"There is no ghost in the door"

Looking at the door of the ghosts in the ghosts, there is no one, the atmosphere is strange, the moment is slightly flashing, and the death of God has seen the crowd.

"What happened?"

The ghosts are a team.

In front of the office building in the moment.

At this moment, the people are boring, almost all the members of the ghosts are gathered here, in addition to this, there are three deaths in the middle of the white feather weave.

"The Captain of the Beijing Merrage, and the captain of the Village"

I saw a group of ghosts behind him, and the chick of the peach black eyes were a bit complicated to look at the team leader in front of himself. "Although the blue dyeleman died, I was very sad but we The big ghost road is always in the past ten days.

"How can it be that he killed the blue caucasian?"

As a vice captain of the five teams, suddenly learned the death news of the blue dye, and the hearts of the Synnant Tao can not help but have been severe vibration ....

But now I have seen the three dead gods of the ghosts, the ghosts of the ghosts, straight to the moment, the murderer who killed the blue dye, and the milled pecans couldn't help but immediately stood up.


In the face of the sorrowful refutation of the little girl in front of the small girl, I saw a high-spirited hood, and the head covered with the hair of a slap in the face of the rough and low voice. "Blue Dyeleldolor left the letter before dying. The above clear and clear the ghosts of your ghosts are the murderer. "

"Confirm is the handwriting of the blue dyele, and can have a squad leader like this silent and smashing.

The voice of the left in the village is not big, but the words of the words make all the people in the scene can't refute, "I will see the old people to think that the people who can think of the old corpse old man can also think of the mountains, the head leader and you. Ghost Ahead


When I heard the left array of the Village, even the essono peach was stunned.

Although she didn't believe it at all, she kills blue dye, but the words of the left array of the village in front of the village, but she didn't know how to refute.

Because in their ordinary death, the blue dye is the captain of the thirteenth team of Jingshan, and its strength is naturally not to say.

But now there is no sound, people who have killed their own team, can have this strength to do this, don't say other dead gods, even the edible peach you can think of it. People, there is only two.

One is a team leader of the team of the Thirteen Strong Team, and the other is the moment. .

Chapter 123 Murderer's moment (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Although it is so"

At this time, I saw a step forward before the day of the day. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

The character is stably observed, and the eyes of the ice, "" But now things have not really figured out the blue dyele head before the death, the big ghost is the murderer. Too much arbitrary "

"I think the Dafu captain is reasonable"

At this time, I also stood up and showed it. As a captain of the old qualifications, he naturally took a certainty of the effect. "Now the big ghost, the man is still coming back". "

"Still waiting for him to come back, we ask him asked him"

Jingle Chunshui said reasonably, and suddenly let all the people present in the hearts of all people.

Kiyai Stark, standing on the Tomssen peach, and gradually released the chops in his hand, and the fierce complex was slightly eased, and the face of lazy vicissitudes was restored.

"no need"

"I have already come back"

At this time, a calm sound suddenly sounded, and it was introduced into all the ear of all people in the field.


" "

Everyone looks back, I saw not far from the door of the ghosts.

A Silver-haired Junxiu Youth is wearing a dark ghost road, with a brown long-haired girl with no one who has never seen, gradually coming to them.

It is an instant and well to weave Ji, and all the ghosts present after the moment have come to the ceremony.

"Many people"

After entering the ghosts, he looked at the many dead gods and ghosts in front of him. He didn't understand what happened to Zhang Ji, who had a small | mouth.


"Is it dead?"

The top-level viewing is domineering, when they have been left forever, they have heard all of their intense arguments.

With the well, I entered the ghosts, and the eyebrows were slightly raised, and the blue eyes of the blue deep and bloody monster became the substance. The three of the three Tongling Ting Tong Tun, the team leader.

After seeing the arrival of the moment.

When the chaos and miscellaneous scenes were gradually quiet, the invisible gas field included on the moment was like a big hand, and the throat of all of them was.

"This guy"

"The momentum is really terrible."

After looking at the moment, all the people around them were quiet.

At the scene of the three captains, the most powerful Jingle Spring Water, looked at the moment before, and keenly felt that the air on his side seems to be changed, and it becomes like gelatin.

"Is it my illusion?"

A pair of ice-green scorpions stared at the handsome youth that gradually came to the eyes, and I felt that there was an infinite pressure, and there were can't help but grabbed the chop behind him.

"His strength seems to be stronger after ten days after the world."


It seems that all the eyes around you have gathered in an instant. At this time, the Village, the Village, can't help but sink, "The moment of the big ghost is long"

"We found that the blue dyeing rogue yesterday is dead in the five teams of the team."

Just see the left-in-mouth hood, a pair of wolves stared at the moment in front of him, and the low voice spread in the air.

"The death caused by a slender chopped knife, and left a buddhist to indicate that the Book of the Buffey, which is a buddhist, and you will kill him. murderer"

Blue dyeing is dead?