Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 553 of Hueding Crack System

The delicate little face suddenly turned a little smile, and the eyes of the teeth were staring at the bad smile on the face. "I want to kill your bastard to die."

Feeling a flash of violent murder, I felt that I took my legs and ran when I was back, and the broken beaken came behind and chased it.


"I have to kill you today."

Under the eyes of the thirteen of the gods of the Tingzhong, the gods of the thirteenth team, was instantly repaired in such a way.

As the team leader and Xing Jun head, the chief of the Mr. Xing Jun and the commander of the secret motor force, who is still to bear, and she chased this mixed ball in the moment, and all passers-by all passers-by.

Time I don't know how long it has been.

In the sunset, the roar of the ancient road, and an eye-catching green grass.

"Don't run"

"You can't catch up with you this alive bastard."

"I'm saying"

Lying around in the moment, the breeze of Xu Xu in the evening, I don't know why the broken heart suddenly commented | quiet, looking at the sky of the Ling Tintong, said: "I should really put down the night. Obey

"Of course"

Lying around the grass on the grass, the deep and beautiful scorpion reflects the entire sky of the Lingling Tin, this moment of the moment has become unprecedented | quiet, "In fact, there is no sorry for you. It's just that she is only changed in your mind.

"Even your heart is actually just buried, why didn't she leave you, just a good personality, you don't want to admit it,"

Suddenly turned over my body, I held my chin, I put it out of the other hand, gently dialed the broken bee dark purple hair, "More about her in the soul of her, you will know her in the future. Bitterly

"It's really like what you said."

Listening to myself, I'm going to the tone of smoke, my eyes gradually began to get confused, recalling my past for a strong emotion and crazy worship, "I haven't resentful in my heart. She? "

......... ... ... ... ...

"You will slowly understand later"

Close to the pretty face of the bee, gently caress the hair of her dark purple, and suddenly there are some distressed girls in their hearts.

She is born from the lower aristocratic, from the small top of the stress of the family, it has become the team leader now today's Tian Huandong, and I think about her body has taken the effort and struggle.

I unconsciously, I'm going to gently put the bee into my own arms.

Time seems to be stopped at this moment.

Time is like increasingly flowing.

Soon, after three days later, it was the death of the dead wood lauquia in the entire corpse world.

In these three days, the team of the five teams was killed in the right of the five teams of the five teams, and thoroughly sensited the whole corpse.

At a time, almost everyone has turned the skeptical gaze to the ghost road.

After all, the strength of the moment is obvious, and the whole corpse is only the strength of the Shan Dynasty. .

Chapter 132 Shuangqiu (seeking rewards and automatic)

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In these three days. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

Almost by the whole corpse soul, doubtful mobbinaries, but have been closed in the ghosts.

In these three days, it is not busy with the well and the well, which is not busy every day. It is nothing to tune the gentle edible peach and proudly bee.

until today.

"Today is the days of Lu Qia."

"Blue Dye guys should also appear."

Looking at the death of the rush on the streets of the Lingling Tinton, the moment, the moment, who has brought the eyes of the peaches around the peach, and the jade.

The web is on his own, and the "four or three" is calm down on the handsome face. The blue blood of the blue blood seems to have seen everything in the future.

"The punishment of the double- is about to start"

After wearing the coat of the body, the moment I won the slender and the fire, when I crossed the gate of the ghosts, "Let's start"

After the body, Starke, Syno and the wells rushed to keep up, and a line of people riped straight into the direction of the Shuangling Trumpet.

At the same time, the four maple categories in a mysterious territory.

" · "

With a violent shout, I saw all the huge stress in the whole body was condensed into a group.

The knife in the hand of the knife in the hands of the knife is quickly narrowed, turned into a slender hole of the hand-paint black-shaped hand guard, and the clothes on the Kurosaki have also changed significant changes.

I saw a black windbreaker jacket with a black windbreaker jacket, and the whole person was renewed in the whole body. I got a comprehensive sublimation.

"Finally finished"

After you feel the form of yourself, you will not curb your excitement on your body.

"Night Mr. I finished my understanding"

I saw his excitement to vigorously waving towards the distance of the four maple garden, but he has not come and adapts to this huge power, and the whole person re-returns the original shape.

"Time for three days"

Feeling the huge push-up of just a glimpse of Kurosaki, the night in the far-sighted night, the night wildest face, also filled with incredible look, "I really let this child completed the understanding. "

"It is no wonder that the guy in the brakes is also so optimistic about this child." I saw the night whispered, and the golden eyes were thinking.


Although the form just now has only maintained a short number of seconds, but the Kurosaki has cleared the fists in his hand, and the eyes flashed the endless confidence. "I must defeat the dead wood. That guy gave Lucia to save ""


An ordinary private house.