Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigang Crack System Chapter 560

When the Kurosaki is guarded back to the reality in front of him, the dead wood is looking at the back of Kurosaki, "will only have a few people who can practice it. Give it? "

I am a matter of hanging on the mouth all day, but in fact, it is true that there is a few people who have a certain person and perseverance successfully cultivated.

Throwing out of the moment and Kurosaki, there is no talk, and people who can successfully cultivate into the history of the whole corpse world, all the people who have been known in the history of history.

"It's almost that the time blue dyed horse is almost the same."

The deep inexplicable eyes are quietly watching the blacks of Kurosaki, and the moment is gratifying. It is close attention to his own patterns. "At least I have changed the little Taksey, I have used the knife. fate"


However, at this time, the moment suddenly opened the Kori Taike next to it, "Only you have no liberation of the blue-dyed flower water" here.

"I followed the instructions for your instructions to ensure that they have three security.

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"Yes, Mr. I'm. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)"

I heard the instructions of the Pasta, and the scene next to Starke was turned to converge, showing the whole person instantly disappeared in the sight of everyone.

"He let the Wattodad under the hand"

After seeing an instance, Starke instantly disappeared in his own sight, and the thirteenth team presenting the thirteenth team in the scene suddenly became vigilant.

This guy

What do you want to do?

"That Poker"

After seeing Lucia, after being saved, and the two people with the Poisherd's 14th Lang and the people of the husband, the capital, the capital, the capital, the bride, "Lu Qia has been saved the flower captain. To explore the right case, what should we do now? "

"Sight and see it"

Wenhe Shengzhu 14th Lang glanced at himself and didn't know what to think about what I was thinking. Suddenly there were some helplessness. "If the truth is not as the big ghost, the words So very likely "

"He is the murderer who killed the blue dye."


Clean Taguland.

White buildings are all white frosts everywhere, and even sprinkled blood.

"I didn't see the trajectory of his mobile."

Opening the Skille Winter Pills in the Dali Red Lotus Claus Pills is unbelievable, and all of the whole body all the ice is falling off.

With a deep-visible knife, the dazzling blood flowers, it seems that spring water is generally sprayed out. The whole people have lost all the strength of the whole body, and the hook fell on the ground.

"How can it be……"

The day of the day in the sky is still an incredible expression on the ground. He looked at the blue dye of the blue stains behind him. The strength of the blue dye is completely exceeded by his imagination.

"I knocked down the Japanese Faculty captured the Songben in the next moment." It is also unable to believe in his mouth.

The same is the captain level, the blue dyeing is in the case of the day of the day, the Winter Lang, a sword, cut down the day of the Facultane Winter Lang, a faint fear suddenly shrouded in the heart of the chaos.

"Well, let's go."

I didn't look at the Tukko Winter Lang, and the blue dyeing roses the past. He across him in his blood.

Whether it is the power of death, he has already exceeded these ordinary captains too many levels, let alone day Valley Winter Lang, this is not his opponent at all.

"It's really brittle, blue dyele captain"

When I saw the blue dye, I chopped the day of the Tongliang Winter Lang, the city's silver face is still hypocritical.

When I left, the city's silver was still specially looked at the lag standing in the locomotive syncosus, intentionally opened to the blue dye, "Miss Matsuya, I need me to kill her?"

Do you want to kill me?

I looked at this companion in front of myself, the city's silver has become a strange look in the eyes of Matsumoto.

"No need"

I heard that the city's silver is actively mentioned that there is no need to kill the Matsushita, the mouth of the blue dye is gently, and the killing of the heart quietly faded, "these antices can't affected the plan"


After listening to the replies of the blue dye, the city's silver is not traces, and it is easy to open the chopper gun in his hand.

Looking at the chaos to look at your own eyes, I am inexplicably, I am protecting you.

"is it"

"I don't know if I can't affect your plan, blue dyeleman."

At this time, a gentle voice was filled with a thin breath and passed into their ears.

"Not now I can't use the 'captain' to call you"

I saw the Hui Hui brought the vice minister, and finally rushed to the scene, and looked quietly with the blue dye of death. Dyeing right. "

"Hello, the flower captain"

Blue dyeing and smiling and greeted, it seems that there is no surprise, "you have to get a little bit more than I imagined."

"Supilo Captain He"

After coming to the flow here, I saw the daygirl in the bloody winter lily in the bloody feet, and I couldn't help but exclaimed.

"It seems that the big ghosts, he said,"

Seeing all this in front of me, the Huihuardi didn't have half a born in the moment, and the eyes were very vigilant and stared at the blue dye in front of him. "All the ghosts you are doing.


I suddenly heard the name of the flowers in front of the blunt, the blue dyeing, the brow suddenly wrinkled, "What did he say to you?"

Everything in front of him is going well in accordance with his plan, but I don't know why suddenly heard the name of the Huili's flash, his heart suddenly gave birth to an inexplicable uneasiness.

Good Noro Zhao, "Forget it"

I think of the terrorist power of the person in my mind, the blue dye is trying to appease myself suddenly become a little irritable, "no matter how the power of the owner is already destined"

"According to the plan, we will start." It seems to feel the huge pressure on the moment, and the blue dye is directly urged to promote the city of the city.