The sound of the moment, gently smash yourself and served sleeves, and suddenly the dead wood Lucia is like a breeze, which is usually floating.


Seeing Lu Qiao came to the side of the two, Kurosaki, and Azolei and Azu Suddenly excited shot.

After experiencing so many games and blood fight, the purpose is to rescue Tulia, which is punished today, now Lucia has been safely rescued, how can they not be excited.

" "

Come to the front of Shosaki and the love of Azole, watching two such companions, Lucia dark eyes can't help but fill them, looked back and looked back at the moment behind, "Thank you Mr. "

"Don't talk nonsense"

I saw some impatient towards them, "You have two people who have left Lucia to remember, even if they lose their own life, they can't let her drop a hair."

Chapter 138 escort (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Hey is relieved"

"Of course we won't let Lu Qia less hair"

Seeing the task of the opening of them, the corner of Kurosaki, and the face showed a confident face. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

"Even if this life is lost"

And the other side of the A lot of Azole in the body, the eyes solemnly looked at the distant moment, and the opening of the vowed to ensure that "I won't let you down."

In the surrounding gaze, the Kurosaki and Azhi Delivery directly took the instantaneous steps of Lucia.

But this time, a crisp metal collision sounded.

I saw a sharp chopper directly in front of the three people to go to the road, and a white figure was shocked to stop their three.

"Don't want to go all three people"

Herone is a white wood, I saw him cold her face, and the death of the death of the three people in Kurosaki did not seem to have a slight emotion.

"The dead wood Lucia is still in the identity of the prison, I am unlikely to let you leave her two."

"Bai Big Brother"

Lucia is a little unacceptable to watch the dead wood in front of him. Looking at this since the sister is dead, I will pick yourself to the big brother of the big aristor.

He just hopes that I am here to die here, is it bitter in the heart of Lucia.

"Sorry for the dead wood captain"

The eyes have a little heavy look at the eyes of the three people who have stopped their three. They face this captain who has been pressed on their heads. Appearance of Azhi's face is decorated. "I will never let Lui, today. Yada is here "

"That one"

Just in the Akati Dynasty, I was stopping the dead wooden white. When I left the Kissaki and Lu Qia, I was suddenly opened when they left.

I saw that his face was incomparable to a finger refers to the eyes of the eyes of the eyes, "I think you are still better first."


I saw that Kurosaki, I was a little inexplicable, and the dead wood is cold.

I immediately felt that my whole body was stagnant, and even the body began to have a feeling of moving.

"this is?"


The dead wood is unbelievable, looking at the body that you can't move.

I saw that I didn't know when his whole body was quietly entangled in a rough and unparalleled spiritual lock chain.

All of his actions and even in the body are all seal in the original place, making him lifting the hand to raise the sake of the knife in his hand.

"Singing in the case of all people not perceived this degree of powerful belt"

Some unbelievable mutters, and the dead wood is immediately reacted, suddenly turning back to the position of the moment.

"Binding six Thirty-three lock strips"

I saw the moment in the distant moment, standing in the original place, is slowly recovering the palm of myself, and I spit out the name of this ghost.

"Kuchiki Byakuya"

The blue-blue red double pupil reflects the unbelievable face of the farmers, and it is disdainful to pick the eyebrows. "If I want them to leave you, do you feel that someone can stop here today? ? "

"And Lucia is your sister"

Subtle between the sounds, the sharp eyes stare quietly with the dead wood whitened wood, as if to see through his heart, "Do you forget that her sister is controversial before the end? "


I heard this name spit out in the moment, and the dead wood is suddenly shocked.

The body that was originally struggling gradually relaxed, remembered that he must take care of himself before the end of his death, and he must take care of yourself. Lucia, the eyes of the dead wood, the eyes, still bleak.

"One guard, love, what are you waiting for?"

I saw the farmers in the distance gradually gave up struggle, and the moment was once.

"let's go"

"First bring Lu Qia to go out again"

Seeing the dead wood in front of the eyes, I was fully sealped, and I went back to God's Kurosaki, and the Api Delivery suddenly took Lucia to quickly detach the doubles.

"Kuchiki Byakuya"

Just three people show the momentum that is falling into the mind.



He said

"Is it really within three days?"