"You are not the central 46th room to send to the ghost Tong," "

At this time, the floats of the floats, the mild face, also exposed a little doubt.

The entire Tongling Tin is a central 46th room, but at this moment, the entire central forty-six room will have a blue-stained mass saver, but there is no movement of the whole, which is too abnormal.

"Why is all the sages and trial officers in the central forty-six rooms and the judges have been killed, but don't have it?"


Those old things that are useless are all kill

· ·

Don't I want to be filial piety for them?

I heard the words of Jingle Chunshui and Poisherd's 14th Lang.

Start doubting my origin?

Seeing all the captains and the eyes of the dead fall in their own body, and the deep eyes of the moment suddenly squatted, "I think"

"You are not as good as I have solved my identity."

I saw that I didn't see the shrug. When I opened it, I raised the Singer and the zero team to do the arrow. "After all, if my identity has problems, I will not invite me to join the zero team?"

....... .....


There is no doubt that the Lingwang Palace and the zero team in the mouth are a very deterrentous block.

In the moment, I said that all the dead and the captains in the scene were all relieved. The eyes were returned to the enemy blue dye in front of them.

"Blue Dyeleman"

At this time, a petite figure is flashing.

I saw the peach of the Thursday, the soft face was full of unbelievable, and a pair of pure eyes were disappointed to look at the blue dye in front of you. "You really really deceive everyone everyone"

After all, in the eyes of the simple girl of the Synno Pexut, the blue dye is still the same as the average and good face that is originally disguised to everyone.

"Is the Thursday"

Feeling the disappointment of the wicked peach, blue dyeing indifferent face with a brutal smile, "You are really fortunate to meet this guy, or maybe you have died in my hand now. "

"Blue Dyeleman"

Looking at the full strange face in front of you, the Mosteritic Tao finally disappointed his eyes.

It has always been a gentle blue caucasian captain in front of everyone. From this moment, it has been completely dead in the memory of everyone.

Chapter 147 confrontation (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Thursday you refuse"

At this time, a fierce delicate voice sounded. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

I saw the two of the people's eyes and the figures flicked quickly. A sharp chopper and a curved hook had suddenly appeared on the left and right sides of the blue dye.

Herone is a bee and four maple nights. One of the two people use the scorpion hook to use a special sharp hook to die with a blue dress, and the angle he fled.

"It's you"

I didn't know where to get out of the night, and I flicked with myself, and the dark eyes were complicated. I looked at her.

"It's not to solve our two people when I am grievance."

And the two people used the gods in the use of the gods, and the "March 7" instant appeared to rack the blue dyed body, and the night was said: "First to the blue dyed this guy"


I heard that the broken bee was sinking, and the eyes were staring at the blue dye in their hands.

After the opening of the moment, her heart has gradually clear, no longer as complaints and hate as before.

Si Fengyuan Night?

At this time, the dead will see the presence of the four-year-old night, and the heart is shocked, but at this very moment, everyone is innocent.


At the moment, there is no number of things to flash quickly.

"do not move"

I saw a sharp squid against the throat of the city, the gigma of the gold waves, the milk, the beauty, Matsumoto, appeared from the city of the city, "" City, the city's silver, you have no way to return "

"It's a chaotic chrysanthemum"

Seeing the chaotic chrysanthemum and she holds the knife, the hearts of the city will have an inexplicably.

"Sorry, Blue Dyeant"

The face did not show the show, I saw the city's pill and silver, smiling, looking at the blue dyeing in the distance, the strange sound of the oil cavity said: "I have been controlled"

"You don't want to move Dongxian"

The vice captain of the Jiuwu team, Sakurarun, and other few deputy captains, and also helped the other side of the East Xian as a month, and wary warned.

I hope.

It seems that the entire scene has been firmly being controlled by the thirteenth team of the Yutong Tin.

No matter how to see, the blue dye is right and the city's silver East Xian wants the three people who have no one escape from the angle.

But this time.

I have been standing quietly to stand next to the moment, but I am unwaver, "I am wrong"

"All have a mistake."

I saw the midst of the Baby Blue Red Red, but it stated in front of him and all all the people saw the distinctive scene.

quot; wrong? What is wrong? Quot;

Suddenly I saw the strange look and move, all of the dead gods were all in the court, and I looked very much.

I didn't pay attention to their strange eyes. The eyes of the moment were hosted on the eyes of the blue dyeing night and the two people. "You are coming back to come back."

"What?" I heard the words.