Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 554 of Hueding Crack System

Shipping yourself is still unsuccessful, the king snake snakes are defeated by their team leader, and the blood of the blood loss is too much, and the fainted Azole is finally awakened.

"I am still dead?"

Confused open his eyes, although it is full of bandage, but Azhi's love is horrified to find that all the injuries of the whole body have been cured, "Where is this?

"you're awake"

At this time, a strange voice sounded. I saw a thin young dead god at the side of the Azole in love, and was the seventh Shanfei Hua Taro of the Si Dan.

"Why do you want to save me? After seeing Yamada Huajang, Azhiri is obviously obvious.

"It is me call him"

At this time, Yoshan Hua Taro came out of another young death, and he also looted Liu Hai before the forehead, showing black grapes like Azolei love, "It is because I will join the deputy team leader I worship Afu The thirteen of the Zhang Yutong "


There is no extra nonsense. After the recovery, the Azole in love picks up the dead bails next to them, directly won the door.

Seeing that Lucia was sentenced to the inhabitant Azhiri, the arrogance of the Akiri, and rushed to the direction of the doubles.

Double Hill.

At noon, the fire of the corpse is moved to the center of the sky.

"How can I come here only?"

Standing below, looking back at the members of the 13th team of the Yutong arrived around and did not expect so much, the bee couldn't help but frown, "Five, 11, 12 The person can't come. "

"What about other people? Why didn't you come over?"

"Six teams, three teams and thirteen teams may be on the way to the road"

At this time, the side of the bee, the second team of the two teams grew up, Tian Xiqi, I owe my tall, and whispered.

Only his voice is just falling, and the doubles of the tipping will come to a group of people, and the team leader is the sixth team of the six teams.

I saw that he was originally wounded on the cold face, and it was a short battle before three days. Although it was already in his hand, he was still inadvertently trauma.

"Bai Big Brother"

See the appearance of the dead wood, standing in the double-born under the body of the rope, the decay, Lucia, is bright.

However, the color of the dead wood is still cold, as if I have never seen her, the eyes of Lucia can't help but re-expand.

"You are the dead wood,"

The old and deep voice sounded, and I saw a team of heads of the head of the team, and the Shan Benliu Liu Wei stood in front of the crutches to the front of the dead wood Lucia.

"Do you have any words you want to say?"

"I have only one request"

When I heard the Captain Mountain, Liu Wei, who had a heavy country in Lucia, quickly flashed Meysaki, and there were also wells on the Yoshi, and the midplanes of them. .

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I saw that Lucia was sincerely looking at the mountains in the mountains, "I hope that after I execute, the team grows to go back"

"Put those trains going back"

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei is slightly sinking. It seems that I didn't want to agree to the last request of Lucia, "I will put it behind you after you said."

"Mrs. Thank you"

Lucia did not think of this, the head of the Shandamoto, who is seriously engraved, and then agreed to the final request, could not help but grateful. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

Just at this time.

Below below.

"It's really too much"

I heard the top of the Shuangqiu's top of the mountains, and the country, the country, and the four teams of the four teams of the four teams, the long-term-style tiger, and couldn't help but muttered. " Let them go back "

"This is not called too much"

It seems that he heard the tiger of his hand, the tiger of the tiger.

The appearance of the appearance and elegant, always with a faint smile, the four team leader, the big and well-speaking face seems to have some sadness and , "this is called compassion"

"Since the end of the end is destined"

Huilu's soft voice is like a water fog, as if she saw the original one, the first generation of swords, eight thousand flows, "At least as much as possible to reduce the peace of mind,"

"It's almost the same time."

I looked at the sun in the sky, the mountains of the city, Liu Wei, a heavy state, "the execution start"

With the unspeakable of the Captain Mountain, Liu Wei, the people in the country, all people in the field, their hearts know that the rules of punishment will be turned on immediately.

The first is the dead wood Lucia. I saw the rope bundled on her. The body appeared in the body with a square square, and she raised her body into a cross shape. Slowly increased to the high altitude. The .

Double · liberation

When the dead wood Lucia gradually increased to the top of the double-criminal platform, a huge spear in front of him, that is, the body of the doubles gradually started the form of liberation.


A high temperature flame is fried in the air.

After seeing a hundred-meter-long double liberation, completely incorporated a phoenix that exudes golden flames, the huge bird is firmly aligned with Lucia above the tall.

"Quickly see the doubles liberation" see the double began to liberation, the following death launched a burst of turmoil.

"Destroy King"

Looking at the top of the doubles, the huge golden phoenix in the sky in the sky, the huge golden phoenix, the mountains, Liu Wei, Shen Sheng, is explained to all the death of all the deaths, "This is the true form of the spear of the double." It is also the ultimate executor of this extremely sentence, which will be concluded by it through the sinner.

"The spear after liberation has the ability to be equivalent to millions of broken knives."

Yamamoto, the voice of the heavy country is deep and old, as if giving all the alarms in the field, it is only the same as the landing and sinners of the dead wood, "all the criminals in the history of the corpse are dead. Double

This one

Is it equivalent to a hundred million to destroy your ability?

On the tall rack of Double Hill, Lucia looked at the shape of the spear of the pair of eyes, and she gradually closed her eyes.