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. (.) (.) (.) (.) (.).

Distance on the flat hills outside the doubles.

A smartless blast whistling, a white figure on the whole hill is in the three gods.

On the side, I still stand in Lucia and the Kurosaki in the bloody, and the love of Azu, three people looked at the vicissitudes of the world, suddenly rescued their vicissitudes of life.

"You are not a big ghost ~ long side"

Azhi's love has grown his eyes, watching Stark, suddenly dropped from the sky, suddenly recognized this followed by the hand around him.

"I am the spirit of the big man's hand _ official Starke"

Seeing the dead wood Lucia and Azhi in front of you recognized his identity, Starke was in the same way: "The big people know that you will be dangerous, and I will send me to follow you."

"But I didn't expect you to suddenly change the place in the middle." Said Steak Sorry, I scratched my back, "So I almost didn't catch up with sorry"

"The turn we know that we will be dangerous?"

I heard the Kurosaki's guard, widened his eyes and looked at this sudden unfamiliar man in front of him.

"I can evil, we actually Lun Qia can't protect it"

Then Heakyaki, I thought of the advice of the moment before I had just hoped and the guarantee of the vowed of the two people and the Apole of Audi, I couldn't help but hate my fist.

Thinking of the two people who have opened their own and Azhiri still have a moment of blue and dyeing. The eyes of the Kurosaki are not hurting the blue dye.

Summon reminds Steak next to it, "You are careful about this guy is not the strength of the captain"

"I know that the adults have reminded me before coming."

I heard the reminder next to Kurosaki, and Staock nodded. He immediately lost the color of the face, and he made a fierce brother in his eyes. "But I am not the strength of the captain"

This guy

Shik's voice falls, the black Sikasaki in the side of the ground is obvious.

"Drag us?"

I feel that I suddenly stopped my own three people from killing Takaki, and the Dongxian wanted to lift himself, "I think you are too self-righteous." ? "

"Is it self-righteous?"

I heard the disdain in the words of Dongxian, and Starke's eyes, "Do you know if you try?"

"Chasing him, group of wolves"

In the face of a captain-level Dongxian, a hidden city of the city, there is a strength like the abyss, the abyss is generally unspeakable, the blue dye, Staike did not hesitate to enter the shape of the return.


The huge push is like a volcanic outbreak.

The violent airflow vapor-centered in Steak has rolled up the ground endless dust, and the sand is like bullets in the air.

"This guy's spiritual pressure"

Painted by the violent air in front of you, but I can't cover the look of the smoothing of Kurosaki, "" "" ""


Is there a strength to exceed the captain?

Looking at the amazing Steak in front of me, I remembered that I was once again lost in the bloody, and I lost Lu Qia once again, and the nails in the hand of Kurosaki couldn't help but sneak into the palm of her hand.

"This kind of spiritual pressure"

"I didn't expect to go to a blink of a virtual ring, I also brought it back so powerful."

Looking at the violent flexible violent flexible in Starke after entering the shape of the blade, the expression of the blue dyeing, "naturally breaking,"

Wattod is a virtual highest level of virtuality in a virtual ring, the number is extremely rare, and the combat power is still above the captain, and Starke is the entire Va Todide level. The only existence of autonomous breaks.

Moreover, after the moment of suggesting that Stark returned Lily Nit, he had a complete soul and completely breaking his strength clearly reached an extremely horrible level.

"Silver, want, there is a time a little urgent"

I think that there is a possibility that I have the possibility of rushing over, the other of the Lingling Ting, the eyes of the blue dyeing indifference are gradually fierce, "Let me come, you will leave"

"Broken, mirror flowers"

I saw that the blue dye gradually took out the mirror of the mirror of the mirror in his hand, and the sulletan language of the chopper was medically.

....... ......... .......

At this time, I saw the blue dyeing move. After entering the blade, I was shocked by the hunter dressing and dressing the hunter.

Once the past, I once again reminded him. Once you have seen the liberation of blue-dyed flower water, I have fallen into the control of him completely hypnotized, which means that the battle has ended.

Unlimited filling

In the surrounding Takasaki, they were shocked.

I saw that Starke quickly lifted the shaped arms in his hand, and the dead is aligned with the blue dyeing of the eyes and the city's silver and Dongxian.


I only heard a roar of countless shocked roars.

I saw Steak in front of him raised their hands between the unlimited devastating blue flashes.

Everyone only saw the whole world in front of him as if it became a blue ocean, and the air was filled with Steak's endless blue flanks.

The horror moment of explosion, all the blue dyeing three people in front of them, and the entire earth hills in front of them became ashes in an instant.

Chapter 142 Unlimited Defense (Review and Auto)

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Double Hill. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

Just as Kaikaki and Lucia who have encountered a blue dye.

and in the wells, they are still confrontation in all deaths in the doubles.

"There is still no news in the flower captain". "

I killed the mountains in front of Jingle Chunshui, and the face of the floats, the face of the floats, "is not a thing"