Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crash System Chapter 546

I heard the words of the left in front of the village, and the flashy couldn't help but pick it up. I didn't expect blue to dyeing this guy so soon.

And according to this situation in front of you, he not only used the ability of the mirror flower to fake the illusion of death, but also seems to be completely assigned to himself.

"Is it a slender courage to puncture the 'lock knot' and 'sleepy' death?"

The blue-blue red scorpion quietly got the three dead gods before the eyes, and the mouth of the mouth disdain was untenited.

"and so"

In an instant a moment, I raised my chin in an instant. I raised my chin, I came to the front of the Zuo Village and Jingle Spring Water, "You think I am killing blue dye. Is the murderer? "

"It's not that we doubt you.

In the face of some in front of you, Jingle Chunshui is not easy to detect slightly frowned, "but can be silent in the whole corpse, there is only a total of Yamoto except for you. The captain

"We can't you have to doubt the Shan this team leader killed the blue dyeleman?"

"And in these ten days, you have always been in the current proof and conditions"

Feeling that this appearance of this appearance of this appearance is on the long body. It is like a starry momentum between the stars, but it does not feel the spirit of the body.

The expressions of the Beijing-Le Chunshui have been gradually visible, and it is a look that the look of lifting, "All this is too coincidental, don't you feel?"

"Listening to you, I doubtful that my reason is very full"

Looking at the three dead gods of his eyes, I watched and betting in my face. I didn't really shock my back shoulders, and the deep eyes looked like a sword.

"But if I say that there is no murderer blue, you will not die, will you believe it?".

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Do not believe

The sound of the moment has just fallen, just saw the expression I didn't believe in the face of the three captains in front of me.

"What are you talking about nonsense?"

If you take off the left-in-law of the village, everyone will see that the face of the wolf in this moment is with an incredible expression, and the double is staring at the moment in front of him.

"The death of the Blue Dyeleman is that dozens of team members of the thirteen teams of the Lingling Tie, even the remains of his remains are also stored in the center of the 46th room."

"You now say how he is not dead? This is really the most ridiculous words of the old man."

"The word of sin?"

I heard the words of the embarrassment of the village of the village. The flashbrows were gently picking. The deep eyes were slightly smashed. "The Village is orthogonal.

"The old man doesn't mean this, but in accordance with the current evidence"

It seems that the eyes of the sword in front of the sword seem to have a thorns that they have broken their heads, think of this seemingly young handsome youth, the gods, the ghosts, the ghosts, and the village is dark.

"The big ghost road is indeed your suspect"

"But please let me say a word"

At this time, I saw that the well on the silently looked at it suddenly opened inserted into in, and some were indignant to see the three dead leaders in front of them.

"As you said, what the blue dyeleman was killed yesterday, but the gentleman has always been in the empty Hatsuki-machi, how can it be him?"

On the way, the words of the Ji Ji, suddenly in the field, all the eyes were brushing to her body.

"Who is this girl?"

I heard the words on the well, and the three dead gods were frowned. Feeling that there was a very different breath on the inho, all of them were very different. "Don't you are human beings?"

I saw this boy's leader of the Japanese Valley Winter Lang, and it was incredible to watch the moment in front of him.

"do not mind the details"

Seeing that everyone's attention is placed on the body of Wiji, the moment is lowered, "I finally said that there is no such thing as the dead, but there is no so-called murderer"

"All this is just the illusion that he uses its ability to use it."

The blue blood of the blue blood is calmly focusing on the three dead gods before the eyes. The moment of the moment is just like a simple fact. "If you don't believe, it doesn't matter if you don't have the relationship after three days after three days, Duqia Everything will be announced in the date of execution. "

"So now you will follow it back"

After the finish.

In the moment, he didn't return to the well, and the three dead captains were taken from their three dead gods, and they walked towards each of the ghosts.

"This is just a gap"

. ............... ..

The Zhun Village, who is still reluctant to believe, has returned his tall body, angry looking at the back of the moment.

"The big ghost dance today, you must explain it clearly"

It is just that the voice of the village is still finished.

The double eyes under his head mask were unlimited.

I saw that the whole space in front of him was covered by a blue-white sparkling non-pole, and the whole ghost is full of endless electricity.


The infinite violent thunder blasting with a general horror power in the style.

The sound of the soul of the soul of the scene around the scene sounded, and the front of everyone had an array of hearts in this moment.

First, the violent thunder blasting in front of him was smashed, which was the secret head cover on the left of the village, showing his arsen.

All this happens too fast.

Booming a roar sound of the earth.

I saw that the village had a left in the village and rushed to raise his hands in his hand, and the whole person was slammed out as the shelling of this big violent thunder.

"Sixty-three · Thunder"

There is no signs of turning and singing to abandoning a ghost road flew out of the village left in the left in the mouth, and the look was ignorant from the mouth of the ghost.

" ?"