Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 550 of Hueding Cracks

"What happened just now?"

Takasaki, a somewhere, a bit of a little looked at all the dissipative cherry blossoms in front of him, and his faintly found that there is a very special thing that seems to have happened in the moment.

"What is the power?"

The floats that are coming, they also saw the unbelievous scenes that were not far away, and they couldn't help but stopped their own footsteps.

"this is"

After hearing the sound of the moment, the four maple garden hiding in the dark suddenly shocked, the next consciousness opened his golden double, "the sound of the moment"


At this time, the mortgage of the dead wood has also reacted it from the shock, and suddenly looked up at the top of the hanging bridge.

Just right to my own mysterious twilight, it is overlooking the short battle between him and Kurosaki.

"Avil this guy"

It is another high-end expression that the dead wood is not from the autonomous death, and you have a thousand Sakura in your hands.

Suddenly, I saw the hanging bridge on the top of the head. I saw his calm and indifferent look, and the dead wood and white stunned suddenly remembered himself in the open space.

The two people who were pulled with Azhi were screaming together. Finally, they were still suppressed. I thought about the incredible things that had just happened, the dead woods were suddenly stunned.

"What is going on, I am clear that I have already liberated thousands of cherry."

"The moment is your guy"

Seeing the appearance, this time I took the head of the head of the head of the head, the opening is a loud bald, "Don't intervene, I'm going to fight the battle between me and the battle between me. Ya is rescued "

"Do not be silly"

The sound of the sound of the sound is sprinkled into the air, and I saw him with the resistance and struggle of the straw.

I gave a hand of her slim waist and jumped from the hanging bridge of the head, and gently fell in the middle of the two people on the ground on the ground, "you have not completed it yet." Temporarily is not the opponent of the dead wood. "

"Moreover, your injury is not light,"

Said, the eyes of the moment have fallen on the big and small bandages and wounds of the Kurosaki in front of you, that is, before, the captain of the eleven teams, the squid, the two, the two people, the two people left Wound.


Then, in the eyes of the surrounding everyone, the elegant reached out and gently made a crisp.


As the flash of the flash sounds between this empty countless white tower building.

I saw a vast spiritual power when I suddenly had a mysterious sacred gold, like the rain descending.

I suddenly enveloped the Kurosaki in front of my eyes, and there was a dying Zhibo roof in the ground.


Not only the dead wood after the moment, even the four-mapping the four mappu days in the dark, the night is also shocked.

I saw that under the shroud of the infinite sacred golden light released in the moment, there was a shocking big and small injuries in the Kurosaki in the body.

The most terrible thing is that even the ground, I'm old, the original dawn, the millennium, the millennium, and the sound of the sputum, and the consciousness will be restored to stand up from the ground.

"What happened"

I saw that the whole body countless wound did a moment to restore. After standing from the ground, Zhibo slang, I looked at all disappeared wounds on my body. "I am not dead."

"So heavy injury is healed in an instant?"

, . . ......

"The moment of the big ghosts, actually cultivated to this point"

It is unbelievable muttered in his mouth, and all this happened, it is simply refreshed the understanding of the medical ghosts.

"This guy"

The floats of the dead wood, the lakes of the unopened, and the broken bees around the moment, there are even the four maple cars that hide in the dark, all of them look at the shocking means of this is like the bones of life and death.

"This alive guy"

I saw the bee on the moment, and the dark eyes were very fascinated by the gods, and the silver teeth were gently biting. "There is still much skill in the end."

"Hahaha, thank you"

Another time in the moment of turning into a magical restoration of his body's injury, Kurosaki was excited when he was excited to waving his arm in front of the moment. "I can cut down the dead wood. Block male

"This man is actually used in the beginning to end."

It is completely ignored that the war in the eyes of Takasaki, the eyes of the dead wood, only the back of the unmanned, and the dead eyes can not help but ignite anger.

"Don't put me in your eyes at all?"

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The moment is regardless of unmanned move, deep stinging of the heart of the dead wood. Yes) meaning) thinking) book) )

I saw the dead wood whitening the knife, and there were thousands of cherry, showing the instantaneous advanced skills, and the whole person instantly disappeared in the sight of everyone.

Seeing that the dead of the dead, there was a sudden disappearance, and there were some people in the scene, especially the Kurosaki.

This kind of flashing is a specialty of the rotating specialty. The tricks are destroyed by the spling of the deceased 'sorrow' s 'saked' with a spling.

When you are in the world, the mortgage of the dead wood is using this trick to knock down the Kurosaki, so that he lost the power of the death, so Kurosaki is especially profound about this recording.

In the midnight of the Dynasty, it is more time to show this trick, the speed and power is more than several times before the world.

"It is the flying flower of the dead wood captain"

At a glance, I tried this is the most good-time, the best ghost, the most good, and the floats of the floats are not far from their eyes. He also wants to see the mysterious moment. How to respond.

"How will the big ghost gentleman deal with the ghost?

A crisp metal cries sound.

The four-maple nights hiding in the dark have grown up their golden cats. She still saw the power of such a realistic power for the first time.