Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 548 of Hueding Capacity System

I saw the soul film of the entire Lingling Tin as if it was like a inexplicable object, and the sound and ripples were burst.

"Zhibo's flower crane cannon?"

At the moment, the eyes of the people who are far-sighted, and they will see the objects that hit the soul film in the top of the top of the head.

Herne is a four-maple martial arts that turns into a black cat, and I only protect them a group, I saw that the three people were all wrapped in a huge spiritual power, and the continuous impact protection The junior chamber of the Ling Ting.

"It seems that they have invaded the spiritual Tong Tong and the" Script '"is much more."

Seeing the Night of the Si Fengyai, I took Takasaki to invading the Tongling Ting, and I felt that there were countless death players and several dead gods that were surrounded by countless trees, and I was inexplicably smiled. The fire is quietly gripped.

"Night and the bee, these two love-to-killing lace are really looking forward."

Chapter 126 Registrar (seeking rewards and automatic)

(Ask the monthly ticket flowers and reward, orz)

, .

Here is a snow-white high tower architecture, and the crime of the crime of lean, especially the highest white tower in the middle, is the sins of the prisoners.

"There is something in the sky"

"what is that"

The dead wood Lucia, a white prisoner, looked at the sky outside the brigade, and saw a white Thunder with a spiritual power and the soul film in the sky.

" "

It seems that from the sky, the faint approximately feels a pair of companions, although it is weak but this feel is very clear.

I thought that my companions in the world, the eyes of the dead wood, I couldn't help but worry about it. "You don't want to save me."

"There is also him"

I quickly remembered the perfect face in the brain. I didn't help but laugh on the day. "Soon I have to execute, I have to comfort me that day. "

"Lucia is not until now, you are still so true"

"It is not forgiveness to give the spiritual power to human beings."

The dead wood Lucia snorted his sleeves, and the dark eyes were hidden in the deep roller blinds of life.

"You are" for me "

"There is no confidence, I have not failed."

Just at this time.

The familiar sounds suddenly sounded in the original empty, but let the dead wood Lucia Jiao shock, the whole person is there.

" "

I suddenly turned into the body of Lucia, and I saw a young Jun Xiu wearing a dark gorgeous ghost gentleman's jade. It was in addition to the prison.

The eyes were paid on his side, there was a black Xing Jun battle suit, a white captain, a petite girl, the dead wood Liki asia, "There is also a broken bee captain?"

"How come you?" Seeing the appearance of an instance, Lucia originally fantastic gaze could not help but wear a period in his eyes.

"We are here to save you out."

Looking at Lu Qia, wearing a white prisoner in front of his eyes, seems to see the light of her eyes, and then some interesting openings said.


Just an instant that the flash is just falling.

The body around the body is around the body, and there are countless mysterious black figure to flash.

At the moment, I suddenly had a black god of death, and the dead blocked in the middle of Lucia in the moment and the prison.

" "

I saw the head of the head of the black, only showed a pair of fierce eyes, and the dead stopped in the moment. "Please pay attention to your speech Lucia is the prison of the focus of Lingling Tint."

"Ah, I don't bought it."

When I saw a sentence, I suddenly took out the surrounding gods, and I didn't care about shrugging the shoulders, and I looked at the broken bee around myself. "Small Breas"

"It seems that Xing Jun acts so strict in your leadership"


I saw a blushing in the moment, and the broken bee suddenly turned over a white eye. He said that he said: "In the regisal of the sins, it is not your big ghost's long identity. "

"Well, I'm okay, you also see"

In the face of the charming white eyes around him, the deep eyes of the moment quietly stared at the Lucia in front of the premium, "Then let's three days after the punishment of the di Qiu, you will see you. When it is a static repair, "

"Reassured, I don't have something, you can't do something." After that, I can't go back to the bee around the bee in the moment.

Three days later, the doubles were sentenced to death.

How can I not have something?

Looking at the back of the broken bee, Lucia has helplessly laughs, and the last one is also extinguished in the eyes.

fair enough

This will not be bleed for me.

I walked out of the palace with a bee.

The top-level viewing is heard from the heart of Lucia, and there is no waves on the calm face. Sometimes the rebirth of the desperation will make people more worthy of cherish.

"Small bee"

......... ........

"There is a thing you have listened to it, don't be excited."

After coming out of the Empouletics, the two people in the moment gradually stepped into the suspension bridge between countless white tower buildings.

"What?" Suddenly heard so serious tone, and the broken bee is stunned.

"Si Fengyuan Night is also returned to the corpse world with me".