At this time, the blue dyeing suddenly broke out a burst roar. I saw the captain of the seven teams, and I didn't know when I was from the distance, I was quietly close to the blue dye.

· Black Rope

I saw that there was no hesitation of the village of the Village, and I directly launched my best.

The face of a huge black Aka Samurai eye is covered with red siphwar, and the thick armor covers the whole body, and the action of attack is exactly the same as the walk of the village.

With the sorrow of the squid in the hand of the village, I saw that the huge sword in the hands of nearly ten meters high, and the huge tavern, the huge volume brought powerful wind and the power.

"What is your sense of justice? Is this your answer?"

The face of the left-quarter of the village is incapable of the wolf looks at the Dongxian around the blue, and the Dongxian wants to private hand. He is simply unable to understand why Dongxian has to stand together to the entire corpse. On the opposite side of the boundary.

"too weak"

A sigh of exclaiming sound.

Not blue staining is not someone else, I am sighing, it is the moment of watching.

Because the corner of the village of the village is the abundance of the black rope, the wheel, the king is not allowed to remember, but first, regardless of attack power and defense.

When the light was attacked, the Zuo Village had to take on the harm of the Ming King, which has proven that the abilities of the left in the village and the moment of the moment are unable to compare it.

"90th black"

Sure enough, the sound of the moment has just fallen.

Blue staining sang to abandon the release of a high-end ghost, a black coffin appeared in air.

Suddenly wrapped in the left in the village, the shadow of the dark shadow was in the shadow of the shadow, and the bright red blood was spilled on the ground in front of everyone.

(Said that the mirror of the mirror of the original blue dye is completely unpublished.

Chapter 149, Pluga (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Blood sprinkler. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

A captain level of death suddenly fell below the ghosts who were alieted.

In the fallen village, the blue-stained ghost, and the untestable disdain of the mouth of the mouth, and formed a very strange and depressed picture in the eyes of everyone.

q ot; ? Quot;

" captain"

Finally, I saw that the village of the village did a meal of the ghost and a bouting that was born by the blue dyeing, and the people present were suddenly exclaimed.

In addition, in addition to the side of Kurosaki and Azhi, all of them were three, all people were clear about this moment.

It turned out that the strength of the blue dyeing itself has long since the strength of the death of the dead.


Seeing the left-in-law of the village in the moment, I saw the strength of the blue dyeing showed that a kind of death in the scene did not help but pumping a cold. "The same captain is not his opponent at all."

"The death is in his complete hypnotic"

Several Death Captains in the scene have gripped their hands in their hands, but they can't show it. "Now we can't show up with him, do you look at him, kill us all? "

When I didn't find a method of breaking the blue-stained mirror, they ran, and they would only add more death and injuries to their people.


At this time, the vice captain of the Ten Qi team is a pair of beautiful eyes. It is still the first to react. "There is also a person in our side," there is still a complete hypnosis of the blue dyeing and his strength ... "

"What do you want to say is a big ghost?"

A quiet wind is shaking in the air, just with the Hui Yong Yongqi, I have to investigate the blue-dyed incident, and I have already heard this ruined hill.

"But this guy's origin and the identity have always been mysterious"

I saw the face of the flower, looking at the figure of the moment, the eyes flashed in the eyes, "How can I determine that he is standing in our side rather than standing in blue? On the side? "


Matsumoto is chaotic syrup, but immediately opens a flower, "But in this key moment now, I don't think I should not be suspected to be a big ghost."

"Moreover, the conspiracy of the blue dyeing is also the moment of the big ghost, who has reminded us that you have forgotten?"

"That's right"

"Is there a conspiracy of our blue dyeing in the early morning?"

"Why should I doubt him?"

I saw some of the team members of some of the Thirteen teams in the scene have begun to support the dissatisfaction.

Although the time of the moment came to this world, it was obvious that the powerful changing in the past few years has also set a lot of rumors and fans in the Lingling Tint.

Especially those who have followed the moment and the bee floats, they have been discussing the death gods of the virtual circle, none of them have been treated and the rescue of life.

" "

The dialogues and noisy in the distance in the distance passed into the ears of the moment, but the moment is just not smiling.

The deep eyes did not receive the impact of the mirror flowers, and the blue dyeing and the city's silver have been in the east. What ?? "

Virtue fifty-eight ·

The sound of the moment has just fallen, and the blue dye in front of the eyes and the three people will suddenly change.

I saw that the blind eye of the left eye was swatched, and the bottom of the right eye was firmly locked in front of their three.

Loosing your own sidewalk, lifting your right hand, opening hand, is aligned with the blue dye.


There is no light generation.

I saw that the air between the three people suddenly produced a huge destruction of the hurricane between them.

All the gravel and gravel surrounded by this violent destruction of the hurricane in an instant, the huge attack is simply avoided.


In the instant shot in the moment, this range is not a huge destruction of the hurricane in front of him.

Blue dyeington and sinking, and the city's mall and Dongxian should be together with the city of Dongxian, and suddenly flashed down next to it.