Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 570 of Hueding Crash System

In a flash of blue dyeing three people using the instantaneous escape, the three of them were standing on the ground to destroy the hurricane bombed into a dust.


In addition to the success of blue staining, the city's silver and Dongxian have to avoid sultry, and the two will hung up simultaneously.

Although it is just a low-level ghost, it is obvious that the power is huge to an unexpected point in the moment of opening the ghosts.

Plus the dynamic lock of the moment of the moment and the reincarnation of God, and the city of the city, the city, silver and Dongxian, should be fully displayed, still not completely avoided the ghost attack.


"Use your good money Zhao Yu to restrict him"

After seeing the flash, the blue eyes suddenly suddenly, in the case of the mirror flower, the mirror is completely hypnotized, and if the positive hard touches in his heart may be a person in a piece of one person.


Cleansentry final formation ·

I heard the blue-stained tactical arrangement, Dongxian has to hesitate to directly complete the full body, opened his best.

I saw that the east fairy had to scatter the nine circles in the hand in the hands of the east immortality, and the spiritual pressure released by the chopped knife formed a huge black ellipsoid-based neminated. .

At a time, I felt my auditory, visual, and smell in a moment, I didn't even feel the presence of the pixel.

Chapter 150 Ghost Rolling (ask for reward and automatic)

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"In addition to tactile,"

After the huge black elliptical coincide of Dongxian, the moment of perception is instantly pressed into a pole. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

But there is no mood wave on the face, and the blue-blue red eyes seem to lose the focal length, muttering, "hearing, visual, smell, even the perception of the spiritual pressure also disappeared."

" "

"This is the east fairy wants to understand the magic"

Although the Eastern Xian is going to cover the night and the bee in the scope of the scope, although I know that this moment may have lost their auditory, the bee still can't recognize the opening of the mouth.

Have to say, in fact, the east fairy wants to understand the powerful power of uncomfortable, and can make the opponent in the event of a sense of perceived ability in the process of fighting.

Although the original actions will be lost to the plot, it is necessary to defeat more wood swords. He was caught by the sword of the sickle and cracked the ability of the .

But in fact, some people who have a little mind think about it, as long as Dongxian wants to release the ghosts in the distance, even ten more wood swords have been killed by him.

"That's this time"

Just in the moment, the might of the bee on the side were shrouded into the East Xian as a moment, blue dyeing and the city's silver and Dongxian had to hold this slightly, faded fighters.

Sword pressure

The heart is taking the strength of the powered blue dress, waving the mirror of the mirror in his hand in the distance.

Dynasty killed a huge white mrouse in the moment, as a large wave of winding with a stretching power flocked to the moment and night shredded bee.

"Shooting him"

Although there is no idea in the heart, it is helpless, but it is forced to have a pollution-stained pressure city.

I saw the squid in the short knife in the city's silver hand, 'The gun' instantly took out, immediately launched the beginning, the 'shooter' in his hand, suddenly creating a fierce light shot in the distant ignition. Out

In the case of the instant, hearing, smell, and induction of the induction, no matter who faces the offensive of blue dyeing and the city's silver, you have to die.

Baddy Eight 11 · Dry

However, there is a top-sighted moment, but you can't rely on ordinary AEBH vision and hearing, you can get the perfect capture of the next step in the next step in front of the enemy.

All the deaths outside can't know, what happened to the huge juncture that was shrouded after being explained by Dongxian before his eyes.

However, in the sight of blue dye and city pills, the moment is only waving to write their sleeves.

I saw a huge barrier that can be attacked in the world. It appeared in the springs of the body in the moment, and formed a unique space and an independent space isolated from the outside.


I saw the blue-stained infinite huge sword pressure and the city's silver gun shooting constantly bombarded the huge intangible barrier around the moment.

I have bursted a deafening roar, but I can't break through the barrier around the moment, and I can completely defain the defense of the 89th, the defensive ghosts, in the hands of the moment, showing the norbent destructive. power

"How can it be"

Although it is unintentional to the moment.

But look at the moment of the East Xian's desired to understand the junction and accurate blocking of him and the blue dyeing of two people, the city's silver is still can't stand the look of the horror.

"Why do you want to block our attacks so accurate in your understanding?"

"This guy"

When I saw the moment in front of you, I didn't receive the east immortality to understand the effects of the rigm. The blue dye couldn't help but think of the heart. "There is always some means and bottom card we don't know."

Devoted seventy-seven-seventy-seventh place

No matter how the three of them is shocked, they have no time to go.

Because the horrible ghosts in front of you have come again, I saw a bright light in front of the air in front of him.

Easy to resolve the killing of blue dyeing and the city of the city, the moment will release the end of the infinite green in the moment.

A unusual spirit of the slogan laser rays ruthlessly cut the earth under the foot of the people, directly put the blue dyeing them completely forced into the junior of the magic.

East Xian wants to solve the instantaneous crack, after the dark elliptical ball commented, the night and the broken bee around me recovered the visual sense and hearing.

But the blue dyeing and city pills in front of the city, the three people are crazy to escape, and the horrible power is not stopped in front of the earth.

"It doesn't matter blue dye"

"I have time to play with you today."

Looking at the blue-stained city of the blue and Dongxian, the blue-dye, the East Temple, which is going to continue to show the blue-stained city, and the moment, it seems to have come to a great leisure.

The never night Bible around the transparent wings is surrounded, and the moment is like a chic Holy Spirit.

The continuous singing of the hand is abandoned and released another power, and the blue dyeing and the blue dyeing and the city pills in front of the persecution. The three people did not stop and escaping.

"But if you accidentally put you three, you can kill you, don't blame me." The handsome face, the moment of playing the mouth of his mouth.