Diamond star dust

I saw the eyes of the blue blood of the blue blood, and the vast vastly frozen force of the ice river in the body was suddenly broke out.

When I blocked my fingers in front of my eyes, I broke a white glimpse wave, of which the stars were like the sky, and the dream magnificent is not good.

What a nice view

The brunette's eyes widened and looked at the colorful stars in front of you, and the lavertes of self-calling in Lucia.

Under the effort to surpass the absolute zero-excessive frozen force, the whole air in front of the two people in the moment is suddenly contracted with a white light screen.

All the golden flames of the whole double-boring spear are all covered by the white light released by the white light, and the coldness of the freezes is directly instant and all the things in front of the two people in front of the original origin. There.


All the dead gods under the whole double-hun, all clearly hear a sound like glass breaks in the ear.

Following the next two, everyone will open their own eyes, and they are shocked to see the whole huge bulls in front of the eyes.

After being completely frozen, it was broken, and it was broken, and the stadium of the sky was sprinkled, and the ground was sprinkled toward the ground at the foot.

" this is"

I suddenly fell into the eyes of the sky, I suddenly fell into the siph, and I was reflected in the sun. It's like a dream, the glory. All female death in the scene couldn't help but send a sincere sigh, "good and beautiful"

"The spear of the doubles is smashed".

Looking at the ice crystal debris of his eyes, looked at the noisy spear of the doubles, so people were stupid, idiotic

"What happened?"

At this moment, the item of 'Tianci soldiers Fan' Si Maple family, from the distance, from the distance, the thirteenth team of the doubles, the thirteen team leader, Poizen, 14th Lang and two third seats, Xiaoshu, Tarius, and Tiger.

Just saw the shock of the squatting of the squatting of the squat, all the scenes, all stopped, "Double-siki was destroyed by the big ghosts"

"It was turned into the spear of the double."

At this time, I saw the punishment of the high-altitude was destroyed by a flash, and the mountains of Liu Wei, the deep eyes of the heavy country, and the "this mixed will not forgive".

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"It's too unliked."

In the eyes of the eyes, the blazing anger is hidden. I saw that the Yamata Yuan Liu Wei suddenly turned down the cane in his hand. The whole ground at the foot was split. "This guy is not completely uniform. Order in the eyes "

The old man is going to get fire.

Seeing Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei, a heavy country at this moment, all of which were surprised around all the dead gods, and their hearts know that this is a precursor of the old man to explode. (.) (.) (.)? (.).

"The old man must be" today "

The anger among the eyes is gradually varying, and the tone of Yamamoto Liusi is also cool, "the dangerous person of this is"


Yamamoto Yuanliuzhong's voice of the country.

The hand is slightly, suddenly the old wooden crutral is completely broken, revealing the oldest's older, the old, the old, the blade, is fired.

"Is it hang?"

Above the sky of the Shuangqiu, all of the following did not escape the eyes of the moment.

I saw the deep distance of the deep and sharp eyes, greeted the mountains of the mountains, the deep eyes of the mountains, and the young handsome faces were lighter, "Yama old man, but people who play with you today are not me. "

"What do you mean?"

I heard the moment of flashing, but conveyed the words in my heart, Yamamoto Liusi heavy national brows wrinkled, some did not understand the meaning of the moment.


At the same time, at the same time, the first two stories of the Yamamoto Liusheng heavy country quickly flashed.

Hercules, the captain of the Panchi, Jingle Spring Water and the Thirteen Captain, the captain of the squadron, Zhanshu 14th Lang, Yoshinyuan Liu Wei, the most beloved two disciples

"Do you two?"

Rao is the strongest dead god of the corpse, the face of the mountains, and the face of the heavy country, they can't help but show a surprised face. Some unbelievable look at the two disciples in front of themselves, "Crazy?"

"Sorry, the old man" gently pushed the fight on his head, Jingle Spring Water Sorry, I was sorry to look at the mountains in front of my eyes.

"Sorry for the head leader"

At this time, I stood in parallel with Jingle Chunshui, and I died, I killed the road to Yangmao Liu Wei, "But I can't watch it again after Zhibo Haiyan." My part is punished "

"It turned out to be a dead wood Lucia?"

I heard that the Poisher's 14th Lang said his own purpose. Yamamoto Liusi suddenly realized, but the eyes were once again deep, "I can't even think that two of them have been inspected."

"Good terrible guy"

The mountains of the reactive, the heavy country deeply saw the moment in the high-altitude of the doubles, but it was just a inexplicable smile.

"Lucia, I will save you"

At this time, as a shout came from the distance, a shadow is being accepted close to the two hills.


After seeing the voice of the voice, after the appearance of the people, the latchya in front of the moment.


"Mr.'s Mr."

At this time, there are also a few sounds, and it is a scorpion, and there is Koda Tak.

"Is there anything on the well?"

I saw that the well is also coming to the Qiqiu, and the small face of Lucia is difficult to cover up. I didn't expect it in just two months in the world, but let her receive AEDJ to get so much life and death. Partner.

"Dimia you saw it"

All income of the nature of Lucia's face, the mouth is gently, "I said that you will never have anything."

Devotion seventy-eight ·

The sound of the moment has just fallen, suddenly suddenly waits his big and service sleeve.