It has been standing on the grass around the moment. After seeing the night, the complex emotion of the heart hidden more than a hundred years will never hide.

I saw the broken bee black eyes and dead stared at the night. The night was gradually coming. The biting teeth came out of the words from the teeth. "The sinner of the corpse is still going back here?"

"Small broken bee is not long for a long time," seeing the broth so hatred, the night, the night helpless smile.

"Etienm of the enemy to kill the bee"

There is no more nonsense, see a woman who wants to think about the night of the night, and the bee directly liberates his own church whites, and the whole person will disappear in the original place.

I saw that the broken bee is instantaneous. I appeared in front of the night. The right hand referred to the bits of the bits of the bits of the killing, and they got directly from the night of the night

When I saw the bee in front of my eyes, I got up and not to kill.

The helpless look passed from the pretty face of the night. I had to have a sinking, showing the attack on the hand and feet blocked the opponent's superb skills.

At this time, a black figure did not sign out in the middle of them.

I killed the broken wrist in one hand, and she raised the night. The night is playing, and the white shining long hair is slowly floating in the air. He is orthodontic.


Seeing the appearance in front of him, blocking the two people attacking each other, the bee and the night, and they didn't call.

When the voice just exit, the broken bee was dissatisfied with the night, and the black scorpion and the golden scorpion collided over the fierce sparks.

"As long as I am still present"

After blocking the attack and night one or two people, I saw the quiet standing in the middle of them. The original calm face is gently, "You don't want to do it with each other." "

" "

Seeing the moment, it seems that some unpleasant faces, and the broken bee I don't know why I am chaotic, and I will hate the churchy bee in my hand.

"Hey, this is to look at the face of the moment."

After the palm of the hand, after the palm of the hand, I saw that the broken bee is cold, and the proud of my head is not going to see the night.

Bashed this girl's stubborn temper

The night is light and shook his head and smirk. The reason why the bee will develop this proud character today, and she can't take it off with her original '. Now it seems to be self-sufficient.

"Today's things are here"

After successfully resolved the battle between the bee and the night and the night, he had to break out, and the moment gradually recovered his arm, and it was a big arm that was able to dissipate the black spiritual strength.

"Baste you go back to me, you take a protective away"

I didn't look at the dead woods in the ground pit and the floats of the floats stood in the same place, and the moment took directly to the little hand of the bee and walked straight to the white tower.

"Three days later, we have goodbye to the Qiu Qiu"

It seems that I suddenly remembered what, I suddenly stopped my own footsteps. I watched Zhiboyi, who had already scared the battle, was inexplicably, "I still have you"

"Zhibo's kid went back to ask you for your sister"

"It's adult"

When I saw the fear of the felings, the terrible young people who smashed the grounds in front of the ground suddenly fell on my body, and Zhiboyi suddenly played a spirit.

Without the eyes of all people, they didn't pay attention to the will of the hive. I pulled the broken bee that would be reluctant to leave to my shoulders, gradually went away. .

Chapter 131 after three days (ask for reward and automatic)

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"What do you do now?"

Lingling Tin, the sins of the sins is on the road to the ghosts. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

A tall-long figure is on the shoulders and a petite figure that constantly struggles against the rebellion, which leads to the same gaze in the way.

"No way"

"That is not the two teams"

"The patriarch captain of the two strokes is actually _"

"That's my goddess, ah,"

On the shoulders, I looked at the smart body all the way. All the way the top of the top is high. I heard the clear voice of countless guidelines, I'm like a glass of glasses.

"The moment you have come to me,"

The broken bee is like a child. It is like a child. It is usually in the shoulders. I saw so many people on the side. I heard some words in my ear. I couldn't help but two cheeks. "So many people on the road." "

Who knows a crisp sound.

The entire street suddenly became quiet, and the broken bee on the shoulders was originally white, and it became a cooked prawns.

I saw that I took a slap in the face of a piece of broken bee could not be depressed. I revealed a smile and laughing at my heart: "I have to follow the night after I will follow the night." Is it? "

"I didn't touch her."

I heard that I once again mentioned the name of the night, my head squatted behind the broken bee behind the moment, "She is a sinner from the soul of the soul, I have to grab her."

Just, if you have evil, you haven't finished it, and it is a slap in the moment.


I have suffered from the moment of flash, and the smoke wave is like autumn water. It is only soft, and I can't dare. "

"Do you let me go down?" Said, the broken bee is a little poor Baba, and a pair of big eyes flashed.

"" "

The girl who saw the label this prouder attribute finally served soft, and it couldn't help but have a little proud of his eyebrows. When she put her from her shoulder.


However, after I just put the broken bee down from my shoulders, I saw that the broken bee gently smashed myself a bit of hot and spicy warp | hips.