Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 558 of Hueding Crack System

After the blue dyeing, the right is still hanging on the past, and it seems that it seems like a neighbor's big brother. Only one pair of eyes revealed the endless indifference. "Just find the central four Accession of the 16th room "

"It turned out that you have deceived everyone in the entire Tong Ting". "

After a conversation of words, the Supreme Facial Valley Winter Lang has profoundly understands how much this man who has been disguise his own man is more dangerous.

If you don't have the sound, you will be careful after your own body, and the day-to-the-style green double-eyed is dead. "Why do you do this?"

....... ....... ...

"In order to pursue a higher level"

Blue dyeing is not mind, saying something that is a little unknown, "I don't deceive you just that you have not seen me true."

"You are talking about the silver", saying that the blue dye is turned to another appearance next to another.

"You said that the blue dyele leader" came to the people's tone, and people can't hear his real emotions, and the white captain walked in the breeze.

"City" silver? "

After seeing this figure around the blue dye, the pupil of the daygur winterish lang suddenly shrinks. "What are you two?"

"Silver" Matsumoto is a bit complicated to look at the city of silver, this child is taking care of his own cym, and it has made her more and more unknown.

"Two captains"

Seeing the blue dyeing and the chance of the city, the Silver Silver, the Skiro Winter Lang is a slightly childish face, and it can't be kept again.


I saw a lot of rumored rushing, and the air temperature around everyone was in a hurricane, and all the buildings on the side were infected with frosty colors.

Chapter 137 questioning (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Double Hill. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

No, it should be said that it is a double squat that is broken by the blade of the ghost.

All the dead gods all lied up their heads, stretched, with the eyes of the dead wood, Lucia, from the high altitude, as a light drizzle slowly falling down.

"Is this true?"

"Is there really true?"

At the moment, I just used the top level to see the way to spend the way. I passed into all of them, and I would undoubtedly like a heavy bomb that is generally awkward.

"It's really like the blue dyele leader, which is the big ghost, long, did not die,"

"I can't see that it is so gentle and good blue dyele leader will actually" zero zero "."

At the moment, the truth about this blue dyeing action and plan, all told all the dead gods present, and all of the dead gods suddenly triggered a unmistive.

"This is impossible to have a blue dyeleman is so good one."

"This must be he killed the blue dyeleman and then these are the excuses of him."

Of course, the blue dye is in the old man's image of the shaped, and there are still many of his death in the dead of death, and there are still talking to him.


At this time, Yamamoto Yuan Liu Yu heavy national heavy, the old and deep eyes stared at the moment of falling in the high sky, "It's just a boring"

"If you are really as you say,"

"The Wanban Blue Dyeleman uses the ability of the sickle to deceive all our people. You are also present, why are you not completely hypnosis?"

Obviously, the origin of this origin is never an order, and even before, it is even more than the people who have erupted his war before, and the Shan Benliu is more willing to believe in the deposit of its own.

I saw that the Yamamoto Liusi was staring at the moment, "And I said that the blue dyeing of the blue dyeing is what is the purpose of doing this?"

"It doesn't matter"

In the face of the challenge of the mountains of Yamamoto, Liu Wei, I saw it completely, I was completely smiling, and the young handsome face revealed a disdainful smile. "You believe or don't believe it with me. relationship"

"Anyway, it is not me,"

When I saw the old man and some of the dead gods at all, I didn't believe what I said. I didn't have a breather. Instead, some ridicule pulsate up my mouth. "I just came over today to save Lu Qiao. By the way, you will know you. "

It's a group of numbers.

It seems that the blood of the corpse is a hundred years of calmly has already lost these deaths.

Even if I have known the strongest death of the millennium, I will be the same.

In the moment, there was no sound of shaking, saying that the active guy's life and death were unable to do it. Since I don't believe what I said, it is not myself, I don't care if they are not myself.

"Shanda Captain"

At this time, I looked at the uncomfortable in the distance, and I watched a little inexplicable look in the side of the show.

Regarding the event of blue dying, as the captain of the four teams, she is responsible for direct contact with the blue dye, the mind, and the mind is also observed, but I can't say it.

At this moment, I saw that the moment of such a light disdain, and the flowers, the flowers, more definitely, the inexplicable guess in his heart, so the mountains of Yamamoto Yuan, who is not far away.

"I don't seem to have false words, I don't seem to have false, and I will take the brave music to explore."


I heard the Huilun's request, I saw that the Yamata Yuan Liu Wei was slightly sorry.

Originally, for the words said in the moment, he saw that the disdain of the moment, and he couldn't help but have a shake, deep eyes fell to the body of Huili ....

"Ning Xi believes that it is untrustworthy, no you have a brave, and check it out."


The voice of Huilu and the Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong, two suddenly showed the instantaneous disappearance in the original place.


Start becoming more interesting

Seeing that Huilu and Hui Yong Yin, looking at everything in front of him seems to be in accordance with his own script, and the mouth of the moment is not easy to detect slightly.

"There is also a protective guard

Immediately, I suddenly watched the Kurosaki, which was shallowed by light cloak, and then glanced at the body of Azole in the body, "Azu"

"Here, I will give me two guidelines to leave here."