Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the collapse of the rushing jade system Chapter 561

Thousand and white snakes

I heard the blue dyeing order, I haven't waited for the fire in front of you to react.

City Pills are directly out of themselves and blue dyeing.

The package is wrapped in himself and blue, instantly disappeared in the original place, jumping into a certain location in advance.

Chapter 140 is arriving (seeking rewards and automatic)

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At the same time, two people in the blue dye and city pills are simultaneous and white. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

At this time, the protection of the Nariya left the doubles of the doubles, and he hit the three people in Takasaki in the Lingling Tinto, and suddenly a strange man was encountered.

"Dongdong Captain?"

Looking at this man in front of himself, the white captain, a dark man, Azhi, and Lucia have recognized his identity.

"Sorry, you will take a trip to me."

However, the sudden appearance of Dongxian did not have three people with them, and directly shot around himself and around the three people around the long white cloth.

Thousand and white snakes

Dongxian wants, Lucia, Kurosaki, and Azolei, four people disappeared directly in the original place, leading to a mysterious designated location.

Next moment.

A flat hills outside the double-nest number kilometers.

"Welcome back to Akati and there is Kurosaki to protect"

I haven't reacted what happened to the end, and the Kurosaki kapping that they were sent by Dongxian to a complete unfamiliar place, and a strange voice came from the ear.

"Blue Dyeant?"

After seeing the blue dyeing, the two people were in the city, and the Azhi's love, "Are you not dead?"

"If you are noticed by the person, you will be troublesome."

It seems that the eyes of the blue dye are gradually fell in front of the Nakazaki, and the Naki-Akai is behind the lack of Lucia. "There is no time to put the dead wood Lucia. Leave you two can roll "

"Is the goal for Lucia?"

I heard that there were two people in Heys, and the two people were shocked. The death of death was gripped in his hand. "What jokes, we will never give Lucia to you."

· pill

In front of you, the death of the three captains is hesitant, and there is no hesitation, directly exploiting the Aeed, and the huge big snake is surrounded by huge big snakes.


The Kurosaki is also unambiguous, and the huge blood pressure of the farther's super-ordinary death is explosing. It entered the form of understanding that he had just completed, and a black windbreaker was drifting.

Just just entering the form of the understanding, the blacks of the Kurosaki and the two people who have been in Azun are stunned.

A deeply visible wound suddenly appeared on their two, and the blood was mad, and the two had an unbelievable look on the ground.


Kurosaki can't believe in his eyes, just lost the trail of blue dyeing in his eyes, "this is impossible"

"nothing is impossible"

I have already appeared in the blue dye after the two people in Takasaki and the Azhi, slowly recovered the mirror water in my hands. "Forgot to tell you that I am not the so-called 'captain' at this level."


When a blink of an eye, Azhi, who was cut down by Blue Dye, I thought of it before, I was struggling in the bloody, "I definitely can't let him take away Lucia."

"So dead wood Lucia"

Among the eyes of Lucia's thoughts, the blue stain gradually came to her, and the eyes under the glasses took a very inexplicable hot, "we can start"

Then, next to the eyes of Kurosaki and the eyes of Azhi, the blue dyed in the hands of the blue dyed wrapped around a special spiritual force, and inserted the body of Lucia in one hand.

The soul of the foreign body extraction technology removes the object from the soul and does not cause damage to it.

This is a blue dye to take the collapse from the soul of Lucia, and specialize in the technology developed by Pudao to help the past research materials. If there is no such technology, no one can get collapse from the soul of Lucia.

Among the shocking eyes of Lucia, I saw a multilateral transparent crystal in her soul, which continued to rotate a brunette mysterious ball.

"I finally got your collapse"

I finally got the collapse of jade yourself, the blue dyed mouth gradually raised, but the eyes suddenly cooled down, "silver, must kill them all"


I heard the blue dyeing order, the city's mall and Dongxian will suddenly flash, and the handheld the knife is straight towards the Tri Trihosaki and Lu Qi.

At this time, the blue dyed brow suddenly wrinkled.

A violent huge blue virtue in the air bombarded his face in front of him, blocked the city's silver and Dongxian to have two people.

"This is virtual flash"

At a glance, I recognized this ability. The eyes of blue staining were slightly smashed. When the mind was suddenly, the figure followed by the moment.

"I didn't expect you to suddenly change the place."

Among the dust, a white slender man gradually came out, and the face of vicissitudes seems to be lazy and lazy. "Always caught up"

"I didn't come in the moment"

Seeing the appearance of the people, the blue dyeing face does not change, "Do he think that it will stop me when sending a Wattod level?"

"I don't have an adult reminder, I know you very strong"

Listening to the disdain in the blue dye, Starke didn't care, "But I have not seen your freedom of the mirror of the mirror, will not be completely hypnosis."

"And my purpose is not to defeat you"

Starke's heart remember the controversy before the moment, no hurry, slowly took out his own chopped knife, the face of the vicissitudes, "I just need to drag your instant people." Will suffice"

Tow us? When I heard the blue-stained face, I changed it if I waited for that guy, I obviously became difficult to pack up.

Chapter 141 Starke's Strength (seeking rewards and automatic)