In front of this endless devastating rays and violent hurricanes.

In the foot of the blood, the Kurosaki and Azhi love in the moment, I feel that my whole person is flying out, and the two people have completely piled up the horror of horror. "What is this? Powerful

" "

Dementia Zhang Da has his own mouth | Pakistan, silly looking at the horror of the horror of the earth.

Until this moment, Lu Qia found that it was comparable to the ghost of the natural disasters in front of him, and the ghosts who were usually released were simply a bottle of pesticides. "This is really a ghost .... ... "

"On there"

At this time, I am full of the thirteen teams that come to the hills.

Looking at the destruction of the destruction of the sky directly, and the whole mountain collapsed and shook the loud noise, some powerful deaths were scared directly on the ground.

"It seems"

"The big ghosts have been with them."

Looking at the exaggerated huge movement in the distant huns, the two people in the Poisher's 14th Lang and Jing Lao Springs will look at it.

From this remember the ghosts of natural disasters, they have two instantly judged that there may be over there to fight with blue.

"Action fast"

Seeing such a huge battle movement, Yamamoto Liusi is still in the eyes of the old and deep eyes, I don't know what I think, I suddenly opened the surrounding people, accelerating my footsteps.


The endless destruction of the rays gradually dispersed, and only a black glasses frame dropped in the ruins in front of the moment.

" "

I saw that the body around the black and white metaphorn mysterious book The surrounded by the chapter of the Bible Nightmare, the whole person is like the Holy Spirit.

Keeping a position in front of a single-handed position, looking at the hills who are instantly turned into a ruins in front of you, the left eye is blue, the blush of the blue, constantly exploring the traces of the surrounding blue dye.

"I will never die like this."

As everyone is in front of the air, the madness of the madness is gradually saving, and the moment is directly broken down on the black-stained black frame glasses.

The deep eyes is like a sword. I glanced at the city of the city, and the East Temple was asked, I went on the jealous and fear of them in two hearts.

"If the guy is in this way, if it is blind, it will be killed."

On the side of the heart, the power of the shake is the power of the earth, and the city's silver hand is dead, it is like a fake, the fake smile is stagnant. "It seems good"


Looking at the moment, I suddenly rescued my own people, next to Kaiki, Kurosaki, who was in the bloody, was a big mouth | Bar, full of self-satisfaction | He also said that he also said no come out.

"Sorry, I"

next time

I will never let my companion suffer from a harmful harm.

Deadly clenched his hand's fists, the Kurosaki is secretly swearing in his own heart.

"Do not"

At this time, there is no extra leisure time to pay attention to the inner fluctuation of the inside of Kurosaki.

I saw a moment of having a five sense that surpassing ordinary people, gently shakes his head, "this feeling is wrong"

The strength has reached a moment of Tongxuan, and the faint approach feels wrong, but it can't say it again.



The left-eyed God has been in the eyes of the eyes, and the future of the future is finally letting the moment to see a touch of cat, and the mouth is not easy to detect.

Sword pressure

Just when everyone cannot detect blue-stained traces.

Among the air next to the moment, a white powerful sword pressure storm suddenly broke, directly covered the entire area where the moment is located.

Baddy Eight 11 · Dry

Seeing that such a violent endless sword pressure is to swallow the Lucia next to it.

But only one side seems to be a huge barrier that can be attacked in the whole world, in front of the three people in the moment and Lucia, form a complete and external isolated overlink.


The huge arms of madness released in the hands of the blue dye directly smashed the entire ground they were in the moment, but they could not hurt their hair behind this huge intangible barrier.

The same defensive ghosts, but in the hands of the two people, the effects and power of the clouds were displayed.

"It's not you,"

The familiar voice passed into the ear of everyone, and only the blue staining figure appeared again in the sight of everyone. After the glasses fell, the eyes were fiercely looked at the moment in front of the moment.

"Is it noticed by you?"

Chapter 145 to Qi (ask for reward and automatic)

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"Good terrible ghosts"

The blue dye after the hair is now, it seems to be a bit amazed to look at the hills that have been completely smashed from the place. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

It was originally thought that the ability of all the death of the ghosts had reached the peak of the state of the dead, and even a 90th rule of a 90th rule of the wreath can instantly knocked down a captain level.

But at this moment, I was completely killed by a scorpion, and the blue dye had to sigh the power of the dead boundary.

"The moment is as you know about my mirror flower" "

"Since you take any ghosts that have become the ghosts of the corpse, I have been investigated and understood by your chopping skill.

After recovering your eyes, I saw the blue dyeing garage stared at the eyes. I was constantly fanned to the transparent wings. The chapters of the nightmare of the Eternal Night, "The nest of the Bible is called this name."

"I can explain the power of five times the release of the ghosts released and can sing all."

Blue staining, if the number of treasures, the ability to speak in the moment, "I can improve the power of ten times the release of the ghosts in the whole direction, and do not reduce the power while singing all."

"This is what you disclosed in front of everyone, and the powerful ghosts in your own, it is seamless."

I saw that my words seem to be indifferent to my speech, and the blue dye has played his essence. It is said to sigh. Strong Japanese Captain's ice vermiculum pill is the strongest mirror flower of the ice is the strongest chop of the illusion. "