In the moment, I said that I saw my footsteps when I saw the broken bee.

The sharp insight of the moment can be clearly seen that the smaller body of her whole person is gently treated, and a pair of black big eyes revealed the incomparable attention.

"Si Fengyuan Night?"

I saw the broken bee smashed. Low voice, the original calm pretrequitment suddenly exposed a collapsed smile, "I haven't heard this name for a long time." Sinner of this betrayal corpse

"Since she has already returned to the corpse, then I will dispatched her". "

In the deep tone, it seems that there is an endless grievance and hate, and the broken bee is dead, and "then punishment"

Sure enough

After all, I saw such a reaction after tomorrow, and I had a helpless one hand to cover my face. .

Chapter 127 White Tower (seeking rewards and automatic)

(Ask the monthly ticket flowers and reward, orz)

Broken bee humensis hook. Yes)? )? Thinking) book)? The hospital) is born in the lower aristocratic bee, the ninth generation of bees, the smallest sister, the smallest sister, the ninth brother and sister, five brothers, died when implementing the task.

The bee is the title of his grandmother inherited, and his family is a subordinate aristocracy that is dealt with, and the assassination is a child. If you can't join the sentence, it will be exiled by the family. The influence of the broken bee is self-careful, with the protection of the family of the four maple hospital, and worships the four maple garden.

After entering Xing Jun, since the personal achievements were highlighted to be transferred to the General Missionary Director, they have been treated with 'sister'. Until the night, I was awarded the soul of the city, and the broken bee was broken because of the night, and the "Six Jiuqi" broke in her heart, but also because the night was away.

So I have always struggled to compress the heart in the heart, and the night has become the captain of the two guys, but also because this is very annoying and the associated people with Pudao and associated with Pudao.

Just in the past memories in the past, a pair of warm big hands were gently pressing her appearance of some thin shoulders.

"" suddenly was attached to a pair of hands to hold his own shoulders, the thoughts of the bee gradually returned to the reality in front of them, and the black big eyes looked at the innocent faces in front of it.

"promise me"

"Don't think about this matter,"

After that, in the eyes of the broken bee, the moment, I actually put her whole people into the arms.

" "

Suddenly, I was born in my heart, and the broken bee will be stunned, and the heart suddenly begins to jump.

The entire person is completely incomplete, and forgets between the night of the four maple garden, whispering is quietly dyed.

Just when the moment is working in a further action.

The white tower suspension bridge in the moment and the broken bee hug, suddenly came up with two huge spiritual pressure, accompanied by a slight fight.


Feeling the huge push of these two sudden outbreaks, I had a good helpless release of the broken bee in my arms, and the deep eyes look at my own feet. White? "

The small face blush is hard to break away from the arms of the moment, looking to the suspension bridge.

I saw the white tower of the forest forest under the suspension bridge, standing with a black dead orange short hair, and a white captain of a black hair.

Herneously entered the gobblemaking, I experienced a large and small-small fighting, and the face of the cold look and indifferent wood, and the two men were lying on the ground. A full body blood dying. the man.

It is trying to save the dead wood Lu Qi as a dead wood, but the squeezing of the dead wood.

In addition, there is a four-story squad, the fourth team of the four teams standing in the United States, and the thirteen team leader who is coming from the distance.


The eyes were dead, staring at the dead wood white, and then glanced at the blindfrom of the whole body, and the Kurosaki could not help but hold their own chopper, "the rock Guys are actually hurt, "

"It is also possible to keep calmness under the firing of the captain."

On the cold face of the dead, it seems that there will never have a small expression, and the black double does not focus, and the black spaghetti is generally looked at the Kurosaki, "It seems that you have refined a lot"

"Hey, I have long been the last time that is easily cut down by you."

I took the sickle from my own back, and I killed the dead wood white. The face of Shosaki turned around the face, "I will knock you down and turn it. Qi Ya rescued "

In the world, he has helped more than ten days of hell training. In addition, after the big and small war after the Lingling Tin, the growth of Kurosaki is not just strength, and there is confidence ....

"It's a big saying"

It seems that this child has been in front of this boy, and the dead wood is finally seen in the opponent, "I will let you see it before you are intoxicated in your ability."

"You even practiced that you can't make up the gap between our decisive strength."

I saw the dead wood and white, and the sake of the sake, standing in front of her body, and sorrow, sorrow, sullen, "scattered, thousands of cherry."

With the mandarin of the dead wood, he missed the , ....... ... .......


Seeing the peak of the dead wood, the beginning of the squid, suddenly arrived in the fourth, the four maple garden in the dark, the body is shocked, and the figure is moving right away.

"Worse is too late."

The night one who wants to shoot, only the eyes of the eyes of the eyes, the knives in the hands of the trees, the cherry knife is all dissipated, and it is the instant that she is in the gods. It has not been chased.

At the glance in the hands of the dead wood, thousands of cords were screaming, and there were countless fine sharp edges, like a gorgeous pink cherry blossoms hooded Takasaki's protective path.

"Reincarnation · God return"

Just at this time.

A light voice in the air suddenly passed into the ear of everyone, and the unbelievable scenes occurred in front of the two people in the world. .

Chapter 128 encounters again (seeking rewards and automatic)

(Ask the monthly ticket flowers and reward, orz)

I saw that the space covered by the endless pink cherry blossoms that were originally federated by the dead wood, and the sound of the endless pink cherry blossoms were like a time. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

I saw all the pink fine blade that scattered out of the air. All quickly returned to the thousandth cherry of the dead wood, and it was restored to the completion of the knife.

It seems that everything just happened, and the dead wood is not liberated.


"what happened?"

Especially the dead wood is white, he is all in the whole person, and all this happened in front of him has become more than his cognition.

If he is not his chopped knife and his soul is synbial, he is almost almost thinking that it is not his own, the knife is broken.