Suddenly the space in front of the space, a sharp and unspeakable, like a cold light, and the whole doubles have passed through the whole double-hun, but it is soon disappearing, as if something does not happen.


In the eyes of all the dead gods under Lucia and the Shuangyu Hill.

I saw the huge probation of the Qi Asia's huge sages, together with the whole double-hun of the feet, all crashed together.

Smooth cutting is like a mirror, a huge punishment station double rack and the whole double-hun, which is suddenly cut down by the powerful ghost blade.


The bombarding loudly, until it looked at the whole double-column of the whole two, and set off the dust and fog of the sky. All the dead gods in the scene were caught.

"Although it is to save Qia,"

Such a huge movement and shocking scenes, not only all the dead gods around, even the Jingle Chunshui, who is in the mountains, Liu Wei, is also a black line, "This is too exaggerated."

"It turned out to be the whole double-tone."

The hurricane that was blown up by the mountain break in front of the mountain, and the trendy face was solemn, and the death of the dead, the dead, the "this guy"

"whispering sound"

I was really difficult to practice, I was lookingate over to solve Lu Qiao's big label, I saw Lu Qia, and I was soaked to save and shocked the face around everyone. I couldn't help but squeak myself. mouth.

"It's a moment of this guy out of the limelight."

But it is a relaxed color among the eyes, "but it is still good to be saved."

See you, domineering, heart speech

Just after the moment of saving Lucia, everyone in the scene was always thinking.

At this time, I didn't intend to end this, using my top-level, I have a domineering ability, passing the words you said into every death.

"The next thing I said"

"It is about the survival of the whole corpse, I hope you all give me a good time."

Chapter 136 Blue Dye appeared (seeking rewards and automatic)

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The highest scorpion of the highest judiciary in the center of the 46th room.

Just in the moment of saving the dead wood Lucia, and using the soul speech and all the dead gods in the scene ~

At this time, the captain of the Ten teams, the Supreme Faculty of Faculty, but also came to the Central 46 room with the deputy captain, and opened the door to see the unforgettable scenes of them.

"how can that be"

The two people in the Japanese Faculty of Winter Lang and Matsumoto have been unbelievable, watching the scene of hell, "46 sages and trial officers in the center of the central forty-six room _"

"All is killed"

I saw that I was in front of the Central Forty-session hall, and the judge was lying on the body, bloody and horror.

"What exactly is going on"

The day Google Winter Lang has no way to believe his eyes, representing the center of the 46th chamber of the highest judicial organ of the whole corpse, it is unknown, and it is all killed.

At this time, a movie in the conference hall of the Central Forty-six rooms flashed.


On the day of the day Google, I recognized his identity at a glance. It is the deputy team leader of the Sanlong team, which is a growing player from Xiaoxiao Peng and Akiri.

"Tell me if it is Yiliang you do?"

In the heart of the day, the winter is shocked and angry, with the Matsumoto is chasing the same as a chaotic syrup, and after death, the three people are moving on the eaves of the Yuliang Tin.

"It's not what I did."

Under a captain and a deputy team leader, Jiliangjing crane fully applied the moment to fly on the roof.

The thin face looked back, it seems that there is a purposeful to pull the daygirl Winter Lang and Matsumoto to go to an unknown oriented, "I just brought you to a place"

Bring us to a place?

The day of the Green Lisho is in the face, and then he suddenly accelerated the moment of his feet.

Several breathing.

Three people showed the way in the roof of the Lingling Tin, and finally the Jiliangjing Crane or the Dafu Winter Lad, who lost the captain level, finally being blocked by the Shannan Winter Lang and Matsumoto.

"It's a caravan,"

"I am not an opponent, but"

Looking at the day, the day, the day, the day, the day, the Tongkamo, the pine, the Yiliangjing Crane, but the face is still there, "" I have completed your two to my mission "."

"Bring us here?"

Finally chasing the Jiliangjing Crane to stop him, but he heard what he said suddenly, but his eyes suddenly be vigilant, and his eyes looked at the position you now.

"Here is the clean tower,"

On the day of the day, the Shan Lang saw the environment around himself, and the heart suddenly surprised, and this is the residential area of ​​the center of the center of the 46th room and the trial officer.

Why is the Giliangjing Crane bring them two to here? A deep question has picked up the heart of the Tongshi Lang Lang.

" "

"You finally came here, we have been waiting for you for a long time."

At this time, I suddenly came from the clean tower, and there was a sound that had not appeared.

After listening to this familiar voice, the Supreme Facial Valley Winter Surnse suddenly shock.

Some can't believe in their own body. He and the Matsumoto diametric two suddenly saw a figure that had already been dead, can't help but smash their pupils.

"Blue Dyeing Right"

The mouth is unparalleled, the name of this figure, the eyes of the Nikko winter Lang, "You don't die at all? The people in the center of the forty-six rooms are all you kill?"

"It's still your observation, the most sensible of the leaders of the Thirteen teams in the spiritual Tinton."