Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 564 of Hueding Crack System

On one side, the instantaneous shots of Starke, the uninterrupted infinite infinity of the eyes, and the eyes under the eyes of the blue dye, "I can't think of this guy, this guy is so strong in the virtual ring. One hand under "

At the same time, there are some parens in the heart of blue.

Why didn't he encounter a powerful and autonomous breakfast like Starke in a virtual ring?

"The arrogance of the sky, the city wall of the iron, the dragon, the lion, the tiger, the wolf, and the heavens and the earth before collapse"

Looking forward to the Strike who exceeds everyone's budget, feels successful by Starke, and the face of blue is finally overcast.

I saw a big ghost diagram in the blue dyeing mouth moment, and the body was slightly riped, and a senior ghost is in front of him.

"Baddance Eighty One · Dry"

The blue dyed sound fell, and only the air in front of his eyes had formed a transparent intangible barrier, and the dead against Starke's infinite violent flaws.

Although the strong and unparalleled ghosts, it is completely able to sing this high-level defense ghost, but it is a way to make a completely singing. This ghost.


Seeing the blue dyeing in front of you actually showed the ghosts and completely blocked their infinite flashes. Starke's eyes were slightly, and the double gun suddenly broke out.


I saw that Stark suddenly concentrated the unlimited infinite flanters in his hand.

The powerful defense of the blue dye release is ruthless, and the endless blue violent virtual flashes like the raging destruction wave usually floods his entire person.

"Blue-Danched Guy"

Looking at the blue deficiency in front of the blue deflation, the whole person was flooded in the infinite violent madness of Shittac, and the Akiri lonely muttered: "Is it done?"

"Do not"

At this time, the heavy expression on the black appearance next to the black, but the power of blue dyeing has left him too much impression, I saw him constantly rotating his head and searching blue. Dyed trace.

"The guy should be not so simple to be done."

The words of Takasaki have not finished.

A sharp sword light is flashing, and the unlimited blue flashes will be abundant.

In Speck and Kurosaki, they protect their few people in mind, and a gun is flying out in the air and falls on the ground next to it.

"Good Action"

Blood splash on the body, Stark rudely retired two steps.

I saw that Starke's left hand was broken, and it was actually used in an instant of the use of infinite spikes to defend the ghosts, and seized the opportunity to catch a arm near the blue dye.

"I can't see his movements"

It seems that there is no feeling of pain, and Starke is firmly right-handed to directly put the fire in his hand. The blue wolf's blade spirit knife is in front of him, and the eyes are dead at the blue dye appeared in front of him.


In the side of Kurosaki and Akati, the eyes of Lucia.

I saw that Staock was quickly regenerated by the arms of the blue dyeing sword, and the speed of the naked eye was quickly regenerated. Re-recovered into a good look, but the spiritual power on his body was not easy to detect a point.

"Super speed regeneration"

Looking at the arms of the eyes of Steak, the blue dye is gently gently pulling, slowly raising his neighborhood, "But everything is over"

"Broken, Mirror Water"

Among the desperate eyes of everyone, the blue dye directly liberates the mirror water in his hand.

The world around the world has entered an invisible change, and the most horrible place in mirror flowers is that you know that you have been completely hypnotized, and you can't find any way can resist.

It can make the ants as Shenlong, see the swamp as a garden, this is the power of the soul of the soul of the mirror.


"Everything is over"

Just when the blue dye, all the people before the eyes were in the eyes of their own mirror flowers, using their own speeding swords, appeared in Starke's side.

But the sound of the air around this time suddenly sounded, but he made him a stiff, and the whole person's movements paused there.


A pair of black-frame glasses suddenly bloomed in unparalleled bromoity, looking at the front of the face, a white-sleeled palm, usually firmly grabbed their own chilly mirror flowers.

The blue dye face, the mouth is gently sigh, "You are finally here."


"I'm coming"

The calm sound sounds again.

I saw that I appeared in the sky between the blue dyeing and the Shake, one hand grabbed the mirror flowers in the blue dye.

Silver white dress is accompanied by dark clothes, a pair of blue blooming scorpions are like a starry, and the other palm has been aligned with the head of the blue dye.

Chapter 144 broke out (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Eighty-eight · Feilong thieves"

It seems that the Van Yin Sing is like the sprigner of the cold machine. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

A palm opened his head in front of the blue-stained head. He suddenly opened his eyes under the black-stained glasses, and the moment did not pay attention to directly singing and released the power of the world.


It seems a horrible hydrogen bomb, suddenly fried on this ridiculous hill.

The lightweight light will directly illuminate the entire sky of the Lingling Tin, and the devastating airflow directly fleszes all the crusters and dust around everyone.

I saw that in the palm of the flash of the moment, I have exploded a blue-white picture shocking a huge huge destruction of the beam, which is like a horror missile destroyed.

Eighty-eight high-grade ghosts in the flashlight of the Eternal Night Bible Nightmare, the outbreak of terrorism is simply a humanoid war nuclear weapon.

The devastating huge beam is in an instant to wear the ridiculous hills in front of you. All obstacles along the way are all flying ash.

"What to open a joke"