Big big brother, a guard, in love, in the well, stone field, tea, and


Close your own eyes.

A familiar name can not contain the heart of Lucia.

I didn't expect it to die.

I will find that there is so much thing in life.

Lucia is secretly self-deprecating, and the huge golden phoenix formed in front of the double-eyed spear, I saw that the whole body flame vibration wings were directly moving together.

Time, as if it is fixed at this moment.

"Harbinned onion"

At this time, a little familiar, the voice of the world is completely uncomfortable, and it has also sounded in the heart of Lucia, and also passed into the ear of every death.

"This sound is"

I suddenly heard the familiar voice, and the dead wood Lucia was shocked to open his eyes, and it was incredible to appear in the sky in front of himself. "The moment is a big ghost?"

The noble silver is in the sky, and the perfect face is full of blue blood red, and the meta gorgeous ghost road is a long waypy. It is a laugh and laugh. Look at himself.

Not a moment, who is it?


Seeing this originally should not appear here, not only Lucia, even all the dead gods are shocked.

"This is the sentence of our team member of the 13th team"

Seeing that the guy who is completely unmatis-out is suddenly appeared in the bungee, I also ran to the squid of the squad, and the mountains of the mountains were surprised and angry. "This guy appeared above. What? "

"The" "is also horrified, and the eyes of her eyes are very horrified. She is familiar with her temper, and she has produced a bad premonition." This chaos will not want to think. "

"The big ghost is long? Why do you appear above?"

At all the dead gods were shocked, they were shocked by their mouths, and they looked up with the figure on the double-tip of the squad.

Only the captain of the four teams, the flowers, the quiet eyes flashed a thoughtful look.

"This guy"

Seeing the moment in this key moment, there was a double-sized squad, and the trendy wooden is cold, and the look is more complicated.

"What do he want to do?"

Chapter 134 Crushing double (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"I seem to have heard your heart is crying."

I didn't care about myself after I didn't care about my body. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

The young handsome face is rising, and it is interested to focus on the heart of the heart, and "I don't believe in what I said before"

"You have not failed to avoid me."

He actually

Really appeared

I looked at the moment in front of myself, and Lucia suddenly didn't know what kind of language used to express my current mood.

However, I saw the huge double of the huge doubles behind the moment, and the pupil of Lucia couldn't help but suddenly. "Faster, let the spear of the doubles are behind you."

Just Lucia's words have not been finished.

I am shocked and widened my eyes and looked at the amazing scenes in front of them.

"What are you worried about Lucia?

I saw the moment in front of him and said with his soft words, and the hand of his hand was born with his elongated fingers and killed the birds, and the clouds were light. If you don't feel.

"If this kind of nails continue to hurt me, then I have already died thousands of times."

The spear of the doubles is used by him with a finger.

Seeing the amazing scene in front of him, Lucia Jingda opened his own small | mouth, with her spiritual level, I can't calculate what kind of strength you need to do this.

"It is equivalent to millions of died of the twin spears that are destroyed."

All the dead gods below the Qiqiu, together with the death of the Death captain, I also blinded this amazing scene. "A finger blocked?"


I saw the vice minister of the Hui Rong, and the shockedness almost looked on the ground. "This is too ridiculous."

"I actually blocked the double "

After seeing the appearance of the moment, the hand hindered the punrators of the twin spear. The mountains below the Shuangqiu Yuan Yuan Liu Yu were heavy, and the cane in his hand was on the ground. "What did this mix?" What do you want to do? " "

"Does this have to save the dead wood Louqia?"

"I used a finger to block the exaggerated power of the double , which is really in line with this guy."

"Is this horrible guy to rescue Lucia?"

Looking up at the high-altitude twilight spear, under the big fighting, the Beijing-Le Chunshui slowly exposed a inexplicable smile, "It seems that we don't have to shoot."

I only see it in high altitude.

It seems that I am unwilling to be in front of my eyes, I will block my own execution, and the tremendous golden flame Phoenix is ​​suddenly burst out of sharp whistling.

The whole body golden flame is mad, suddenly increasing the pound of attack, with tearing all the momentum and powerful impact to the moment in front of the moment and Lucia.

"Oh, there is equivalent to millions of spears"

Feel the huge effort to pass on his fingers, looking back at the twilight spear of the full body flames, and the moment when the moment is disdainful, "it is just a joke"