, she never saw the strength of the city's silver.

"In short, it will never be in the dead wood white, you can't hold this kind of psychology."

"If you want to save the dead wood, your current strength is completely not enough."

It is said that the night's eyes turned to the Kurosaki's guards around him. If the mouth, there will be a shocked the whole corpse. "So you must practice within three days"

"Three days must be completed?" Wen Yan Yosaki kills the death of his hand in his hand.

Revealing for ten days ago, the big brother of Lie-Qia, the death of the dead god of the dead gods in the blood of the blood, and then recalling the words of what they said.

The dark swear of the Kurosaki is so dark, no longer seeing your wolf.


The ghosts are a team.

"Finally, come back"

Looking at not far, you gradually appear in the ghosts of your own eyes, stretching a lazy waist, the corner of the mouth, "Small famish should wait for me inside."

Chapter 122 Blue Dye Dyeing (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Is this a spiritual Tin?"

"It seems like the style of the Japanese curtain" "

Following the moment in the spiritual Tin, looked at the death of the dead gods all the way to see the ceremony. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

The well is curious about the surroundings of the surroundings, the surrounding the architecture and scenery, and the lives are a good little girl. "Sure enough, there are a lot of deaths, all wearing the dead "

Seeing the weaving of the weaving of the weave, I couldn't help but feel happy. The next consciousness stretched the long hair of her warm brown, soft | soft as if it was like the most up-to-one silk satin.

This girl is like her "three or seven" appearances, cute, gentle, kind and strong, and is born in a family of not harmonious, with a serious violent tendency.

Because the parents often have the opposite of the brothers and sisters, her brother, and the well-being began to take care of her. In the spring of her 3 years old, she took the Zhiji away from the parents, and lived in the outside for 9 years.

But after I was just going to school, I was scared by the students. Later, the brothers also died because of the death of the life. The Loss of the Lonned Life is still optimistic, and the sun is really like a sun behind it. Beautiful girl.

The ability of weaving's ability 'Shield six flowers', the moment is a powerful force that has developed has endless power, which can use her own subjective idea to reject all things happening in front of the world.

Blue Dye has evaluated the ability of the Virtual Visites to evaluate the weaving of the "Vientiane's rejection", which cannot be explained in time, space reply, is the ability to completely violate God.

So since there is this opportunity, it will definitely cultivate the girl of Zhiji. Her ability of her 'Shield Six Flowers' is a unpleasant powerful ability, whether in the second year of the world.

"Mr. Brake"

It is curious to weigh the scenery of the scenery around the Lingling Tink, and suddenly feel the warmth of the warmth of the moment. It is caressing his hair, and it is somewhat watching him.

"Ah is embarrassed"

I was immersed in the heart of the inner world, waking up by the sound of weaving, the focal length of the eyes gradually returned to the reality in front of you.

I saw the in my hands, I went back to my head to come back to the sky, and I can't help but feel awkward. "I thought about some things, so I can't help but

"It's alright"

The character is simple and cute, and the natural stay has nothing to think. There is no more thought, the pure double looks at the moment you are with a gentle smile. "Do you think of some past things? Mr. Mr.?"

"Is it,"

I can't stand my noddion in the moment, I'm falling in the ghosts in front of you, "we arrive"

"What is it?"

Wen Weizhi also looked up at the majestic ghosts of the ghosts in front of him, cute Zhang Da, his own small | mouth, "He is the first team of Mr. you in the Ling Ting office, it seems to be more than other Local gas is luxurious, "

Just at this time.

The moment around her did not open a speech, but in turn, the sword eyebrows were gently wrinkled.