Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 563 of the Crash System

"If you are the flower captain, you can don't worry."

I glanced at the lunch lady on the side of the look, Jingle Chunshui, but not worried, the face of vicissitudes was deep, "You have to know her identity"

Just at this time.

Almost all of the "one three zero" of the Junling Tong felt a inexplicable spiritual burst of the air.

"this is"

Feeling the fierce fluctuations in the air in front of the air, the blush red scorpion was gently, and suddenly recognized this open-blocked mesh search for the ghosts that convey the location of the surrounding object.

"Binding seventy-seven · Tian quite empty?"

At a moment of flashing, all the ear of all the ear of all the ear of all the ear of all the people of the four teams, the sound of the four team leaders.

"The captains of the 13th team of Proton, and the deputy captains also have the officials."

"I am the vice team of the four teams, Hui Yong Yongshang, the following is the emergency message of the four team leader."

"Let's listen to me, I said that I am talking about the fact that I have just happened."


Tiger Yong Yong, who is clean, Tiger, is under the instructions of Huili.

All things that I have just seen the blue dyeing and the you know all the notices are notified to the dead god.


"Blue Dye"

After the tiger is finished, the whole double-hunting is silent, and all the dead gods are all in the scene.

"It seems that the big ghosts, he said,"

Together with Jingle Chunshui and Yamamoto Liu Wei, the float of the floats, the mild face, and gradually floating a heavy meaning, "What should we do now?"

"It seems that we shouldn't be played again."

Helplessly recovered a pair of squats in my hands, Jingle Chun Water looked at the eyes of Mount Yamamoto, "Yama Old Team"

"It was really being said to be in this kid."

After listening to the news of the Hui Yong Yin, I saw that the Shan Billin Liu Wei, the old and deep eyes, looked at a quiet moment, white long beard slightly fuse.

"Blue dyeing, corpse, unforgiving, unforgivable,"


Just when everyone is shocked by the news that the tiger is passing.

At this time, I suddenly came from the opposite direction, and a violent explosion was suddenly burst, and an extremely unfamiliar huge pressure was built.

Obviously, someone is fighting in fiercely over there.

"It seems that Stark has found them"

I heard the huge movement of the passage of the road, I feel the extremely familiar huge pond, my mouth is gently, "I don't have to worry about their position."

"Let's go, small, small, small bee Ji"

Rogue eye ·

The sound of the moment is falling, and there is no other dead god to react.

I saw the flash of the left eye and blue, the eyes were flashing, and the next moment suddenly appeared around the bee, and she took her slim waist.

Two of the Wiwi Ji and the Thomant Peach I only felt a huge gravity of a unable to resist, two girls were taken to the moment.

At the moment, I once reached another hand and took them two girls. After the arrival of the four people, I lost my air to the original place.

On the hills outside the km ...

"This guy"

Looking at the Staock hand holding a double shot, the continuous release of the unlimited number of endless horror blue flashes.

Feeling that he had surrounded the deafening dramatic roar around him. The next black Sikasaki and Azhiri are still watching, as if I feel that my soul is shocking, "his strength"

And I have seen an Azole in Akati in the Wall of the Lingling and the Captain Mountain.

I haven't seen anything called the real peerless power, and I saw the pendant infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite in front of the spot, and I opened a door to the new world.


At this moment, the city's murder is pressed by the unlimited infinite infinite flanters of Staike in a moment.

The continuous display of the instant crazy hide, avoiding the unlimited sparkling flakes that Starkes seem to be hung, and the Dongxian wants to die, "this guy is the vicinity of this guy" Is it unlimited? "


The hands of the hands of the guns continue to explode, the violent infinite blue flakes, huge power and exaggerated ranges directly cover the whole hills in front of them.

Starke is calm and looked at the constant escaping of the city. It is the opening of the city's mall and Dongxian, and the ability after I return, "I am able to play thousands of hair in a moment. Unlimited vibration

I play thousands of unrestricted flashes in an instant?

Not only is the city's mysterium, and Dongxian want them. He heard the Sitthek's Kikaki, and the three people in Azu, and the three people were all stunned.

Flash and famous flaws, only the powerful skills of the virtual level or the virtual level of the virtual level can be used.

And this guy in front of you can unlimited the release of flakes, and can even play thousands of flakes in a moment, this ** is not a hanging?

Chapter 143 is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

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This guy

Is it a monster?

Look at the hands of the guns without limits the freedom of the gun, the city, the city, the silver and Dongxian want their Staock, the Kurosaki, and the Azole in love, there is Lucia two in their two hearts. . Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

Feeling the entire space in front of the Shittak's unlimited sparkling, Lucia and Kurosaki protects their three people in the hearts of them.

The strength of the class with the class has reached this extent

So what? What kind of point is his strength achieve?

Just exposed to death, this profession is full of more than two months, I'm afraid, it is a bit dare not imagining that it is like a abyss generally not see the strength of the day.

"Unlimited vibration"