"Why?" The night opposite the bee is not solved to the moment.

Round looks · Vientiane

Just when the night and the broken bee have some hesitant times.

At this time, I saw the wheel of the right eye in the right eye in the eyes of the blood red monster, the widespread meta sleeves below.

"What are you doing?"

Feel a burst of strong forceful gravitationally infused on himself, two girls in the night and broken bee can't help but exclaim.

The tempura bodies can't resist the powerful gravitation of the round of the moment, floating directly into the orientation of the hospitter.

When I was sucking to my side, the night and the broken bee two people felt their slight waist slightly.

When the opponent's face, the whole person was inserted into the arms, and the night and the broken bee could not help but face a red face, and some of them looked at the moment ....

When you suddenly make such a shame, you suddenly made a shame of the bee, and there were some strange ideas.

"Why do you want to do this?"

Only the night gold double doubts looked at the face of white and handsome face, although the time known, but her heart was clearly unable to be a non-targeted man.

"It's clear,"

The left hand took the night, the right hand took a broken bee, and the innocent face was calm, and the words that he said seem to remind all everyone in the field. It is best not to have too much to believe in your eyes and all of them feel.

"I found it"

I heard what I said, at this time, I still have all the dead gods reacted. I saw that the blue dyeing, but it was deep and smiled. The indifference was abnormally looked at the moment. your eyes"

"Broken, mirror water month."

Among all the surrounded eyes, they were dyed by all the dead gods, and they took out their own church knife and mirrors, and the blade sullen in the lower mouth.


As the blue dye is spit out of the jurmorism of the mirror of the mirror, the faint approximately invisible corrugated diffusion is opened.

At all the dead gods, all shocked and widened their eyes, can't confuse everything in front of them, "Is this?"

I saw that the city, silver and Dongxian, which were originally taken by Matsushita and Sakura Mechanic and other deputy captains, and they have changed to the Safaries of the other two Yutong Thirteen.

"how can that be"

At night, I also smashed my golden cat. She saw the 'blue dye' who had just hit the two people in front of her, and became the third tiger of the thirteen team.

Chapter 148 complete hypnosis (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Seeing that this is like a moon in the mirror in front of the mirror. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

Not only the place where ordinary death is in the event, even the Shan Dynasty Liu Yu is still shocked.

"It's almost killing your own colleagues."

I saw Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei, and I couldn't help but have grown up my deep eyes. I was very fierce staring at the blue dyeing of the other side and the city's silver and Dongxian.

"Blue Dye this is your true ability?"

"Oh, I will reiterate again"

Feeling Yamamoto, the heavy country, the strong eyes, like the knife, usually harvested on his own cheeks, smiles on the face, "My mirror flower is completely hypnotized."

"As long as I have seen a moment of liberation, I can completely hypnotize your five senses, spiritual induction, etc."

The voice of blue dye is not big, but the message disclosed in the speech is undoubtedly like a dream, which is generally shrouded in all the hearts of all dead gods. "So you see, I heard, even touched, All I hope you see what you see "

"So I saw me in the moment of liberating the knife"

Whether it is the full bug level of the mirror of the mirror, its strength has also been completely reached the top peak of the dead. The gods of the blue face are in the face. "In fact, you have already fallen into my palm."

Complete hypnosis?

Blue dyeing is like a violent thunder, and I have grown into the hearts of all people in the scene. I saw that every dead god is all stunned.


When I saw myself, I killed the tiger, I couldn't help but bite a bit bite, my eyes were heavy, and I would like to be a gentle knife. "How could there be such Chopper

"That is to say"

On the other side of the body, the night is also full of dignified colors, "including now everything we see is what he wants us to see?"

How do you play this?

This is not a meaning that the battle will be over as long as you see the blue dyeing knife liberation?

Mirror Water Moon BUG is unbursed, it is simply like a heavy big mountain, which is generally crushed in all the hearts of the dead.

No one dares to train, because I can't determine what I have seen in front of my eyes is true, not the hallucination of blue dye.

"Do you say that you see your chopping," It seems that I suddenly remembered what, Jingle Spring Water suddenly opened his eyes and looked down.

"You guess is right"

The blue dyeing gently nodded, affirmed the guess in Jingle Spring Water, and the opening reminded everyone in front of him. "Do you still remember the pre-war meeting before going to the virtual ring for six years?"


Got a definitive reply from the blue dye, Jingle Chunshui heart sank, but then he raised his eyes and looked at the moment next to it. "But I don't understand is the big ghost"

"You are also present at the time, but if I didn't see the wrong words."

With the undecidive words of Jingle Chunshui, some people in the scene were also brushing again to the moment. "You seem to have a complete hypnosis of the blue-dyed flower water"


When I saw the attention of the scene, I went to myself again. I was bored with myself. "At that time, when the blue dye was lifted, I felt that I was bored, I owe it, I just closed my eyes."

Will it be such a ridiculous reason?

At all the people in the scene, I immediately took a series of black lines and obviously no one would believe that the excuse of this is so funny.

I heard the discourse that I was unforgettable at the moment, and the blue dye next to the blue dye was gentle, he would not believe in the moment because this ridiculous reason escaped his mirror flower month. Complete hypnosis.


When everyone is speaking, they are speechless for the rotten excuses of the moment.