Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 551 of Hueding Crack System


I was forced to have an unbelievable look, watching myself, I'm looking forward to it, "My flash is turnedynamite?"

What is even more shocked by all people around the mortgage wood and all people around, although there is no back.

However, behind the moment, behind the huge devil's huge devil's huge devil's huge devil, the hardcore, the dead wood, in the process of displaying the flashflake, the whole person was caught in his hand.

"what is that?"

The original war, Kurosaki, a dullness, and grew up his mouth.

It seems that it was poured from the head from the head, and the powerful opponents in his eyes were in the moment. It was always caught in his hand.

Round looks · Partial needle

I saw the moment that gradually gotten back, the bottom of the right eye shines in the end of the endless blood.

Looking at the huge arms behind him, it was grasped in the hands of the dead wood, the handsome and innocent face, "Don't be stupid"

"It's not much better than the turtle as you like."

Staring at the half-air behind him, the dead wood whited to the huge palm, the calm opening of the moment will give him the words he just said, "You can't make up for a thousand years old." The gap between our decisive strength


Among the eyes of so many people around, they were instantly used in the same way as they had just said, and the proud dead woods couldn't tolerate this kind of shame, so that they rose red.

The representative of his body is not only the honor of the Sixth of the Sixth, but also the glory of the four major aristocratic wood houses.

"Scatter, thousands of sauces"

The strength of the whole body finally took out his sickness in the huge palm of the moment, the huge palm, and the mortgage of the mortgage.

A shot of a shot resounded between the entire white tower building group.

Everyone is facing their mouths with their mouths, and they look at all of them happen.

I saw that I haven't been completely liberated by my own blank knife, and the whole person is instantly subjected to a huge part of the body, and the arm is brought into the ground of the foot.

Endless dust and smoke fluttering among the sight of everyone, there is a huge pit on the ground in front of you.


The whole person was attached to the ground, and the dramatic impact made the trendy mournger couldn't help but spit it from the mouth.

The hair accessories that symbolize the big aristocratic identity of the Tongling Tong, dropped from the hair, and the black hair was covered with the face. It has been known as the genius of the genius, and it has never been a moment like today.

"Dimming Wood Captain"

After the dust is gradually exhausted, I saw the mortgage of the dead wood, and the float of the floats in the heart was shocked. Suddenly showed the moment.

As the homeowner of the four major aristocratic wood houses in the corpse, in the case of this horrible guy, it will be killed directly, that will become difficult to clean up.


However, the two words suddenly spit out in the mouth, but the hearts of the floats were suddenly, they could not help but discrete their own steps.

"The Poles of Poles, I am just some words, I have to talk to the dead wood."

I saw it under the lining of the huge black spiritual arm, and the beautiful face is like the fallen angel, and the blue-blue deep and blood red monsters are different. It is like the sword. Lang's face.

"I hope you don't hinder us."

"This momentum"

I don't know why, after I was awkward, I was awkward, and the Poisher's 14th Langton had an illusion that she was killed in countless times in an instant. The whole person's movement could not be deadlocked.

"How can I make me lightly, let me" Polecales 14th Lang that is still handsome, which can no longer maintain ordinary calmness. "

"Three days later is the day of punishment of Lucia"

I didn't go to the squid of the floats next to it, and the eyes of the moment returned to the tremendous woods in the huge pits of their feet. "Even if you give him three days, why do you have to succeed? Solution is not? ".

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Looking at the felt wood, white, it is required to be able to suppress the huge palm, and the sudden taste is lifted by his mouth. "Are you afraid of his potential?"

"Three days of time completion "

It is a very extravagant thing that is a very extravagant thing that is a huge fist who is still in the ground, and the dead wood is almost even breathing. "What do you know what you are saying?"

"No you wrong"

I don't know that it is not only the dead wood, and I'm not even everyone is also a face, I am listening to heaven and night. I have shaken my head. "I have the child's body with your child. Unable to imagine the potential "

"My body"

I heard the very sure words of the moment, even the Kurosaki prostitute couldn't help but stop. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

I look at the eyes of the horrible black arm and solve the flash of the horror black arm. I have solved the moment of the dead wood, and the Kurosaki enrich has never doubt it like this. "What really said so huge potential?"

"Kuchiki Byakuya"

The eyes of the moment are like degenerate and compassion to look at the dead woods under their feet, watching this poor insects in the family, "The identity of the corpse big aristocratic wood home passed the person, it is difficult to enter. Talent and resources

"But but also limit your eyes and patterns that are what people say '."

As I said, when I was a deep eye, I didn't have a shadow between the white tower, "I said to the night"


I heard the name of the moment, I suddenly spit out, including the dead wood, white, and all people in the scene.

"If you know what you can't escape,"

A helpless voice sounded softly, and there were some people in the scene to look at the eyes. I saw a brown skin beauty that was extremely hot, and the beauty of the brown skin gradually came out.

"Si Fengyuan Night?"

When I saw this rebellion, a woman was reappeared today, I have appeared in the face of Lingling Tin, Poleco, Fourtashi Lang and Dimming Pub, I have emerged.

Aebh "Si Fengyuan Night"