Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 566 of the Crash System

"So your nepon is the strongest chicken knife" of the whole corpse

"The strongest smell of ghosts"

I heard the blue dyeing of the blue dyeing to myself, the evaluation of the Bible of the Bible, and I didn't stand it anymore. "You didn't say this,"

"But if my feelings are true,"

Looking at the blue dye that I appeared in front of my eyes, I was softly frowned. "I didn't use the ability of the squirrel flower". "

"But but confused my five senses made me a little deviation to your attack."

"I didn't expect such a subtle deviation to let you notice."

The words mentioned at this moment have made the blue face in front of the blue face, looking at the blue in front of the eyes, "It's a terrible insight"

"Is there a part of the ability of the sickle into itself, you have to say"

In the face of the eyes of the blue dye, the eyes of the sigh, there is no smile, but the eyes are gradually deep, "You are really a genius blue dye."

In the moment, I was originally integrated into the part of the sickle. It is the ability to have the ability to have the ability after the collapse of the risks, but I don't think that the blue dye of this period has already had such an capability.

Therefore, under the case of caution, it was confused by the blue dyeing of a slight gap, so he had a little bit of deviation, so that the blue dye escaped the killing of the killing.

It is worthy of the whole world, except for the friend, Habach and mysterious unpredictable king, the opponent's opponent.


Aefj blue stains, and then headedly stood up, "said the genius"

"I am afraid who is not in the moment?"

"I don't look at you in my eyes, I don't look at you."

On the one side, after blue dyeing glasses, it was indifferent but fierce stared at the moment. "At the moment, the team leader Yamamoto Liu Wei has not allowed me to avoid alone."

Silently listening to the blue dyeing like a low sigh, the general, there is no talk, and everyone around the scene has fallen into a silence.

"No one knows about your past, this person seems to be like the sky,"

"Seven-level spiritual talent, half a year graduated from the Central Institute, defeating Wuzhou, the vice ghost, Chang Xia Da Road, and reached the strength of the long-term leaders"

Looking out, since the three times in the hands of the three times, the blue dyeing is very hard for the investigation of the moment. "I don't even know what you did, but in fact. You have done "

"Lingling Tin has always rumored that you are a central forty-six room.

I saw that the blue dyeness contains the moment in front of the eyes, and suddenly the taste smile. "In fact, you are very clear, this is impossible"

"How can the old guys who have a decaying stubborn homewhere have secretly cultivate your character?"

I think of the sage and judge of the highest judicial organs of the corpse, and the blue staining suddenly smiled. "Tell you by the way."

"The people of the Central Forty-six rooms in the forty-six rooms have been killed by me when they go to the world."

"Blue Dyeing Right"

Just when the blue dye voice was just falling, I suddenly came from a deep angry drink. "You really killed all the people in the center of the forty-six rooms?"

A few figures quickly flashed, I saw that the Shan Benliu Liu Wei brought the dead behind him, and finally arrived at the scene, and his eyes looked at the blue dye in front of him.

"You are finally here, the head of the mountains"

I didn't even look at it. I have seen the death and captain who gradually come around, and the blue dyeing face seems to have no terrorism. "It seems that all of the dead gods all are almost all."

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More and more dead gods around the scene, gradually almost all of the death of all the death of the Tongling Tong is here.

"The crime of villain is blue ~ Dyeing right"

I saw the lack in the hands of Yamamoto, Liu Wei, and all the dead gods surrounded around, and the float of the squadron was so drink. "There is also the city of Yin Dongxian to give you three people have been completely surrounded. Water giving up resistance

"Oh, is it,"

I heard the sorrowful drink next to float, and I saw the blue dyeing of the group surrounded by the group. "Don't be too high."

"Blue dye"

At this time, Jingle Chunshui has taken his own bones, and the look is a bit complicated to look at the blue dye in front of you. "Do you really kill all the people in the center of the forty-six room?"

To be honest, it is nothing to feel in the heart of the centered forty-six rooms in the center of the 46th chambers, and it can even be disgusted.

Because of his nephew, the mother of the Eight Fan team, the mother of Yaqi, is the goddess family of the sip of the corpse.

Because in order to cut off the family's fate, the Shen Sword 'Eight Mirror Sword' is entrusted to him, so it will be sentenced to death by the central 46th chamber because of the crime of the sinister of the corpse.

"Of course, there is no remaining"

In the face of Jingle Chunshui, the face of blue dyeing seems to return to the tender and good smile. The words revealed in the tone are abnormal, "there is no ability and instrument, but the guy is sitting in the corpse The roof of the peak is that this is an abnormally ridiculous thing is not? "


I heard the pre-blue dyeing family acknowledged the fact that I was sagging the 46th room of the Mid Central, and in the words of the disdainfulness, I also jumped on the paper. All the dead gods in the field couldn't help but fill an indignation.

"So everything is like a big ghost direction"

At this time, the dead wood coming on the front step. The cold face was stared at the blue dye of the people surrounded by everyone. "All everything is your ability to use the knife. right?"

"Camented wood white"

I saw the dead wood and white, and the smile of disdaining in the indifference of blue dyeing is more obvious. "" The "family 'and the' rules'

"If it is not born in the big aristocracy,"

It is surrounded by such a large life around, but there is still no worries on the face of the blue dye, but it is interested in the eyes of the dead wood, "maybe in your talents, it may not be limited to this."

I heard the miles of meritorious wood, I have also made the same evaluation of him, but as the goddess of the big aristocratic wood home, if he does not abide by order and rules, then who will follow it?

So even if you are facing your own love, you are in a sister, the miyami is being sentenced to this matter, he can't expose a half-point hesitial and guardian.

And this time.

The dead wood is white and the captain next to it, but if there is no quiet, you will have an instant to stand on the side of the bunch of hands, and I don't know that the look of his face is quiet.


The first is Jingle Chunshui, looking at the moment of watching the drama, and the face of his Hu is exposed on the face, "the big ghost, your look, there is no touch,"