" captain"

When I saw it, I said half of the Zhu Village. The whole person without signs was suddenly flying out in an instant, and the Beijing Lecch Spring and the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival, and the surrounding results suddenly exclaimed.


"This guy"

Jingle Spring Water consciously widened his eyes, and he looked at the moment of ignored his arm. "Singing the intermediate ghost said in a moment, defeating a long and terrible strength of the Captain of Ling Ting. "

Although I have already seen the power of the moment, I will see a captain's death in my close, so it seems that I have a simple blunt that I have to drink water. In Jingle Spring Water, he has some acceptance. Realistic.


Looking at the whole personnel of the Village, a shell was completely disappeared in his own horizon. When he came back, the day Google Winter Shirton was a bit bite, reached out, grabbed his own, the knife ice vente.

"This guy is still as arrogant."

Chapter 125 retreats (seeking rewards and automatic)

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At this time, a big hand suddenly got his arm.

The day of the Green Lishi is awkward. I saw the next to Jingle Spring Water, and the color shook his head and shook his head. He would not be impulsive.

"Forget it"

I saw Jingle Chunshui grabbed the rustic sword arm, "Let's stay in the day"

"Jingle Captain?" The Supreme Facial Valley Winter Lang stunned, unclear, so looking at Jingle Spring Water.

"Don't worry, my hand is in your hand"

Jingle Chun Water glanced at the direction of the left in the village.

As one of the most qualified captains of the Lingling Tin, he judged that he didn't kill the heart. "You should not have a danger of life."

"But this guy is really a fire, it is not fun"

On the other hand, Jingle Chunshui looked at the moment next to it.

He didn't think that he would add Japanese Facial Valley Winter Lad, which would be an opponent in the moment. When the power of the moment, the strength of his teacher, the strongest death in the history of his teacher, the strongest death of the mountain, the heavy country, the heavy country, will also be willing to worship the wind. of.

"So, we will see what changes will there be a change in the death of the dead wood, after three days of doing these three days.

After the finish.

Under the eyes of the public, I saw that Jing Lichun, Li Laozhu, who was not willing to leave the ghosts.

I looked at the village of the village. I was in the case of a bombard that I went to the ghosts. I was like a blast, and I looked at Jingle Spring Water pulled the dayglass. The winter lily is running. The whole ghost is in the ghost team. Generally in the general silence.

"The moment is a big ghost,"

"I am defeated the captain of the Village at once."

"That is, the captain of the thirteen of the Yutong Ting Ting," "

After a while, after I went back, the whole ghosts were boiled, and all the ghosts began to make a long-term annual meaning.

At the moment, as their ghost road, not only a powerful and incomparable rolling of the 13th team of thirteen teams, and more important is that the moment is given to them, what is the true power of the ghosts.

Although these ordinary ghosts can't reach the height of this life, at least the moment, let them see the prospects of the ghosts and this practice road.

"See it?"

"Even if your head of the thirteen team, the captain of the 13th team, is not the opponent of our moment."

Among the ghosts, I saw a part of the ghosts on the scene, I have begun to start boasting the 13th team members around him.

Undoubtedly, the power of the power is the capital of all the ghosts that have blow.


"Blue Dyele Leader He is really"

After seeing the three dead gods of Jingle Chunshui, the Synnor Peach is looking at the moment, and her heart is now confusing.

"This thing will soon will go out of the stone."

I saw the look of the peach in front of the past, and the moment I had completely believed that I had better than the blue dye.

The corner of the mouth is gently, and the moment has stepped into the building of the ghosts, "I just came back to go in and said."

Seeing an instant, I stepped into the office building of the ghosts, and I had some fox AEDC. I looked at the well on the moment after the moment. The silver teeth were gently biting.

"Blue Dye Blue Dye"

"Three days later is the death of the dead wood Lucia, there is no time to take your collapse."

"I still have a thought to play this kind of trick with me."

After entering the ghosts in the court.

I remembered the ability of this blue dress using mirror flowers to make itself a fake illusion. By the way, trying to be disgusting yourself. It will not help but cover his mouth, but there is no smile among the blue eyes.

"How much time is there is no relationship?"

"Wait until you think it is, I will take everything, everything is, whether it is collapsed or broken."

"What is the expression on your face when you are born to hell from heaven?"

Just in the moment, I just stepped into the ghost team.

Among the sky, the alerts in the entire Tongling Ting were involved in the attention of all people in the spiritual Tin.

"All players pay attention"

"The evident invasion of the 11th team is ready to travel"

In addition, the sky has a warning sound of the ghosts in the sky.

All the deaths of all the eleven teams in the entire Yuli Ting all dispatched, and the captain of several of the 13th of the Yanding Thirteen began to act.

A spiritual electric light in the sky is generally flashed, and the people around you look up.