Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 571 of Huedings

"Blue Ding them three"

"It is not a flash to the opponent"

Dongxian wants to remove the nephew, all the dead and the captain of all the death and the captain next to the farm have a big mouth.

Looking at the blue dyeing and city pills in front of you who wants three people in the ghosts of the horror, only the wolf sick.

Especially in some proficiency, the ghosts of the ghosts are dead, see another powerful ghosts who have a powerful horror bloom from the moment, this gorgeous ghost feast is not enough. Your own mouth.

Chapter 151 Trial Gun (ask for reward and automatic)

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I don't know how long it takes. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

At all the dead gods, all faces of the dead bouquets, the eyes of their eyes, and the scenes that have been completely reduced to the ruins in front of them.

Looking at the front of the eyes, it is easy to sprinkle, and a ghost is in his hand, and it is clear that all the death of all deaths in the scene cannot be self-sufficient. If you can't help you, you can also be like this. Dust and smoke.

I saw that the whole person will hang it, although he was hanging, the incarnation was for a mobile person, and the hand was constantly ~ unlimited instant ghosts.

From a point of view, this kind of singing completely discarded the ability of unlimited instantaneous ghosts after the eternal Night Bible, which is more than the terrible of the infinite infinite infinite infiniteness.

Be desperate

Looking at the beginning of the firing in the distance, the blue dye and the city of Yindong Xian wants three people to fly, and the dog jumped.

I saw a dead god in the scene, and the third seat of the thirteen teams, Xiaoba Xita, could not help but swallow his mouth.

Looking at the figures in the distance, a pair of worships in the eyes, the expression on the face is like a general.

"Is this the ability of the ghosts to be stronger than the knife?"

In the eyes of human love, I reflected in front of my eyes, a ghostless ghost, the voice of Jingle Spring Water is full of unlimited sigh. "If it is not to see it, I can't believe the same ghost. His hand can release this power "

" "

I heard the death of the six teams next to him was also laminated. The strength of the brakes was still cold, the nails in the hands were uninterested deeply embedded in the palm.

"It's so powerful"

At this time, I have receiving the Kurosaki, who is treated in the well, looks at the moment of disturbing, and the mouth of my mouth is half a day.

The black eyes are full of shock, admire and sigh, before the overwhelming strength spike him and Azhiri, there is also the blue dye of the Zuo Village of the Village, the captain of the village of the Village, which is actually in the seemingly simple and written. Jumping under the upper jump.

"Three captains include that powerful blue dye"

I look at the blue dye of the wolf and the city of the wolf and the city of Yongdong Xianzhi, and the Akiri is completely stupid.

Extraction of seventy and ice teeth

Just as all of the dead gods were amazed, there were countless spirits in the air in front of the moment, and there was another powerful ghost to shape in his hand.



The phases of the three-way speed is crazy. It is crazy to show instantaneous fat and running blue dyeing and the city's pills and Dongxian, except for blue staining.

Seeing the air in front of you, the spirit of the spirit started to have a crazy riot. The city's silver and Dongxian have to suddenly stop the teeth, and there is a helpless look on the face.

I saw that after the glitch of the moment, the temperature in front of his eyes suddenly decreased sharply until it directly reached an unbearable ice point.

A crisp freezing sound resounds throughout the ruins.

Among the perspectives of everyone, the ghosts released in the hands of the moment, almost all of the ice tips as if the ancient sun and the moon, the madness is overlooked, there is no three people in front of the blue dye and city pills. .

It hasn't been drowned to the blue dye, and the huge ice tsunami has been completely completeized by a white endless cord desert landland.


The strong blue-stained and hidden power of the strength, the city, silver, and the moment, but the East Xian is not so lucky.

I saw the huge white ice tsunami who came back in front of the air, and the speed of hitting is far beyond the imagination of Dongxian. Rao is that he is desperately escaping or put his feet ice in the original place.


East Xie, who saw the distance, was free to freeze your legs, and I was bored with a yawn. "Blue dyeing me know that you still have many means."

· ·

"But my patience is almost consumed."

With the intensive dissipation of the moment, I saw that the temperature in the eyes of his blue red eyes gradually cooled. It is like a cold wind from the land of the land, which suddenly blows into the heart of the blue dye. .

"If you have a complete hypnosis of the flowers of the flowers, you can only feel this,"

"Then you have three people ready to stay here forever."

The sound of the moment is like Hong Zhong Da Lu Xiangxiao, and I saw that the whole person suddenly floated in the air.

......... .. ...

I grabbed the side of the world, the whole nightmare of the fire, flooled over the chapter of the mysterious nightmare, and the deep eyes reflected in the mysterious ghosts recorded above.

Finally, the flash of the moment fell on the top of the mysterious ghost, is the last time in the spiritual world, the kidney is still completely released.

"One hundred and three three trials of the trial"

Including Blue Dye and Municipal Pills and Dongxian, and all the eyes of all dead gods look at the sky, the singing in the flash is like an inert-movable VanIne generally passed into their ear.


A extremely light of infinite, unhappy, and suddenly came in this world.

I saw that the moment was quietly floating in the sky, and after the name of this mysterious ghost, all the spirits all listened to the moment of the moment, arranged into an invisible mystery matrix.

At the top of the sky, the top of the sky, suddenly appeared in the top of the world.

It seems that it is like the night's day, as if it seems to be a trial of the gods in the sky, directly tearing the original gray sky of the Lingling Tin.

Chapter 152 Dongxian is dying (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"what is that?"

In the face of this and the world's breakfast, all the dead gods in the field can't help but raise their head looking up horizon. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

Although at this moment, the role of the eye has become inert.